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I’m Johanes. In 2018, I left my 8 to 5 job to pursue the life of travel. From then, started a series of adventures and misadventures. Tag along for travel stories, tips, guides and inspirations for your next trip.

Wanderera is a word I thought of having the same meaning as “Lakwatsera” (Wanderer). I added the letter ‘a’ at the end to tagalize it and give it a bit of a feminine oomph.

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Best Tent Heater: Reviews & Camping Heater Buyer’s Guide

Tent heater is one of a camper's best friend when it's too cold in the campsite. We've listed here some of the best camping heater today. Winter is not a favorite camping season, but for some, there is a certain charm found only when camping during winter.  Winter...

Beach Front Casa Antonio Glamp Vans: Review & Travel Guide

I’ve always been fascinated by container vans. Afteralll, you can recycle it and turn it into a house. Take Casa Antonio Glamp Vans for example. They used container vans for their rooms and it turned out awesome. If you’re looking for a beach front resort to...

Gramercy Residences Staycation: A Budget Room With ZEN Home

The ZEN Home Gramercy Residences Makati is like no other! It's a must try if you are looking for that perfect staycation without going outside the city. When you hear the word Manila, what most often comes to mind is the traffic, smokes, crowds and rush hours. But...

Mt Pulag DIY Adventure: Everything You Need To Know

When I think of hiking, Mt Pulag is the first thing that comes to mind. Mt Pulag is widely known for being the third highest mountain in the Philippines and the highest in Luzon. It is famous for having a view of a sea of clouds. Having it on my bucket list, my...

How To Finance Your Travel, Especially As A Digital Nomad

Thank the heavens for the digital nomad lifestyle! Now, you can start ticking off your travel bucket list without worrying about your workload at home. With just a laptop and internet connection, you can still take care of your work responsibilities during your...

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