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I’m Johanes. In 2018, I left my 8 to 5 job to pursue the life of travel. From then, started a series of adventures and misadventures. Tag along for travel stories, tips, guides and inspirations for your next trip.

Wanderera is a word I thought of having the same meaning as “Lakwatsera” (Wanderer). I added the letter ‘a’ at the end to tagalize it and give it a bit of a feminine oomph.

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Zen Rooms Selah Pods Review: Staycation in Pasay, Manila

There's no need to go to far to relax. Book a room at ZEN Rooms Selah Pods Hotel and you're sure to have a good time! Zenrooms is widely know for their affordable rates when it comes to hotels. For this reason, I always check Zenrooms whenever I'm looking for a...

Villa Jovita Resort Travel Guide: The Bali of Batangas

Flocked by tourists for its relaxing ambiance and riverside pools, now Villa Jovita will give you more reasons to visit. Villa Jovita has taken the social media by storm with their non-chlorinated swimming pools. A dip in one of their pools will make you feel...

How to Bring Your Toddler Out on the Trails

Getting your baby used to a new carrier before you hit the trail is one of the steps you should take to foster the child’s connection with the outdoors at a tender age. Here are some of the steps and tips you should take to bring out your toddler out on the trails...

Baguio Accommodation: 17 Instagrammable Airbnbs and Hotels To Book

Looking for the perfect Baguio accommodation? Check these out. All thanks to the First Class Deluxe bus of Victory Liner and Genesis' JoyBus Premiere and JoyBus Deluxe, it's now easier and faster to reach the Summer Capital of the Philippines! Not to mention the newly...

20 Top Beach Resorts In Bataan For Your Next Trip

Looking for the best beach resorts in Bataan? I've got you covered. Here are our top picks! Being close to Manila, Bataan is often on the list of weekend travelers who seek the ocean and a little bit of spice in their usual daily routine. And it's for a good reason....

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