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The 12 Best Resorts in Antipolo to Book (Near Manila)

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The city’s rhythm is a complicated mix of the sound of horns, market, traffic, and alarms. Every day wrestling with the worst than ever commuting and traffic, tearing apart one another’s ideas in meetings, pulling an all-nighter for the unending pile of work and deadlines to be done, and managing your accumulating debts! Ugh! We need to escape from this exhausting cycle!

Excited about the long-awaited getaway? From top-notch eats and foodie experience, all-inclusive resort to relaxing spa treatments, here are the 12 best Antipolo resorts for a complete vacation in a single package.

Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

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Even if you never took astronomy in college, you still smile looking up at the night sky while seeing an infinite number of twinkling little stars. This hotel was built with a top-notch sky gazing in mind. They have a fully functional telescope for stargazing! Seven Suites Hotel Observatory has the 4th largest scope in the Philippines. 

This Antipolo resort snatched a prime spot at the hillside of the Sumulong Highway overlooking the serene view of the city lights. Enjoy your astronomy experience together with beer and appetizers. Still hungry? They have an in-house dessert bar that offers desserts that are delicious as they are striking! It’s gonna be a one of a kind experience.

Location: Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Luljetta Place Garden Suites

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Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens is often named among Luzon’s most romantic resorts that overlook Laguna de Bay and the Metro Manila Skyline. Look forward to its zen-like garden surrounded by trees and shrubs, a renowned spa, delectable cuisine, and a long long list of things to do! 

This Antipolo resort has gained popularity because of its superb guest-centered service and well, it’s the first and only hanging garden spa in the Philippines! They offer a fish spa, a hydro-massage pool, a warm jacuzzi and sauna, and an infinity pool. If a day at Luljetta is not enough to enjoy all these amenities, go for an overnight stay! They have extra spacious rooms and suites available for couples, groups, and families to provide you with utmost peace and tranquility.

Location: Loreland Farm Resort, Antipolo

Mount Purro Nature Reserve

IMAGE | Mount Purro Nature Reserve Facebook

If you’re in search of mental clarity, balance, and a large dose of pampering, you will find all three at the Mount Purro Nature Reserve. This resort beckons to nature enthusiasts! This is the perfect destination if you ought to reconnect with nature and just forget the hustle and bustle of city life!

The resort also features team-building activities like rope courses, zipline and rappelling, horseback riding, hiking trails, river-trekking, interaction with the Dumagats, Traditional Hilot Massage, and many more!

Location: Barangay Calawis, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Villa Elisha

IMAGE | Villa Elisha Facebook
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Villa Elisha is a modern villa inside a 30-hectare lot inside Philip Sanctuary and Eco Resort. It has a connecting room, a loft area, 3 bathrooms with 2 toilet areas, a swimming pool, and a BBQ grill area. It’s spacious enough to fit 20 people and is ideal for a family getaway or company team building!

We’re impressed by the villa’s surrounding forest and its deep-blue pool which will certainly give you a different kind of relaxation! It has an additional loft area designed with exterior glazing, offering an eye-catching view of the forest. The high ceiling design also keeps the entire room cool and it’s also worthy to mention the IG corners which I know you guys will be excited about! 

If you book a stay at the Villa Elisha, you get a free pass at the Philip’s Sanctuary. Enjoy the outdoor activities at Philip’s Sanctuary like swimming, fishing, biking, obstacle courses, and ziplines.

Just a helpful tip for your stay: Bring toiletries and food because it’s pretty far from the marketplace. 

Location: Pestaño Farm Trail, Antipolo, Rizal

Bosay Resort

When thinking of a family-friendly vacation, you should head straight for the Bosay Resort. This resort spans about 3 hectares of the mountain terrain of Antipolo. This resort provides much for families to enjoy together. They have several kinds of pools including pools with slides, private pools, jacuzzi, therapy pool, infinity pool, kiddie pools with bubbles, wave pool, and a DISCO POOL( yes, heard it right! A disco pool).

Bosay Resort also has an in-house restaurant, so you don’t need to worry about packing food. They also offer cottages for day-trippers and hotel rooms for overnight stays.

Location:  Near Galang/Roco Farm, Marigman Rd, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Phillip’s Sanctuary

IMAGE | Phillip’s Sanctuary Facebook

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Explore the outdoors at the Phillip’s Sanctuary! Experience activities that will reconnect you with your friends and families. Whether you’re interested in hiking, kayaking, obstacle courses, rope courses, biking fishing, zipline, or rafting, you will discover a variety of adventures and challenges at Phillip’s Sanctuary! 

