Baguio Accommodation: 17 Instagrammable Airbnbs and Hotels To Book

Looking for the perfect Baguio accommodation? Check these out.

All thanks to the First Class Deluxe bus of Victory Liner and Genesis’ JoyBus Premier and JoyBus Deluxe, it’s now easier and faster to reach the Summer Capital of the Philippines! Not to mention the newly opened expressways.

Travel Tip: You can book your bus tickets to Baguio in advance with 12Go Asia.

If you still haven’t booked a place to stay in Baguio, you better do now. Here are some of the coziest and prettiest accommodations in Baguio.

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Tudor in the Pines

Tudor in the Pines

Do you ever find that accommodation that makes you want to stay all throughout the year? The ultimate house goal? Well, for me, it’s the Tudor in the Pines (more photos here)!

This Airbnb recently opened in December 2019 and is probably the most IG worthy accommodation in Baguio right now! Because of its recent opening, it’s best to book as soon as you can before they get fully booked!

Booking Information: You can book from their current five units via Airbnb:

In case, there’s only the two of you, you can book one of the treehouses. Choose from either:

DISCOUNT: Get P2,200 off from your first Airbnb booking when you sign up here (Only for first-time users!)

  • Location: 17 Western Link Circumferential Road, Baguio
  • Choose from the five units on Airbnb
  • Rates start at P3,800 per night

Le Coq Blue

And you guessed it right! Le Coq Blue and Le Coq Floral are owned by the same persons – Ms. Chantal and her husband.

If you love the color blue, you’re going to love their Loft Room and Suite Room. These two boasts of the best views and access to the renowned living room of the house.

Le Coq Bleu Suite Room

Featured in many magazines and websites, the home’s design was what pushed me to book Le Coq Blue Loft on my 24th birthday. Your stay also includes a free French breakfast and three playful dogs. Remember, this is a homestay so you should know the house rules when staying.

Booking Information: You can book these rooms on Airbnb:

DISCOUNT: Get P2200 off from your first Airbnb booking when you sign up here (Only for first-time users!)

  • Location: Suello Village, Baguio City
  • Rates start at P2,500 per night

Le Coq Floral

Just like its name, this Baguio Airbnb is a place full of nature and beautiful things. Experience staying at a French homestay and taste an authentic French breakfast that’s prepared fresh. It’s just a matter of minutes away from the city center.

Le Coq Floral has four different rooms that you can book namely the Leaf Room, Sunflower Room, Rose Room, and Lavender Room. This is an Insta worthy place to stay in Baguio.

Booking Information: You can book these rooms on Airbnb at

DISCOUNT: Get P2200 off from your first Airbnb booking when you sign up here (Only for first-time users!)

  • Location: 240 Elisabeth Court, Suello Village, Baguio City
  • Rates start at P2,500 per night

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Good Morning Baguio Farmhouse

If you are looking for a beautiful place to stay in Baguio for a relaxing, and chill time, Good Morning Baguio Farmhouse is the place for you! Just opened on May 1, 2019, this Airbnb is goals! There’s a patio where you can grill, drink or eat. And there are some fresh organic herbs in the kitchen that you can use to cook!

This house can accommodate more than 16 people so bring the whole family and enjoy the city of pines!

Good Morning Baguio PottingShed

What makes the perfect Airbnb? Excellent location, comfy beds, affordable rates, and accommodating hosts are some features everybody looks for in an Airbnb before booking.

Well, Good Morning Baguio PottingShed offers all these and more! They also have luxurious amenities (bidet is waving), instagrammable corners (you’ll be surprised), and free breakfast (free fooooood)!

We’re spilling all the deets in this blog post!

Kamiseta Hotel

Kamiseta Hotel

If you want the ultimate luxurious and elegant experience in Baguio, check out Kamiseta Hotel. Once you check-in, you’ll wish you never check out. All of their rooms are instagrammable and chic. Don’t forget to try their pastries at the Vanilla Cafe below the hotel. It’s definitely a must-book place to stay in Baguio.

Peredo’s Lodging House

Peredo's Lodging House
IMAGE: Peredo’s Lodging House

In December 2015, this bed and breakfast was declared as an “Important Cultural Property” by the National Museum. The house was crafted by Japanese carpenters while being supervised by the engineer and craftsman Rogue Peredo.

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Charming House at the Best Location

Charming House at the Best Location
IMAGE: Charming House at the Best Location

The Charming House at the Best Location was built by the son of Sergio Osmeña, the Philippines’ third president. It is just a minute away from Burnham Park. With four bedrooms, twelve beds and three baths, this is a great accommodation for your family and friends.

The Country Place Baguio

With its pretty garden and cozy rooms, you bet The Country Place is one of the best bed and breakfast to book for the whole family. The wooden interior and greeneries will make you want to come back again next Panagbenga Festival.

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast
IMAGE: Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is pretty unique with its eco-friendly furnishings and upcycled materials. Guests love its rustic, quiet and romantic atmosphere. You’ll also find quotes around the house to inspire you.

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Casa Vallejo

casa vallejo

This affordable and trendy boutique hotel in Baguio has one of the best locations in the city. It’s just a minute away from SM and Session road. Not only that but Casa Vallejo is considered as a 100-year old historical landmark. Aside from the hotel, you can also check out the Mt. Cloud Bookshop and the Hill Station restaurant.

Cinema Leonardo

If you’re looking for a big home for more or less 16 guests, Cinema Leonardo might just be the place for you! Not only is it big but it also has a bonfire area, front garden, swing, basketball court and a wishing well that the kids will love. Not only that but there’s also an indoor fireplace, outdoor grill and a mini cottage.

Good Morning Baguio CottageHouse III

In search of the perfect house in Baguio for this Christmas? You might want to book Baguio Cottagehouse.

The Wanderlust’s Haven

This one-bedroom condominium is pretty chic and cozy. Located at Dominican Hill Road, this is a great place to book for a small family, a group of friends or a couple. It’s just a few minutes walk from Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto.

WN Hilltop

Another awesome place to book in Baguio is WN Hilltop, it’s that apartment perched on a hilltop. The surrounding mountains and nearby golf course provides the best views. Plus, it’s near Bencab Museum. There’s also a complimentary breakfast during your stay.

Artsy Glass House

Artsy Glass House
IMAGE: Artsy Glass House Airbnb

Here’s a place to inspire your hidden love for greenhouse glass windows. The Artsy Glass House is an Airbnb that offers a stunning view of the mountains and trees. Just a few meters away is an art gallery which features several sculptures and paintings – perfect if you love art.

American Heritage Baguio Home

American Heritage Baguio
IMAGE: American Heritage Baguio Airbnb

If you want to stay in a quiet part of Baguio, check out the American Heritage Baguio Home. It is a 100-year-old heritage home that’s only a few minutes away from the city center. You’ll find the interiors cozy with a touch of modern country designs.

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