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Le Coq Bleu Airbnb: Experience French Homestay In Baguio

Le Coq Bleu

Le Coq Bleu is your home away from home. It’s a lovely place to meet the Aunt that you never had – Chantal. And a homestay that will blow you away with how dreamy it looks.

Have you ever seen a house so beautiful you wish you could go and spend a night in one of its rooms? I have. I’ve seen a lot of wonderful houses in magazines that I could only dream of. There was no way I could ever go check each one out because they’re mostly found outside the country and secondly, they’re homes of celebrities and such.

When I first saw a photo of Le Coq Bleu online ( I can’t remember if it was on Facebook or on Airbnb itself when I was browsing through some Baguio accommodation), I was amazed, to say the least. The place looked so beautiful that I knew right then and there I wanted to book it.

I booked Le Coq Bleu as a gift for myself on my birthday. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to go spend the night in such a beautiful and dreamy home.

Le Coq Bleu

Le Coq Blue: Our Experience

By the time Ryk and I arrived at Le Coq Blue, our host, Chantal greeted us. She was really nice. It was my first time meeting someone French and staying in a French home. We met her three friendly dogs – Juno, Hestia, and Zeus.

With the approval of Chantal, we brought our little baby boy Noodle (a Boston terrier) with us. He and the three dogs quickly became friends. Hestia thought he was still a puppy and wanted to play with him so much. It was pretty cute watching the dogs play.

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Well, anyways, after a quick chat and a few introductions, Chantal showed us the loft (Oh, yeah. I booked the loft). It was so cute and cozy. I loved all the quilts inside as well as the little window. We had a great view of the dining area and the living room AND IT WAS AMAZING! (Capslock for feelings hahaha)

Le Coq Bleu

Beside the loft is a mini living room where Ryk and I could hang out. I took tons of photos of the whole house from there.

I took a photo of the dining area and the living room and the stairs and the decors and the loft and just EVERYTHING. Pictures can’t compare to how beautiful the house is.

Le Coq Bleu

Right then and there, I decided that if I ever make my own house, I’m going to use Le Coq Blue as my inspiration. Needless to say, Ryk loved it, too.

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What made the house even more amazing was that everything was made from recycled materials! Wow! The cement was the only thing new.

le coq bleu

It’s such a lovely house. Every corner is filled with delightful stuff. And all these little things work to create what Le Coq Blue is all about – a French homestay.

We had such a great time playing with the dogs and chatting with Chantal that we’re planning to book again. Yipee!

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Booking Information And Other Details

If you’re planning on booking Le Coq Bleu, here are a few things that you should know.

Where To Book and Rates

You can only book Le Coq Bleu via Airbnb for 2,200 pesos per night. No walk-ins allowed. Price is good for three persons. Extra persons are charged 500 pesos each.

Get up to ₱2,200 discount on your first trip on Airbnb when you sign up here.

How To Get There

Le Coq Bleu is located in Suello Village, Baguio City just 1km from the main highway.

Via Commute

If you’re coming from Manila:

  • Ask the bus driver to drop you off at the entrance to Suello Village.
  • From there, Le Coq Bleu is just 10 to 15 minutes away by foot.

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Travel Tip: You can book your tickets to Baguio in advance here.

If you’re coming from the Baguio town center:

  • Option 1: Ride a jeep heading to Greenvalley and stop by Suello Village. Then walk to Le Coq Bleu.
  • Option 2: Take a taxi and use Google Maps or Waze to direct the driver.

Via Private Car

Just use Waze.


You can’t cook in the house or use the refrigerator. The kitchen is OFF limits. However, there’s free European style breakfast served only from 8AM to 10AM. There’s no rice meal. Expect eggs, fruits, pancakes, and bread.

During our stay, we had yogurt, mango, pancakes and butter, French coffee, juice, homemade marmalade, and pear syrup. Everything’s so delicious. I wanted more! (I’m drooling just thinking about the yogurt and the marmalade.)

Le Coq Bleu

Lunch and dinner are also served for a fee. Be sure to let Chantal know one week ahead so she can prepare and so she can send you the menu.

But well, there’s also a nearby restaurant, Sunset View Ridge Residences. It’s just two houses near Le Coq Bleu. We definitely recommend the tinapa rice and pork belly with lettuce. It’s so good. We had these for lunch after we checked out.

Catch the sunset here. It is really beautiful. 

Sunset View Ridge Residences

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Checking In and Out

Check-in is strictly between 11AM and NO later than 5PM
Check-out is between 8- 10AM


  • Homestay: Le Coq Bleu is a homestay. Not a transient or a hotel. So be sure to know the house rules and which parts are off limits.
  • Upon checking in: Contact Chantal once you book the place and 30 minutes before your check-in time.
  • Curfew: There is a 10PM curfew as the front door is locked at 10PM.
  • Room change: Any room change upon arrival will be charged a cleaning fee of P500 so be sure to inform Chantal of any changes before you check in.
  • On water and electricity: Switch off the lights when not in use. Do not leave your gadgets charging when you are out. Also, water supply comes from a tank since Baguio Water District rations water only three times in one week.
  • Events and Parties: Nope. Not allowed. You come here to relax and enjoy Baguio.
  • Essentials: Towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper are provided during the stay.
  • Dogs: There are three resident dogs in the homestay. If you are a dog lover, this is a paradise. There’s no need to go to some fancy dog cafe. Just book Le Coq Bleu.
Le Coq Bleu

You Can Also Book

Aside from Le Coq Bleu, Chantal and her husband also have other Airbnb’s.

le coq bleu suite

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