La VeryOl's Kawa Hot Bath

La VeryOl’s: A Relaxing Glamping Experience in Tagaytay

If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Tagaytay – check out La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden.

They offer a glamping experience, a relaxing massage, and a kawa hot bath at an affordable price!

La VeryOls

A lot of people think that camping means sleeping on hard rocky surfaces and waking up with a sore body the next day. While this can be true in some instances, there are campsites like La VeryOl’s who make it a point to provide a relaxing vacation while delivering an unforgettable camping experience.

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La VeryOl's

La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden is a stunning venue for weddings, debuts, and events. They also provide accommodations such as tents and nipa huts.

I wanted to book an overnight stay the first time I saw a photo of the place on Facebook. So I did.  I booked a reservation for a Wednesday night and I had the place all to myself. This is my first solo trip by the way, and it’s in Tagaytay! Wooh. Hurray for me. Rock and roll.

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La VeryOl's Kawas

How To Get There

Via Commute:

From Manila

Option 1: Ride a bus heading to Alfonso and ask the driver to drop you off at Olivarez.

Option 2: You can also look for a bus at the Pasay Terminal from the Coastal Mall area that has the sign “Nasugbu via Tagaytay.” Make sure you ask the driver if it passes by Olivarez.

Option 3: Or Ride bus from Pedro Gil to Olivarez Plaza.

  • Fare: around 80 – 100 pesos per person
  • Travel Time: 1 to 3 hours depending on how heavy the traffic is

Once you are in Olivarez, ride a tricycle. Tell the driver to bring you to La Veryol’s which is near the Morielli’s restaurant or Marasigan lane.

  • Fare: 60 pesos (suitable for 2 to 3 persons)
  • Travel Time: 5 minutes

From Laguna

Ride a van from Turbina or SM Calamba going to Olivarez.

  • Fare: 70 pesos per person
  • Travel: 1 hour

Drop off at the Tagaytay City Market and ride a tricycle.

  • Fare: 60 pesos (suitable for 2 to 3 persons)
  • Travel Time: 5 minutes

Via Private Car

If you’re coming from Manila, take the Sta. Rosa road until you reach Tagaytay city market. From here, take a left going to the Picnic Grove until you see Morielli’s Restaurant.

Turn right, follow the sloping road and tadaaa you will see La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden.

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La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden

La VeryOl's

I opted for a one-night glamping experience and a kawa hot bath. The full body massage will be for next time. Yes, I plan on going back.

Upon my arrival, I was awed by the view – series of mountains stretching far and wide. It made me think of my hometown in the Cordilleras. The air was fresh, and there weren’t a lot of houses. It gives off that ‘communing with nature’ kind of vibe.

Plus, La VeryOl’s have a lot of plants around. There are gumamela flowers, bamboos, bushes and a lot of other I-don’t-know-what-are-their-names plants. You better visit so you can check it out. They even have a small fountain so you’ll be hearing the sound of water at night – the kind that lulls you to sleep.

Kawa Hot Bath in Tagaytay


La VeryOl’s offer two types of accommodation for overnight stays:


Rate: 650 pesos per person

Glamping at La VeryOl's

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Nipa Room with Fan

Rate: 1500 pesos per room

Nipa Huts at La VeryOl's

The fee covers breakfast, and 22 hours overnight stay. You don’t need to bring your mattress, pillows, and blankets. They will provide these. You can also borrow some slippers so don’t worry about those.

What made me decide to stay here is the free wifi (35 Mbps) since I’ll be bringing my work with me. There are electric sockets around the place, just bring your own chargers.

Recently, the place added two new accommodation.

Mini Huts

Rate: 2000 pesos per hut (for 2 persons) and 2600 pesos per hut (for 4 persons)

Check these cuties.

These mini-huts are good for 1 to 2 persons. It’s a fan room. They also have mini huts that can accommodate 4 persons.

Cabana Room

Rate: 2800 pesos per room 

It’s airconditioned and great for two persons.

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Working at La VeryOl's

La VeryOl’s has three common bathrooms. The bathrooms have a shower, a toilet with a bidet spray.


Bonfire and Movie Night

The staffs here are very accommodating, they provide welcome drinks and ensure that you are comfortable. For an overnight stay, you can ask for a bonfire and a movie night. It’s included in the accommodation fee. They have a projector so you can watch your favorite movies right at the center of the garden. Pretty great, huh?

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Bonfire at La VeryOl's


They also have a karaoke machine, so you can sing your heart out if you want to. Just be sure that you’re not disturbing someone’s sleep.

Kawa Hot Bath

Rate: 399 pesos per person for 45 minutes ( with complimentary drinks)

Oh boy. This was what sealed the deal for me. I mean, the first time I saw the Kawas in Antique, I wanted to go there, but it was too far. So when I saw that they had a Kawa hot bath here, I booked. Needless to say, it was perfect!

Kawas at La VeryOl's

The first thing I wanted when I arrived in La VeryOl’s was to soak in the hot bath. But they had to prepare it first, so I had some time to look around the place, chill in my tent and eat tapsilog.

La VeryOl's Tapsilog

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To prepare the Kawa hot bath, the staffs filled the kawa with water from the bamboo designed faucet. I love what they did there. Then, they will warm the water to your desired temperature.

La VeryOl's Kawa

Afterwards, they added some alagao, eucalyptus, gotu kola, oregano, mint leaves and some essential oils. You can choose your preferred oil. I chose herbal, and it smelled so good! They will also give you a dipper made from a coconut husk and a round rock for scrubbing off dead skin.

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Kawa Hot Bath in Tagaytay

The kawa hot bath was a real treat. In fact, I wanted to sleep in it. It was a soothing and stress-relieving experience.

La VeryOl's Kawa in Tagaytay


  • Rate: 599 pesos per person
  • Duration: 1 hour

If you want to sleep soundly at night, you have to try their massage. It’s recommended that you try the massage right after the kawa hot bath for the perfect relaxing vacation.

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Massage Area at La VeryOl's

Package: If you want, you can get the kawa hot bath and full body massage for a one time rate of 900 pesos per person. You’ll be saving 98 pesos.

Romantic Dinner

If you’re planning on going here with your significant other, you can ask the staff to set up a romantic dinner with wine and candle lights for you and your loved one.

La VeryOl's

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La VeryOl's Menu
La VeryOl's Menu


La VeryOl’s has updated their rates. Check it out.


  • Check-in starts at 2 PM and check out is at 11 AM the next day.
  • For walk-in or day tour, La VeryOl’s is open from 9 AM to 6 PM. Reserve early to avoid falling in line. They only have six kawa hot baths.
  • Bring extra clothes.
  • Book ahead. Go on a weekday. They are usually full during the weekends.
La VeryOl's Kawas


You can contact La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden for your reservations via:

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  1. I live in Dasmarinas which is about an hour away from Tagaytay. I’ve been living in Cavite for all my life and this is the first time I’ve heard of this! I’m missing out a lot! That looks so peaceful. I hope I get to try it someday with my husband!

  2. Hay!Johanes.

    Thanks for sharing your Relaxing Glamping Experience with us. You said the kawa hot bath was a real treat. Yes, The picture said that it was like that. And your post says that you pass modernly through nature. Now I am planning to take one.

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