Gifts For Backpackers: 30 Brilliant Ideas

Hey there! It’s that time of the year again when you gift your backpacker friend, significant other or family member awesome travel stuff that they’ll surely love. The only thing is, you’re having a hard time deciding what to give.

Does this sound like you?

Well, you’re in the right place! Lucky you, I’ve listed down 30 brilliant ideas as gifts for backpackers! So shall we dive in?

Active Roots Parachute Hammock

So what’s better than a camping tent? An Active Roots Parachute hammock! I don’t know about you but if the weather’s right and the stars are out, sleeping in a hammock beats sleeping in a tent. Imagine drifting off to sleep while stargazing. And the best part? You’ll be saving a lot on accommodation costs. Give your favorite backpacker a parachute hammock and watch their faces lit up.

Speakeasy Secret Pocket Travel Scarves

We’ve all heard those travel horror stories where travelers had all their passports, cash, and cards stolen while on the road. It’s hard to imagine how devastating that can be. Get your backpacker friend a Speakeasy Secret Pocket Travel Scarf and they’ll be thanking you for life!

EcoVessel Boulder Water Bottle w/ Strainer

The EcoVessel Boulder Water Bottle w/ Strainer is perfect for any tea-loving backpacker. The easy to use design, leakproof top, and removable infuser are what makes this water bottle best for tea time.

Travel Insurance

It’s no secret that no matter how careful we are while traveling, something’s bound to happen. But don’t wait until something happens until you get your travel insurance. Better yet, gift your favorite backpacker travel insurance. It’s one of the best gifts any traveler would love to receive. I know I’d love to receive one. 🙂

Waterproof Playing Cards

Playing cards is one of the best past times when traveling. It’s one of the best things to gift a backpacker. But take it to another level by gifting waterproof playing cards. Now, every time your backpacker friend plays these cards, he or she will be thinking of you.

Travel Journal

When backpacking, there’s bound to be places where WiFi is non-existent. One of the best ways to record memories is with a travel journal. Help your backpacker friend keep track of their travels, stay focused and organized with a quality travel journal.

Deuter Act Lite Pack

What makes a backpacker a backpacker? A backpack! And it’s one of the best things to give to your favorite backpacker! After all, nothing’s better than having a new durable backpack for your next travel.

Adventure Medical Kit

The Adventure Medical Kit is composed of 3 containers which are best for minimalists. It’s pretty light and snaps easily together for traveling. You can use these to store food, prepare your meal, or cook. It’s a pretty awesome product.

E-Book Reader

Does your backpacker friend love reading books? Why not give him or here an e-book reader? It’s eco-friendly since it saves the use of paper, lightweight and can store dozens of books!

Scrubba Wash Bag

Bring lesser clothes with the Scrubba Wash Bag, the world’s smallest washing machine, and the ultimate camping and traveling essential. It basically screams backpacking, too! Your backpacker recipient is sure to be overjoyed to receive one such as this.

Security Travel Belt With Hidden Money Wallet

If not a scarf, you can opt to buy a security travel belt with hidden money wallet for your backpacker friend. This is definitely a must-have for every backpacker! Since the belt clasp is not metal, you can still wear this through the airport scanner and not set it off. This belt can conceal up to 20 folded notes! It’s the perfect place to hide some spare cash.

gifts for backpackers
gifts for backpackers

Reusable Collapsible Straw

One of the best things to give the adventurer in your life is a reusable collapsible metal straw that helps keep hundreds of plastic straws out of the ocean every year. Did you know that among the top ten things found in beach cleanups are plastic straws? And being so close to the sea, these can affect the fishes and marine life all over the world.

Smokehouse Product Mimi Moto

Camping stoves are great and all but often they require butane. And when you run out of butane gas canisters, you won’t be able to cook food in the mountains when camping. One great solution to all that is the Smokehouse Product Mimi Moto. This is fuelled by wood so you can simply forget about bringing a portable gas stove. The Smokehouse Product Mimi Moto brings clean, wood-fired cooking for everyone. It’s the best gift for the backpacker in your life!

