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Valleypoint Campsite

Valleypoint Campsite Tuba, Benguet: Camping In The Sky

If you love camping, you’re going to love the new campsite near Baguio – Valleypoint Campsite. Located in Greenvalley, Tuba, Benguet, this is a place you wouldn’t want to miss!

For all my long-time readers, you know very well how much I love camping. It’s basically what Wanderera is all about except for the frequent travels to the land beyond….

So when I found Valleypoint Campsite while scrolling through Facebook, I was beyond ecstatic to go and try it out. Since I was going home to Benguet, I decided to make a quick stop over to this place.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Baguio, why not try this place as a little side trip or your main goal? To help you, I’ve created this travel guide.

Valleypoint campsite

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio

Valleypoint Campsite in Baguio is a newly opened camping area this August 2018. It provides the ultimate camping experience for you and your family. They provide tent accommodations as well as rooms if you do not fancy the cold Benguet weather.

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The real attraction, however, is the amazing view that the site provides. Here, you will have sets of tents looking towards the edge of the mountain and the Marcos Highway below.

Valleypoint campsite

What makes this view amazing? Clouds! Lots and lots of it!

The altitude of the location is just right where the clouds meet the mountain, you can watch as the clouds quickly engulf the mountain in a complete fog and then disappear a few seconds later.

It’s a rollercoaster and a must try experience –  watching the cloud slam into the mountains and slowly dissipate to show sun-kissed mountains.

Valleypoint campsite
Valleypoint campsite

The photos above featuring my feet are taken a few minutes apart. Clouds come and go in this part of the region.

Our Experience

Storytime! At first, I was a bit skeptical since my fiance’ and I was going to the campsite with a small dog (Noodle). I contacted the campsite via Facebook first if they allow pets and fortunately, they do!

We understood the risks of bringing in an animal and we took pre-emptive actions like cleaning the dog’s feet, making sure he relieves himself and all that.

My fiance’ was so nervous that they might not let the dog in the tent. To his surprise, the owner of the establishment happily said that it was okay. Of course, we still had to follow common sense and not parade the dog in their restaurants and other tents.

Note: If you’re bringing your dog, do note that they are not allowed inside the restaurant and the camper’s chill area.

The overall experience was amazing. The night was cold but, their unlimited coffee and warm service were more than enough to battle it and have a good time instead. We were luckily situated in a tent where we could overlook the mountains down to Marcos Highway.

There, we witnessed clouds cover the scenery and then go. It all happens so fast but watching clouds smother us was a tantalizing feeling.

Valleypoint campsite

As we slowly settled in for the night, we opened our tents to gaze at the stars and guess what? They were there. In the city of Baguio, stars would often be covered by what people call light pollution. But thankfully we still had stars to point out and make shapes from where Valleypoint Campsite was located.

My fiance’ loved the simple yet welcoming feeling of the tent. It was big enough to accommodate a family of four but still had enough room for space.

Valleypoint campsite

In the morning, we tried their free breakfast and was impressed with the amount of effort put in every single meal. I enjoyed the fried rice so much that I had to steal more from my fiance’s plate.

Valleypoint campsite
Valleypoint campsite

We also took our time in the campers chill area and took pictures. It was comfortable and welcoming- a little hang-out area where campers could get together and play games they never tried before. You will find here a lot of books and games.

It was filled with homey huge bean bags that varied in sizes to suit everybody. The set up was so clean and simple that I wanted to have a bean bag of that size when I get a house.

Valleypoint campsite

Overall, the experience was amazing. This place has a lot of potential and we are hoping to visit again.

If you are looking for a cheap, affordable and most of all unforgettable experience in the mountains while sleeping with the clouds, then this is the place that you should look forward to visiting.

Accommodation, Rates, and Packages

  • Check in – 2:00 PM
  • Check out -11:30 AM

Glamping Package


  • Solo – P1,350
  • 2 pax – P1,250/head
  • 3 pax – P1,000/head
  • 4 pax – P850/head


  • Waterproof, dual layer tent
  • Uratex foam/s
  • Blanket/s
  • Pillow/s
  • Bed sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Shoebox
  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds Riffle
  • Access to camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck
  • Free parking

Backpacker Package

Rate: P750/head


  • Bed bunk
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Curtain divider
  • Personal lighting
  • Personal locker
  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds Riffle
  • Access to camper’s area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck
  • Free parking

NOTE: Valleypoint Campsite has three types of rooms available for backpackers with capacities of 4 pax, 6 pax, and 10 pax. Beds are single or double decks. For every room, there is a maximum capacity. If it is not filled, you might share the room with other groups.

