7 Reasons Why You Should Try Camping


Indeed, why should you?

Here are seven reasons why you should try camping.

You get a sense of wonder

When camping and going outdoors you get the sense of adventure, awakening your lust for wondrous things and feeling like there’s more to life than enjoying the comfort of a well-lit roofed room.

There’s always a simple way to actually express what you’re feeling.

There’s always the textbook terms like happy, sad and angry and so on. But when you are out there gazing at the star littered skies, there’s no feeling that could compare, it’s pretty much the closest thing to feeling love and it’s precious!


It makes you appreciate the simple things

Being able to make do with simple things, appreciating how a small leaf falls to the ground or that tiny morning dew when you wake up. Camping truly brings you to humble every little thing and by doing so it makes you a better person.


It’s YOUR escape

Tired of having to do the same thing over and over again? Tired of seeing the sights behind the screen of moving cars and trains? Stressed?

Well, my friend. If you need something, a sign to make you feel a least bit better about yourself. Then there’s no better way to do that than to feel nature’s breeze away from it all.


You get to learn to love life again

Camp, travel and eat. It all sums up to finding yourself, and once you’re at the top of the mountain, at the edge of the seas, or at the grace of the sun. At that moment you close your eyes and breathe in that air.

As the light touches your humble tent or as it fades surrounded by nature’s beauty, that’s when it hits you. Life is beautiful. It gives you a sense of reassurance of who you are and what’s important.


It’s cheap

You only need a tent and a place to pitch it. Pay for the camping fee (other times, it’s free) and you’re all set. It’s 10x cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Now, if you’re like me, instead of spending your money on expensive resorts and hotels, you can spend that hard-earned money on more food when you go camping!

be creative

It makes you creative

What with all the lack of amenities, you get creative as to how to cook your food in the mountain and how to make yourself at home in your tent, find alternative ways on how to eat and sleep.

You discover life hacks.


It’s fun

Camping under the stars, having a bonfire, watching the sunrise and sunset. What can be better than that?

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