Solar-Powered Portable Power Bank

One thing I hate more than having my phone’s battery die on me is a zero-battery power bank. Let’s admit it, power banks are good but once the battery is dead, it’s pretty useless until you can charge it again. A solar-powered portable power bank is a game changer! You don’t have to ever worry about charging it and it uses up solar energy so that’s another great thing about it. Your backpacker friend is sure to love this gift!

Pocket Blanket

Pocket blankets are perfect for any adventure. They’re super compact, lightweight, and waterproof. It can also double as an emergency poncho. How awesome is that?

Infinity Pillow

Who here has trouble using neck pillows like me? Raise your haaaands!

It’s time to get yourself an infinity pillow. Breathable and soft, you can never go wrong with this. As you move, the pillow will adjust on its own making it easier to fall asleep with its ergonomic shape.

Cauldryn Mug

How about a mug that can blend ice, boil water, cook food, and keeps everything in perfect temperature? Say hello to the Cauldryn Mug! It’s Bluetooth controlled and battery-powered for an awesome road trip, car camping trip, and marathon drive. Who wouldn’t want something as good as this?

Resealable Zipper Bags

Backpackers are usually always on the go so giving them resealable zipper bags are pretty handy for traveling and packing. These can be used for organizing luggage, keep liquids from leaking, and separate dirty clothes from clean ones!

Scratch Map

What is a map but waaaay cooler?

A scratch map!

This is the ideal gift for backpackers who just came from their trip and want to keep track of their adventures.

Pickpocket-proof garments

So we’ve covered belts and scarves, you can also include garments to that list. When backpackers find themselves in rougher foreign cities, pickpocket-proof garments come in really handy. These provide hidden interior pockets and are pretty stylish too. Give your loved ones the gift of safety with pickpocket-proof garments!

Microfibre Quick Drying Towel

Whether you are camping, hiking or partying hard, a super-fast drying towel will come in handy. A microfibre quick-drying towel is an awesome and practical gift for any backpacker, and for any traveler for that matter.

Solid Cosmetics

Be it a shampoo, conditioner or a toothpaste, almost every hygiene necessity has its own solid counterpart. Give the backpacker in your life the peace of mind when flying as the liquid limit is very restrictive and common in airports. These solid cosmetics usually last much longer than liquids, too. So that’s a plus!

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool

For those backpackers who are more adventurous, the Leatherman Skeletool multi-tool is a perfect gift to receive. This small tool might look tiny but it has tons of uses.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

It’s hard to sleep when you’re surrounded by a lot of snoring and crying babies. A noise-canceling headphone is sure to drown out all the noise. Your backpacker friend will be thanking you for a great sleep.

Day Pack or Purse

A day pack or purse is an everyday necessity. Be sure to pack one versatile and theft-proof to give your backpacker friend more of a peace of mind that his or her important belongings are safe whether he or she is hiking, partying, or just beach bumming.

External hard drive

Traveling comes with hundreds and thousands of photos and memories to keep. An external hard drive is the best back up to have if you don’t have any cloud storage or you’re traveling to places with a limited internet connection.

The Backpacker Bible

Does your backpacker friend love reading books? Give him or her the “How To Travel The World On $10 A Day” book. It consists of nine years of travel tips and tricks and basically everything you need to know when backpacking.


If you have the budget, why not give a durable and waterproof camera to the backpacker in your life? Any budget traveler would love to get their hands on a GoPro.


Whoever invented the Steripen is a godsend for all travelers. This lightweight gadget can sterilize 1 liter of water in just 90 seconds! Wow! This is probably the best gift to give to any backpacker who loves to hike.


If your backpacker friend loves to go on solo travels, a tripod or a selfie stick is particularly useful. It can help you capture the best photos from different angles.

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