The Best Gifts For Travelers: 28 Gift Ideas

gifts for travelers

It’s almost Christmas and you’re probably looking for the best gifts for travelers. You might want to give your friend or yourself some gifts for travelers, no one will judge.

This year, I thought, why not create a guide for the best gifts for travelers. (But deep inside, I was thinking of what to buy for myself for Christmas and for my birthday this December. Haha. Kidding.)

Here are my top picks for the best gifts for travelers.

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Best Gifts For Travelers Under $25

International Travel Plug Adapter

best gifts for travelers

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you had to go find an adapter plug to be able to charge your gadgets? Foreign countries usually have different sockets. If your gift recipient is a world traveler, consider giving him or here an international travel plug adapter. It can be used for more than 150 countries. With its sleek design, small size, 4 USB inputs, this is probably one of the best gifts for travelers under $25.

Point It: Traveller’s Language Kit

gifts for travelers

If you just don’t have the time to learn the local’s language, one thing you can do is use the Point It book. It’s a kit that’s filled with pictures. To use, simply point at the photos to communicate with the locals. It makes your life much easier!

Portable Luggage Scale

gifts for travelers

Whenever I fly somewhere, I always have to consider my backpack’s weight. I love traveling on a budget and if I can avoid airline baggage fees, I will do it. I find that a portable luggage scale helps a lot. I can always check if my baggage is already way over the minimum weight with this Tarriss luggage scale.

All-Weather Safety Whistle

gifts for travelers

Give yourself or your friend something that will help you when times get rough. A safety whistle can be cheap but very useful. You can use it to send a signal when you’re in trouble. Unlike other whistles, this is pretty loud.

Mini Power Strip with USB Slots

gifts for travelers

Don’t you just hate it when you need to charge all your gadgets at once but the place you’re staying at only has one power outlet? Well, why not give yourself a mini power strip that has USB slots? Your friend will definitely appreciate it, too. It’s a must-have if you’re traveling.

Mini Portable Power Bank

gifts for travelers

Power banks come in all sizes. But having a mini portable power bank will save you when you’re phone dies on you when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Compared to the big ones, you can easily fit this in your purse or your pocket so you never have to worry about your phone during a night out. Plus, it’s super affordable.

Headphone Splitter

gifts for travelers

If you’re going on a trip with a friend or a partner, a headphone splitter is a MUST! It can help you share your music and podcast or simply watch a movie together. With a headphone splitter, you can have two headphone jacks with just a simple plug. Pretty cool, huh?

Wifi Extender

gifts for travelers

Are you a digital nomad working while traveling? Then, you’re probably tired of finding good wifi in every place you visit. I know I am. Sometimes it makes me hate traveling because it’s a struggle to find a great place to work in with a good wifi. With a wifi extender, however, you can access a faster wifi. The Netis extender simply plugs into your USB slot and you’re good to go.

Travel Towel

gifts for travelers

I have a towel that’s already way too old and doesn’t do a great job drying. When I saw the travel towel set from Amazon, I was ecstatic, to say the least. This is a towel that is large enough to wrap around your body, plus it’s antibacterial.


gifts for travelers

What’s better than a padlock? A pair of padlocks! Haha. A pair of padlocks is a necessity when traveling. It helps lock your bags and hostel lockers keeping your things safe.

Best Gifts For Travelers Under $100

LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

gifts for travelers

With the LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle, you can keep yourself and your friend safe from sickness caused by waterborne bacteria and parasites. Most of the water sources in several countries have water quality issue. With one water bottle, you get 1000 liters of clean filtered water.

Travel Neck Pillow

best gifts for travelers

Travel pillows are definitely not my favorite (probably because most of the travel neck pillows I’ve had sucked) but the Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow changed that for me. It’s easy to store, pretty comfy and holds your neck in a position that’s great for sleeping.

Bluetooth Speaker

gifts for travelers

If your friend loves watching movies or listening to music, the Sony Bluetooth Speaker may be the perfect gift to give him or her. For its size, it has one of the best sound quality I’ve ever heard. Plus, it can last up to 12 hours! Wow!

Best Travel Gifts For Outdoor Enthusiasts


gifts for travelers

Who wouldn’t love a hammock? Whenever my boyfriend and I travel, we make sure to bring our hammock. It’s one of the best places to get a comfortable seat in the middle of the forest, the beach and at home.

If you’re looking for a strong and lightweight hammock, the ENO DoubleNest Hammock is great. It can hold up to 400lbs so you shouldn’t worry about its capacity.


gifts for travelers

For adventurers and campers, headlamps are a necessity. Most campsites don’t have electricity so having a headlamp is pretty handy especially when you want to read a book, search for something in the dark or go to the bathroom. The Black Diamond Storm is a water-resistant headlamp which is pretty great. If you’re hiking to the summit of Mt Pulag early in the morning, this is pretty useful.

Digital Gifts For Travelers

Spotify Gift Cards

gifts for travelers

Give your friend extra music. They’ll definitely appreciate it. eGift Card

gifts for travelers

When you can’t find the perfect gift, just give them this.


gifts for travelers

Just like the Uber gift card, this Airbnb Gift Card – E-mail Delivery is the perfect gift for a friend who’s constantly on the road.

Travel Books


best gifts for travelers

If your gift recipient loves reading, the Vagabonding book is excellent in learning about traveling.

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

gifts for travelers

Want to travel the world but on a budget? Learn how with the book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.

The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World

gifts for travelers

Looking for the next place to visit? The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World by Lonely Planet provides details to the world of travel.

Useful Gifts For Travelers

Menstrual Cup

best gifts for travelers

Are you still using napkins or tampons? It’s time for you to switch to a menstrual cup. Why? It lessens your wastes (which is better for the environment), and it’s better for your wallet. You don’t even have to worry about your luggage space anymore since this only occupies a small space.

Packing Cubes

gifts for travelers

Sometimes, what I hate about traveling is packing my stuff. Haha. With packing cubes, your life gets so much easier. Simply put your stuff in each cube and throw them in your luggage and you’re done! The best part? You’ll have an organized luggage.

External Hard Drive

gifts for travelers

With an external hard drive, you can easily back up your photos and your friend would really appreciate having one. Who would love losing all their photos and videos when their laptop crashes? I know I don’t. I once lost all my photos when my laptop suddenly didn’t turn on and I couldn’t save my hard drive.

Gifts For Safety

As a traveler, one thing you can do is keep your belongings safe. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, you can never be too careful. It is best to take extra precautions before your trip is ruined just because someone stole your stuff.

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Liter

gifts for travelers

The Pacsafe Anti-theft Liter is a safe where you can put your belongings into, pull it shut and lock. With this, you don’t have to worry about your valuables all the time. Plus, you can leave them somewhere locked on a pipe, a piece of furniture or a sink. No one can easily get your stuff with this.

Waterproof Bag

gifts for travelers

I’ve bought waterproof bags before and they were all disappointing. If you’re planning on riding a boat, use this to protect your important items. It is also essential when you’re planning to go hiking, rafting, fishing, kayaking or camping.

The Earth Pak waterproof dry bag is a great pick. It even comes with a smartphone protector.

RFID- Blocking Wallet

gifts for travelers

Nowadays, thieves are smarter than ever. They can scan your credit cards remotely through your wallet. With RFID-blocking fabrics, you can protect your cards from thieves and avoid a nightmare.

Travel insurance

gift for travelers

Never go on a trip without a travel insurance. World Nomads can help you with this. It can save your life in the future.

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