Victory Liner Online Booking: Step By Step Guide

Victory Liner Online Booking

With the rise of technology and the Internet, more and more things are becoming possible. This includes doing a Victory Liner booking online. It can be daunting to do a Victory Liner booking online especially if you’re one of those who has never done this before, I’m here to help you.

I can still remember the first time I did a Victory Liner booking online. I didn’t know what I was doing. There’s no guide to help me. I just had to pray that I won’t be losing my hard earned money. Long story short, my Victory Liner booking online was successful!

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However, that’s not always the case. I had a friend who lost her money because she booked from a Facebook Page claiming they can provide her with a Victory Liner online booking ticket.

As such, I thought of creating this step-by-step guide to help you successfully do a Victory Liner booking online.

Shall we get started with the online Victory Liner Cubao ticket reservation?

Victory Liner Online Booking

You have two options when booking:

First Option

You can book your bus tickets with 12Go Asia or simply place your travel date in the form below and click “Find Ticket”.

Powered by 12Go Asia system

Choose your bus (First Class or Regular AC) and travel time. Then, click “Book Now”.

Fill in the needed details. You can also choose to select your own seats.

Choose your payment method. Note that there’s a service fee for each.

  • Credit or Debit Cards: P86
  • PayPal: P103
  • Dragonpay: P15
  • GCash: P15

After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation.

Second Option

Go to the Victory liner’s website:

And choose whether your trip is one way or round trip. Pick your destination, departure and returning date. Don’t forget to indicate how many people you are booking for. Once done, click on “BOOK A TRIP”.

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victory liner booking online

Next, choose your preferred departure time. You can also see here how many seats are left for each schedule.

victory liner booking online
victory liner booking online

Then, fill in the required information. Click on “Additional Passengers” if you have company and input their details. Click the “NEXT” button to go to the next step.

You will then see your ticket information. Here, you can pick any seat at no additional cost to you.

victory liner online booking
victory liner online booking

Finally, you will be shown the summary of charges. This includes your departure schedule, selected seats, and fare amount. When doing a Victory Liner booking online, you will have to pay a P50 seat reservation fee for each seat.

Read the terms and conditions then proceed to pay for your ticket by clicking on the “PAY NOW” button.

You will then be redirected to another page which looks like this.

victory liner online booking
victory online booking

You can only pay for your Victory Liner Cubao ticket reservation (or Pasay, Baguio, etc) via credit or debit card. If you don’t have one, you can borrow the card of your friend or sibling (which was what I did before). However, when presenting your ticket, you have to also provide the following:

  • photocopy of the front portion of the credit card used
  • photocopy of the valid, government-issued ID of the credit card holder
  • authorization letter of the cardholder allowing the passenger to use his/her credit card on his/her behalf

So fill out the payment details and click on “PAY NOW”.

victory liner online booking

And you’re done! You will receive an email from Victory Liner regarding your ticket voucher.

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Along with that email, you will see these reminders from Victory Liner. Do read these carefully so you know what you should do to get your Victory Liner bus ticket.

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Ticket Redemption Procedure


1) Please PRINT this voucher.
2) This is not yet your bus ticket. This trip voucher must be exchanged for a Victory Liner bus ticket, at the ticket booth of the Victory Liner terminal where you will depart from.
3) Please arrive at the terminal at least 45 minutes before the scheduled trip, to redeem your bus ticket.
4) Please bring a valid government-issued ID that matches the name of the passenger printed on this trip voucher.
5) Present this trip voucher and your government-issued ID to the ticket seller to redeem your bus ticket.
6) Should there be changes to your plans and you wish to rebook your trip, you can rebook your trip online using the Manage my Booking tab.
7) Online rebooking is allowed only once, anytime before the trip date, and within 15 calendar days from the trip date indicated on the trip voucher. Your rebooking shall be subject to a common surcharge rate of ten percent (10%) of the paid fare.
8) Validity of this trip voucher: This voucher shall be valid within 15 calendar days from the indicated trip date. Redemption and rebooking shall be done over-the-counter at the terminal indicated on the trip voucher. Failure to rebook within this grace period shall result in the forfeiture of this trip voucher in favor of the company.
9) If the cardholder is not part of the travelling party, the passenger redeeming the bus ticket must bring the following items:
a.) photocopy of the front portion of the credit card used
b.) photocopy of the valid, government-issued ID of the credit card holder
c.) authorization letter of the cardholder allowing the passenger to use his/her credit card on his/her behalf


1) Boarding time is 20 minutes before scheduled departure. Failure of passengers to present themselves for carriage within such time shall result in the cancellation of their reservation and their seats shall be given to chance passengers.
2) Victory Liner tickets are non-refundable except only in cases of force majeure or trip cancellations through the fault of the company, in which case the passenger has the option to claim a refund or to rebook the ticket, without any surcharge, within fifteen (15) calendar days from the trip date written on the ticket. However, the passenger may likewise rebook this ticket at any time before the departure date or within (15) calendar days from the trip date appearing on the ticket. Failure to rebook the ticket within the aforesaid period shall result in forfeiture of paid fare in favor of the company. Rebooking is allowed only once and shall be subject to a common surcharge rate of ten percent (10%) of the paid fare.
3) Victory Liner reserves the right to cancel trips or change its time schedules and/or dates of departure without prior notice.
4) Victory Liner assumes no liability for loss or damage of effects, luggage or other personal belongings carried by the passengers, unless these are declared and shown to, and a list thereof is given and freight charges are paid thereon to the shipping clerk or conductor, and the passenger complies with the instructions of the shipping clerk or conductor relative to their care and safekeeping.
5) Lost passenger tickets for any cause whatsoever shall not be returned or replaced by the company and the passenger will be required to pay his/her fare anew.
6) Any unauthorized erasure or alteration of the information stated in the ticket voucher emailed to you, shall render it null and void.

Whether it’s a bus to Baguio from Cubao or a bus from Cubao to Baguio or a bus from Baguio to Manila and vice versa, you can follow the steps above and reserve a seat for your upcoming trip.

And that’s that! Did you find this bus from Cubao to Baguio and vice versa online booking article useful? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Victory Liner Online Booking: Step By Step Guide”

  1. Hi! Medyo confused lang ako sa redemption procedure #8: Validity of this trip voucher, shall be valid withing 15 calendar days from the indicated trip date? Paki-explain futher po kasi I already have the VL Trip Voucher now and our trip is on the 23rd of Feb pa. That is exactly 25days from our trip date. Pano po yun?

  2. Mader Ian Llana

    Hi !! Thanks for that information. Anyways I just want to know if it’s okay to book now when our scheduled trip to Baguio is on Sept 5 pa. Is it safe na? Or bka sobrang aga mawala bookings namin. We are in group. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Hi,

    just booked a two tickets today for my 4 yr old son and brother, from baguio to pasay. i already received a confirmation that my credit card was used to victory liner and the total amount was already been deducted when i checked my balance. but the page is keep on loading, there is an error message saying”Server error in/webpayment’ application. kindly help me check om this right away. i booked dated october 30, 2019.

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