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Mt Yangbew, La Trinidad: The Ultimate DIY Travel Guide

Mt Yangbew is one of the locals’ favorite hiking, camping or sunrise/sunset viewing near Baguio. It is also known as Mt Jumbo or Mt Jambo because it used to be the place for the National Scout Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America when the Americans were in the region decades ago.

Locals also refer to it as the little Mt Pulag because of the lack of trees at the summit which is reminiscent of Pulag.

Me? I remember Mt Yangbew fondly as the place where my love for camping and traveling started.

It was my very first travel destination back in college. So it’s a bit ironic how I’m only writing about it 3+ years after my two camping experiences.

Well, if you’re planning to visit Mt Yangbew, here’s everything you need to know!

mt jumbo

How To Get To Mt Yangbew

From Manila, ride a bus to Baguio City. You can book your bus tickets here in advance.

From Baguio, you can either ride a taxi or a jeep.

Via Taxi

With the taxi, simply tell your driver to bring you to Sitio Binat at Barangay Tawang. Just keep an eye out for the Mt Yangbew sign on the right side of the road. Taxi fare is around 150+ depending on the traffic.

Via Jeep

Ride a jeep from Baguio to La Trinidad and ask to be dropped off at KM 4 in front of Tiong San. From here, walk to the Pines Park where you will ride the jeepneys stationed there. These jeeps pass by Sitio Binat at Barangay Tawang so just ask the driver to drop you off at the “Welcome to Mt. Yangbew” signages.

Once there, simply follow the path going up the mountain. The trail is easy to follow so you don’t need to worry about getting lost.

How to Get Out of Mt Yangbew and to Baguio

From the summit, simply trek back down to the road and wait for a jeep or a taxi to pass by. Unfortunately, jeepneys only pass by once in a while and taxis rarely pass by. You’ll have to wait for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Top Things To Do In Mt Yangbew

mt yangbew la trinidad


When we visited Mt Yangbew, my friends and I camped twice. The first time, we got a glorious view of the sunset as we hiked up to the summit. It gets pretty cold at night so bundle up. Bring fleece blankets and sleeping bags to keep you warm.

The view at night is breathtaking! All the little dots of light below La Trinidad valley and Baguio city will make you feel like the stars descended. And when you look up, you get a beautiful sky filled with stars. 

mt yangbew
That’s me. Yup.

In the morning, the sunrise will greet you early as if to say hello. You’ll be thankful for the sunlight but when you stay at the summit for too long, you might get a sunburn.

Remember, there are no trees at the summit so it will get really hot during the day. Even your tent won’t be able to help you cool down.

It’s best to start your descent by 8:30 or 9:00 AM.

Biking – Nope

Several biking enthusiasts love going to Mt Yangbew for the clear trails and rolling hills. However, because of this, you can clearly see several motorbike and bicycle tracks all around the summit. Most of the grasses have withered and are no longer as tall as they used to.

When we went camping a few years back, biking around the area was prohibited. Unfortunately, this did not stop those who love to go biking.

So what’s my point? Maybe find somewhere else to bike? Try the Yellow Trail in Camp John Hay.

mt yangbew


Because duh. It’s a mountain. Use sturdy hiking shoes and be careful especially when you go to the rock formations. 

mt yangbew sunrise

Sunset/Sunrise Viewing

The sunset will take your breath away and the sunrise will keep you coming back for more! And if you’re lucky, you can even see a sea of clouds.

mt yangbew sunset

Horseback Riding

Locals have decided to bring in horses to Mt Yangbew. You can ride one at the summit for around P150 for 30 minutes.

When we went camping, in the past, there weren’t any horses around so we had the summit all to ourselves. My friends who went back to Mt Yangbew recently told me that Mt Yangbew looked better before without the horses.

Fun Photoshoots

Lastly, Mt Yangbew is a favorite photoshoot location for photographers. Ryk recently went back to Mt Yangbew with several other photographers for a shoot. Check the photos above.

If you want to go on a fun shoot, you can get in touch with him via Facebook for a photoshoot session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a tour guide?

It’s not required but if you think you need one, you can ask one of the locals to help you and pay them on a tip basis.

How long is the trek going to the summit?

The trek usually takes around 30 minutes.

Are there any stores at the summit?

There are none.

When’s the best time to visit?

  • Best months would be December to April for the least rainfall. 
  • Best days would weekdays to avoid the crowds. 
  • Best time would be before the sunrise and sunset for the best views!

Are there any fees?

Yes. Here are the fees:

  • Tourists – P30 per person (locals) and P50 per person (foreigners)
  • Local students – P25 per person
  • Camping – P100 per person

Is the trail beginner-friendly?

Yes. Mt Yangbew is easy to hike for any fit person. The trail can be steep in some parts but it’s not that difficult to trek.

Where to Next?

Mt Kalugong is near Mt Yangbew so you can visit both mountains in one day. Here’s a travel guide.

Here are a few more tourist spots to visit near Baguio City.

Where to Stay in Baguio City?

Not camping but looking for accommodations in Baguio? Choose here:

Airbnb Baguio Philippines

Aside from hotels and resorts, you can also opt to stay at an Airbnb.

Get your P2,200 ($44) Airbnb discount here!

What to Pack for Mt Yangbew

For Day Hike

If you’re just going on a day hike, here are some items I’d recommend you to bring and wear:

  • insect repellent
  • drinking water
  • snacks
  • camera (gotta take those shots!)
  • power bank (or just fully charge your phone!)
  • spare cash
  • hiking shoes
  • cap (it can get hot during midday)
  • umbrella or raincoat (in case it rains)
  • lightweight clothing
  • first aid kit (better be safe than sorry)
  • packed lunch

For Camping

Aside from the list above, include the following items in your backpack:

  • tent
  • fleece blanket or sleeping bag (it’s cold at night!)
  • camping stove (if you want to cook) or just buy cooked food
  • food
  • thick jacket

Tips and Reminders

  1. Use thick jackets if you’re camping overnight. I warned you. It’s cold.
  2. Please don’t litter unless you’re an asshole.

And that’s it. If you have any questions about Mt Yangbew, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

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