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Wander Era is your one-stop blog for camping, digital nomad lifestyle, and travel tips, and guides.

This blog aims to help travelers like YOU plan the perfect trip with travel guides and tips. If you love beach towns, camping, snorkeling, hiking and staycation, bookmark this blog. You’ll find complete destination guides and travel ideas here.

About the Bloggers

Hi, I’m Johanes Godoy, the founder of Wander Era and digital storyteller. Together with my husband, Ryk, we aim to travel on a budget, camp under the stars and promote beautiful places as digital nomads.

In our 20s, we decided to explore the world, discover what life’s all about and go after our dreams (and nope, we’re not rich). We created this blog to share our adventures and misadventures in hopes of inspiring someone like you to take the leap of faith and chase your dreams. Yes, it’s possible! With a pinch of determination, a bit of luck, and a spoonful of hard work, you can travel ANYWHERE.

Founder: Johanes Godoy

Johanes Godoy
Johanes Godoy

Johanes is the writer, SEO specialist, and marketer. Wander Era is her brainchild. She likes typing away on her laptop and looking for the next seat sale.

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • Left my 8-5 job at 23 and became a digital nomad helping other bloggers with their sites.
  • I was born and raised in Benguet. I’m a full-blooded Igorot. Woooooo!
  • If you love CATS and DOGS, we’re going to be best friends! 
  • A lot of people mistake me for a boy because of my name. Plus, my name is pronounced as Jo-ha-nes. Not Yohanes, Yohains, or Johains.

Photographer: Ryk Van Eruel Godoy

Ryk Van Eruel

Ryk loves to take food and travel photos. If not watching Raffy Tulfo, you’ll find him snapping away with this camera. He’s the inspiration behind Wander Era. Tehee~

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • Cooking is my specialty because I love food.
  • I love trying out new foods. You’ll often find me wandering around looking for street foods.
  • I have a food blog.
  • I love to sing and dance. I love karaokes.
  • I used to teach online before starting my photography hustle.

Writer: Joana Marie Manaloto

Joana Marie Manaloto

Joana is a nurse, content writer, and full-time mom. During her free time, she loves spending time with her family, eating, and playing mobile games.

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I am half Kapampangan and half Tagalog. Many people say Kapampangans are great cooks! I love cooking puchero and asadong manok. But for the record, I rarely cook because I easily get bored waiting for the food to cook. 😛
  • I almost always never finish a movie. Not even horror and thriller movies can keep me awake. This is one reason why I can’t think of one TV show that I managed to finish watching.
  • I am mostly a social introvert but also a thinking introvert.
  • My favorite drink is black coffee. I only drink 4 cups a day. (ooops)
  • I don’t know how to ride bikes and motorcycles 🙂
  • I also love traveling. I love exploring new places, tasting new cuisines, and taking pictures of random scenes for my personal collection.

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