15 Things To Do in Baguio City, Philippines (for Free)

baguio cathedral

Free things to do in Baguio? Hmm..

Dubbed as the City of Pines and Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City has gained a lot of tourists in the past years. Boasting of parks, luxurious hotels, stunning views, cafes, and restaurants, visiting the city can take a huge chunk from your wallet.

But I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of activities and places to visit that will cost you nothing.

Here is a list of  15 free things to do in Baguio City.

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Free Things To Do in Baguio

Walk along Session Road

Only private vehicles and taxis pass through the road. When you’re coming from SM, try walking down the road. You will see the Porta Vaga Mall partly owned by the Diocese of Baguio which was recently renovated. It’s stunning. Going down, you will meet lots of people, and you will have a view of some parts of Baguio. Not to mention, the cool air blowing on your face.

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Stroll around Burnham Park, Rose Garden, and Children’s Park

Burnham Park was designed by American architect Daniel Burnham. At the center is a man-made lake with flowers of different types, colors, and sizes surrounding the area.  Here you can gaze at the different boats floating by the lake with the trees surrounding it.

If you’re feeling like a kid, try playing at the Children’s Park. Just don’t go during weekends or holidays, make sure the kids have school so you won’t have any competitions on the swings.

IMAGE Andrei Infante | Flickr

Count the steps at Lourdes Grotto

Featuring the stairway to heaven, the Lourdes Grotto has so many steps going up. If you’re up for the challenge, reach the top.

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Check out Philippine Military Academy

Having a picturesque landscape with a lot of pine trees to boost, the place is one of the tourist spots of Baguio City. My boyfriend and I once visited the place; we thought it was just small, so we decided to walk from the entrance to the academy itself. It turns out; the area was huuuge.

But what you will see is worth all the walking. You will pass by armored tanks, huts, swings until you reach the buildings. By the academy, you will get a view of aircraft, cadets in uniform and the wide open space of the PMA grounds.

IMAGE Martika Ramirez | ilikeboringthings website

Take Long walks by Leonard Wood and Brent Road

If you’re a walker, don’t miss out on Leonard wood and Brent, beside the road are beautiful houses, restaurants, and big trees. It is one of the popular routes for joggers. Plus, you will pass by the well known haunted house, the white house.

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Commune with nature at the Yellow Trail

Go on a trail walk at the Yellow Trail at Camp John Hay. Connect and commune with nature, and get lost in the woods.

You won’t need a guide; the trail is marked by yellow marks so you’ll know where to go. If you have a dog with you, this is a great place to go.

Mines View Park
IMAGE Ian Roger Poral | ilovegoingplaces.blogspot.com

Get a glance of the Cordillera mountains at Mines View Park

Recently renovated, the park features a wonderful view of the Cordillera mountains. You can also opt to take pictures with the St. Bernard Dogs and pink haired horses but with a fee.

Around the place are souvenir shops featuring native costumes and things. Going inside will make you feel like you’re in a museum.

Botanical Garden

Unwind at the Botanical Garden

Nature lover? You will like the Botanical Garden. It has a variety of plants, flowers, and trees. With its benches and art gallery, you can enjoy what the gardens have to offer.

Sit back, relax and breathe in that fresh smell of nature. Additional spots to check are the  Japanese Tunnel and Chinese Garden.

IMAGE Xine | findgoodbaguiofoods.com

Hike up Mt. Santo Tomas

Burn extra fats when you hike Mt. Santo Tomas. Being Baguio’s highest point, you will get a 360˚ view of the City, of La Union and the South China Sea. If you get lucky, you might even get the chance to witness a sea of clouds.

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baguio cathedral

Visit the Baguio Cathedral

Completed in 1936, the building once served as an evacuation center during World War II. With its unique pink facade and picturesque view, the place has become a tourist attraction in the city.

Chess in Igorot Park

Play chess at the Igorot Garden

Located in front of Veniz Hotel, the place is packed with chess players of all ages. Once there, you will see a lot of chessboards out in the open. Go and challenge someone.

IMAGE Ramiltibayan | Wikimedia

Go ghost hunting at the Diplomat Hotel

Love haunted houses? Get up close to one of Baguio’s rumored ghost buildings. Here’s a trivia. The architect of the building is the same architect who designed the current main building of the University of Santo Tomas (UST).

The place is very scenic. You get to see the once glorious interior of the place with the fountain, staircase and building designs.

IMAGE cityofpines.com

See the Bell Church

With dragons, flags, and bells decorating the place, the Taoist church is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a quiet place. This is a temple not a park after all.

View the Sunset from SM Baguio

One of the best things to do in Baguio is watching the sunset and one of the places to watch the sunset is on the balcony of the SM Baguio.  Just like a painting, the view is beautiful. You get to watch the sky change colors.

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free things to do in Baguio
IMAGE Peter Dulnuan

Snap a postcard type photograph at the Wright Park and the Mansion

Best for photo ops for its charming view, the Wright park is famous for its postcard type photographs taken with the rectangular pond in the center and the mansion as a background.

The park is also well known for the horses for rent which can be reached by descending a flight of more than a hundred steps. The place is great for relaxing and enjoying the view of pine trees and flowers.

These are 15 FREE things to do in Baguio City. You don’t have to spend much to explore and go on an adventure.

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