Who here doesn’t want a place to stay in Baguio, the coldest city in the country for less than 250 pesos per night? Experience nature under the starlit sky and get a whiff of the cold breeze and pine smell.

Now, I have here some of the locations in the city where you can spend the night with a tent for less than 250. Hooray for campers!

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Burnham Park
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Camping in Baguio

Here’s our list of camping in Baguio spots and sites.

Burnham Park

The most famous tourist spot in Baguio. With its green grass and tons of trees, it’s the perfect camping in Baguio spot. Although, Picnic Grove area and Tower of Peace are the only areas where camping is allowed. One tip though, it’s better to camp here when you’re with a large group for security reasons since a lot of people pass through here.

Location: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Camping Rate: Free
Electricity: There’s no electrical socket in the area so better yet bring a powerbank
Comfort Room: There are comfort rooms around which you can use for a fee
Cooking Area: Bring your cooking utensils and a camping stove to cook. Though, there are food establishments around so don’t worry about starving.

Note: Go to the municipal hall first to get permission to camp.

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Crosby Park
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Crosby Park
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IMAGE | Yeng at panoramio.com

Crosby Park

Located at Itogon, Benguet, just an hour away from Baguio, Crosby Park is frequented by campers. This place has a playground, picnic tables and obstacle courses which can be great when you have kids with you. This is the perfect place for family bonding. From here, you can also get an amazing view of the mountains.

Note: Overnight stay must be prearranged.

Location: Itogon, Benguet
Overnight Camping Rate: P120 person (minimum of 20 persons)
Electricity: There are lights placed around the area
Comfort Room: Available
Cooking Area: Bring your camping stoves and cooking utensils
Contact: 09212990169 | 09202643418

Mt Kalugong
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Mt. Kalugong

Kalugong is a local word which means hat. It was named as such because of the rock formations on top of the mountain that looks like a hat. To get here you can either trek for 30 minutes or drive a car. For bonfires, just pay the 150 pesos fee per group.

Location: La Trinidad, Philippines
Camping Rate: P 150.00 / person
Electricity: You can ask to charge your phone at the cafe near the campsite
Comfort Room: Available
Cooking Area: There are cooking utensils ready for borrowing.
Contact: Facebook

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Mt Jumbo
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Mt. Jumbo/ Yangbew

Famous for being a mini look a like of Mt. Pulag because of the lack of trees by the summit. Just a jeepney ride away from Baguio, the mountain has a great view of the La Trinidad Valley and Baguio City. With the stars above and the city lights down below, a night at the mountain will leave you wanting for more!

Location: Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet
Fees: Camping Rate: P 100.00 / person
Environmental Fee: P 30 / person
Electricity: None
Comfort Room: None
Cooking Area: None. Bring your own stove and utensils.

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Mt Ulap
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Mt. Ulap

Opened last October 2015, the mountain is frequented by hikers all around the country. To reach the campsite, you have to walk for about 2 hours. The view by the campsite is truly a wonder and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a sea of clouds which the mountain was named for.

Location: Itogon, Benguet
Fees: Registration Fee: P 100 / person
Guide+ Camping Fee: P 1,000 (for a group of 7 persons)
Electricity: None
Cooking Area: Bring your own cooking utensils and camping stove. Bonfire is allowed.
Contact: Facebook
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Saint Alfonso's Place
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Saint Alfonso's Place
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IMAGE | Saint Alfonso’s Place Facebook Page

Saint Alfonso’s Place

For a great view and secure camping in Baguio grounds, Saint Alfonso’s is the place to go. The place is pet-friendly so you can bring your furbabies. It is also equipped with bbq pits and bonfire areas so be assured you’ll have a great time here.

Location: # 36 Purok 7, Bakakeng Norte Road, Baguio
Camping Rate: P 200 ~P 250 / person
Electricity: The place is well lit with lights at night
Comfort Room: There are available toilets and heated showers
Cooking Area: They have bbq pits and bonfire is allowed
Contact: Facebook or call at 0915 756 9965
You can book via Airbnb.

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Picmar Heritage Lodge and Camping Grounds
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Picmar Heritage Lodge and Camping Grounds
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IMAGE | Picmar Heritage Lodge and Camping Grounds Facebook Page

Picmar Heritage Lodge and Camping Grounds

Once a setting for the famous “Forevermore” TV series, the Picmar Heritage Lodge offers a camping experience by Mt. Santo Tomas. Be sure to wake up early to get an amazing view of the sunrise.

Location: Mt. Sto. Tomas, Tuba, Benguet
Camping Rate: P 250 / person
Electricity: Yes it’s available
Comfort Rooms: Available
Cooking Area: There’s an open kitchen available for use.
Contact: Facebook  or call at 0918 366 1587

Living Hope Camp
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Living Hope Camp
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IMAGE | Living Hope Camp Facebook Page

Living Hope Camp

Tucked in La Trinidad, Benguet, a half hour away from Baguio is the Living Hope Camp. Equipped with obstacle courses, camp house, cafeterias, dormitories, cabins, a function hall, basketball and badminton courts, a campsite and a bonfire pit, the place is perfect for team building and group outings. They are even open for food arrangements and buffet servings for a minimum of 30 persons. Their tagline? A camping facility that hopes to rekindle the passion for life.

Location: Taroy, Wangal, La Trinidad, Benguet
Camping Rate: P 200 / person
Electricity: Yes, it’s available
Comfort Room: They have comfort rooms to accommodate campers
Cooking Area: Available
Contact: Facebook  or call at (074) 422 2994

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camping in baguio
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camping in baguio
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IMAGE | Camp John Hay Facebook Page


Camp John Hay

One of the most well-known place in Baguio as a tourist spot, it is a favorite among the locals for family outings and picnics. It is famous for its abundance of pine trees, wide open spaces, and beautiful landscapes. The best part? They are open for camping. Imagine yourself camping in Baguio overnight in such a magical place. Tempting. right?

Location: Baguio City
Camping Rate: P300 / person
Electricity: P 400 / outlet per day
Bathroom: Available
Cooking Area: They have grills for rent at 225 per day
Contact: Facebook or call at (02) 584-4911 or +63 917 869 3640

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