For sure, you will love the different kinds of butterflies and flowers at the campsite, the organic fruits at the farm, and their pond stocked with different kinds of fish like Tilapia and Pangasius.

Just like Camp Tipolo, Phillip’s Sanctuary is famous for its team-building activities. Philip’s sanctuary also has a space for spiritual retreats, a zoo-themed birthday party, or a seminar, all surrounded by the quiet nature. 

The Phillip’s Sanctuary is located at the Sitio Panlilingan, Pestano Farm Road, Antipolo. The entrance fee starts at 50 pesos and they operate from 8 am to 6 pm.

Location: Pestaño Farm Trail, Antipolo, Rizal

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort

IMAGE | Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel Facebook
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Cristina Villas Mountain Resort, pretty much inspired by the Baroque architectural design (Spanish-style houses) is popular among save-the-date pre-wedding shoots. This resort is a combination of authentic hacienda-style with comfort and sophistication; perfect for an Instagram story! Even the rooms blended spectacularly with its baroque design concept.

Cristina Villa also offers countless outdoor activities. They have ziplines, a volleyball and a basketball court, a gym spa, an obstacle course, and many more!

Location: Taktak Rd, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Date and Dine Resort

IMAGE | Date and Dine Resort Facebook

Finally, brainy travelers can book a hotel with a library! Date and Dine has a wide collection of books, guests will certainly enjoy! After reading, stroll over to the restaurant overlooking the neighboring areas of Antipolo for an authentic Italian pasta dish. 

Date and dine resorts have Rustic, Safari, Indian, and Zen themed rooms. Some amenities you can find in the rooms are Wi-Fi, a coffee-maker, and a flat-screen TV. 

Also, the Pinto Art Museum and the famous Hinulugang Taktak falls is just about 5km from the hotel. If those spots are on your bucket list, might as well consider staying at Date & Dine Resort!

Location: Beverly Hills Subdivision, 7th Avenue, Verbena and Begonia Drive, Antipolo, 1870

Loreland Farm Resort

IMAGE | Loreland Farm Resort

Loreland Farm Resort and Spa is an adventurous escape just 55 minutes outside Metro Manila in the scenic plateau spot of Antipolo. Loreland Farm Resort is a hotspot for family stays, AND if you have a fur baby, they are welcome to join in too! 

Loreland has 5 swimming pools which are all well maintained and with varying depths. If you are planning to have a team-building then this might be the best resort for you. Loreland Farm Resort recently opened “Camp Tipolo” which is designed exclusively for team building activities. 

Location: Sitio Loreland Brgy, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Altaroca Mountain Resort and Convention Center

IMAGE | Altaroca Mountain Resort and Events Place Facebook

If you’re thinking about a quick getaway but only have limited funds for a swanky resort, then this hotel might just be the right one for you! It is perfect for large group gatherings, reunions, family vacations, and team buildings or you can go solo if you want. Altaroca Resort’s room interiors are a little artsy, with inspirational quotes posted on the walls. They have family rooms and dorm-type rooms which can accommodate a large number of guests. They also offer suites and standard rooms for small groups. 

Location: Taktak Road, Bankers Village, Brgy.Sta.Cruz Antipolo

Cattleya Resort

IMAGE | Cattleya Resort Facebook

Cattleyas are what most people think of when they hear the word orchid, and this next hotel was originally an orchidarium. Cattleya Resort provides so many amenities at a cost affordable for the average working family. 

 Most team building and reunions are held in the Cattleya resort because it can accommodate a large number of people. They have a total of 19 individual rental pools with prices ranging from 3,500 to 15,00 depending on the number of pax. 

Cattleya usually offers a day-package, night-package, or a straight package (24 hours). These packages often depend on what pool you choose, your group size, and your choice of rooms for overnight stays. Also, don’t worry about bringing food in because they do not have corkage fees.

Your stay in Cattleya resort might not be a high-end comfort but it’s enough to make you feel restful and homey.

Location: Sitio Ibabaw, Colaique, Bo. San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club

Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club is definitely among the contenders for adventures in Antipolo’s most active resorts. It offers unlimited activities for all ages. They have swimming pools, sports amenities, ziplines, art gallery museums, and a karaoke lounge. 

A top favorite in this Antipolo resort is its 360 view deck with a hanging bridge. The 360 view deck overlooking both the city of Antipolo and the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre is every Instagrammer’s dream come true! Its beauty alone makes it an idyllic romantic spot.

Location:  Bgy. Sta. Cruz, Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, 1870

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