Kubo Glamping

Rate: P3500
Check in – 2:00 PM
Check out -11:30 AM


  • 1x Queen Size or 2x Single Bed
  • In-room TV
  • Electric kettle for hot drinks
  • Blanket,Towel,Toiletries Per person
  • Free breakfast
  • Complimentary Drinking Water
  • Complimentary Hot chocolate sachets
  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds OR Archery
  • Access To Kulaaw Gallery
  • Access to camper’s area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower,
  • view deck
  • Avail 20% – 35% discount on foods in the restaurant
  • Avail 35% – 50% discount on activities

Day Tour Package

8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Rate: P500/head


  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds Riffle
  • Access to camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, view deck, restrooms
  • Free parking

Amenities and Features

  • Bathroom and Toilet – Toilets and bathrooms are a bit tricky since they are co-eds, but they are still pretty secure and private.
  • Restaurant and Bar – Very accommodating staff and overwhelming menu. Food prices range from P99 to P259. Refer to the photos below for the menu.
  • Airsoft Free Coupon – Shooting something is always a good experience! Try to draw a happy face with your gun.
  • Camper’s Chill Area – Very warm and comfortable chair. It’s a good place to just unwind and relax.
  • View Deck – Very stunning! It has a lot of potential for great photos, guaranteed.
  • Unlimited Brewed Coffee – Nicely brewed and unlimited! You could drink ten mugs of coffee and no one will judge you.
  • Free Parking – The Valley Point Campsite not only gives you the best camping experience but ensures that your vehicle experiences it too.
Valleypoint campsite
Valleypoint campsite
Valleypoint campsite

How To Get There

Getting there is just as easy as 1,2 and 3 depending on what kind of transportation you have.

Via Private Vehicle

  1. If you are using your own vehicle, then it might be easier to just go ahead and use Google Maps or Waze to help you out.
  2. There is a checkpoint before the campsite. Tell the guards that you have a reservation at Valleypoint campsite so you can pass.

From Manila (Via Bus)

  1. If you’re coming from Manila, you should advise the driver to drop you off somewhere in Green Valley, preferably by the Petron station. You do not have to go to the bus terminal.
  2. Once you are there, you can go ahead and taxi a taxi and tell them that you are going to Santo Tomas checkpoint.
  3. Once you reach the checkpoint, inform the guards that you have a reservation or a booking at Valleypoint. The Valleypoint Campsite is just minutes away from there.

Travel Tip: You can book your bus tickets to Baguio online at 12go.asia

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From Baguio City

Via Taxi

  1. If you wish to go and experience the new attraction in Baguio, then it is simple as hailing a taxi.
  2. Then follow the previous instructions about the reservation and the checkpoint. Fare from SM to Valleypoint is at P180.

Via Jeep

  1. If you wish to take a jeepney, however, you should go ahead and take a jeep from Bayanihan (Green Valley, Dontogan, and Santo Tomas). Any kind of jeepneys going to these locations will pass by the checkpoint where you should drop.
  2. After you are finished telling the guards that you have reservations, simply follow the road. The Valleypoint Campsite is just 2-3 minutes away.

Getting Out

You have two options if you want to go to Baguio from Valleypoint Campsite. You can either:

Take the shuttle

The Valleypoint campsite offers shuttles to Puregold Marcos Highway. See the photo below for prices. Once there, you can take a taxi or wait for a jeep heading to the city.

Valleypoint campsite

Ride the jeep

After checking out, walk to the checkpoint and ride the jeep going back to Baguio. The fare is P15. Take note, though, you have to wait for a few minutes before a jeep will pass by since there are only a few jeepneys passing by.

How To Book

Book a stay at Valleypoint Campsite via their Facebook Page.

Simply send them the following information and you’re good to go!

  • Name
  • Number of guest/s
  • Contact #
  • Date of arrival
  • Date of departure

You can also contact them at:

  • Contact number: 0908 109 7663
  • Email: superjhaypee.aquino@gmail.com

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