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Camping Checklist: 20+ Essentials To Bring

Camping is a great way to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. But as with every activity, camping can be overwhelming to prepare for. Beginner or not, a camping checklist would take the stress off when you are preparing for your camping.

Your camping checklist could be either short or long depending on the circumstances of your camping like the weather and the location of your campsite. And don’t forget to spoil yourself! You can definitely bring a solar panel charger or a few heavy people camping chairs for the group.

The list below has all the camping essentials and options you would want for comfortable and homey camping.


Ibuprofen + Paracetamol (ALAXAN FR)

ALAXAN FR is my go-to pain reliever! It works in as fast as 15 minutes. Ryk and I never leave without it. It works great after hiking trips. 😉

Camping Light


This solar-powered camping light is portable and can be folded down completely to take the least space in your backpack. It also has three lighting modes: high and low for your camping activities; and SOS blinking for an emergency.

Power Bank

power bank

Most campsites don’t provide a socket to charge your electronics so a power bank comes handy. The Hobest waterproof solar power bank has 10000 maH enough to charge your smartphone or GoPro so you will never worry of going out of power in the middle of the wilderness.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Don’t go camping without your first aid kit. The outdoors is fun but is also full of danger. You will never know when a first aid kit will come in handy. Survival tip: know beforehand how to use the contents of your first aid kit.

Trash Bags

garbage bag

Be a responsible camper. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures and your trash, so don’t forget your trash bags.



Make sure your skin is protected from the UV rays of the sun. This sunscreen from Badger Balm combines an SPF 34 sunscreen and bug repellent into one.

Bug Repellant

mosquito repellant

Don’t let mosquitos ruin your night in the woods with this repellent spray. It is made with plant-based ingredients so it is non-toxic and safe for your whole family.

Sleeping Gear


camping checklist

Unless you will “rough it” up and sleep under the stars if the weather permits, an all-weather tent is handy to have. Check out this tent by Coleman which offers a durable, rainproof, and budget-friendly tent that is easy to set up.

Sleeping Bag

Traveling to the campsite and setting up camp is enjoyable but can be exhausting. A good night of sleep is needed to recharge your body and get it ready for the next day’s activities. In camping, a good night sleep means a quality sleeping bag. Check out this “mummy style” sleeping bag from Terra Hiker. It is filled with 1.21 lbs of duck down material that will surely keep you warm on cold nights.

camping checklist

If you are claustrophobic and don’t really like the “mummy style” design, Sierra Design’s Frontcountry Bed is just for you. Its rectangular and spacious space is great for those who toss and turn around during their sleep.


Although most sleeping bags come with their own pillows, it is usually not comfortable enough to give you a good night of sleep. Sea Summit Aeros Pillow is deflatable, compact, and light that it won’t take much space to carry. This inflatable pillow has curved internal baffles with polyester knit that will cradle your head for a comfortable sleep.

Food and Drinks

Camping Stove

Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove is a handy cooking companion for your camping. The stove is equipped with an adjustable burner that will allow you to control the heat and not burn what you’re cooking.

Cooking Set

This cooking set from Terra Hiker comes with a frying pan, a boiling pot, and a teapot. All are non-stick, lightweight and have heat resistant handles perfect for boiling water and cooking food outdoors. Don’t worry about the space since it is designed to pack up small and take up little room in your pack.

Mess Kit

meal kit

This 1-person meal kit from Light My Fire includes a plate, bowl, expandable cup, strainer/cutting board, and a spork. The dinnerware is BPA-free and stores in a compact, lightweight design.

Water Bottle

water bottle

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is perfect to keep you hydrated when camping. It is sturdy, leak-proof and comfortable to drink from. When empty, you just roll it up for compact travel and unroll it when you want to refill.



shampoo and conditioner

This SLS-free shampoo and conditioner bar will leave your hair shiny, healthy and smelling good. It comes with its own travel containers ideal for travel and camping.

Dry Shampoo

hairdry shampoo

If water is not an option, this dry shampoo will help remove oil, sweat, and odor. It also works on all hair color since it leaves no visible residue or build-up behind.



Keeping your body clean is not an issue with Sea to Summit Citronella Wilderness Wash. This 89-ml biodegradable and paraben-free soap comes in a durable and secure bottle so you need not worry about it spilling during travel. Furthermore, this can also be used for washing fabrics and dishes.

Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Keeping clean is really important while camping. Use this hand sanitizer before handling your food, before eating and after using the bathroom.



Keep dry with this quick-dry towel from 4th Venture. This microfiber towel is fast drying compared to cotton towels and lightweight making it ideal for travel.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

travel wash

This toothbrush kit has a multifunctional storage box that can be used as a water cup ideal for camping.  The storage box can also keep your razor and comb in place.

Wet Wipes

wet wipes

When a shower is not accessible, wet wipes come handy. The Surviveware biodegradable wet wipes measure 8” x 12” – large enough to clean your body. These wipes are also perfectly moistened for posterior cleaning so you can clean up in style.

Use the camping checklist to prepare for your camping adventure. We don’t expect you to bring along everything. Add the best ground blind chairs or remove items depending on your needs and what you think suits your camping best.

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