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Taking on the World, One Adventure at a Time

Hi, I’m Johanes, the founder of Wanderera and a self-proclaimed cat lady!

Wanderera is your one-stop blog for simple camping and travel tips and guides.

 What’s Wanderera?

Wanderera is a word I thought of having the same meaning as “Lakwatsera” (Wanderer). I added the letter ‘a’ at the end to ‘tagalize‘ it and give it a bit of a feminine oomph.

I created Wanderera as a sort of a journal and a guide.

  • A journal, to document my adventures, misadventures and bucket lists
  • A guide, to help others plan their travels

In case you want to read about camping and travel guides and tips, simply return to wanderera.com  and plan that next adventure!









Travel Highlight Reel

How I Became a Full-Time Traveller

Who Am I?

I am currently 23. I’m a budget traveler which explains my interest in camping but once in a while I try to spoil myself. I am currently new to blogging, but starting one has always been a dream. You could say that Wanderera is my dream.

 How did I start traveling?

I fell in love with traveling from the first time my friends and I hiked and set camp in Mt Yangbew during my college years. Following that event were even more travels around Luzon and outside the country. Since then, traveling and camping has been a part of who I am.

Recent Travels

Check out my recent adventures to help you start yours.

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