JoyBus Premiere Class (Updated 2023 Schedules, Terminals & How To Book)

JoyBus Premiere Class

Whenever I go home to Baguio, I always ride the cheapest Victory Liner bus which takes me 6-7 hours to reach the city. It’s a bit of a stressful ride especially when the holidays come in and you sit in the middle aisle.

When I was still in Manila during our board exam review days, I once had the chance to ride the bus to Baguio deluxe JoyBus of Genesis bus not because I wanted to but because it was the only bus available.

The trip from Manila to Baguio only took 3 to 5 hours. Not only was it fast but it was comfortable and convenient. Impressive, huh?

About JoyBus Premiere Class Bus

Now, what if I tell you there’s a better bus to Baguio than the deluxe Genesis bus? Genesis Transport has launched its JoyBus Premiere Class Bus which will only take you 4 hours to reach the city of Pines!

When I heard about the new JoyBus Premiere Class of Genesis bus, I just had to try and experience it firsthand.

True enough, when I stepped inside the bus, it was different than most buses. For starters, it’s almost like you’re in a first-class seat of an airline.

JoyBus premier class

Features & Amenities

With Joybus Premiere Class Genesis bus, you get to enjoy:

  • More spacious legroom compared to the deluxe buses
  • An entertainment system for playing games, reading news/ebooks, watching movies or listening to music (with a USB Port where you can charge your mobile phones)
  • Warm Blanket
  • Comfort Room
  • Tray Tables like the ones in the airplane (Plus a cup holder)
  • FREE Biscuit and Bottled Water
  • CCTV
  • Bus Attendant
  • WiFi
JoyBus premier class

Updated Terminals, Schedules & Fares

Fares & Schedules

Updated Baguio Trip Schedule as of September 12, 2022 posted on Genesis’ FB Page:

Travel Requirements

For Baguio’s travel requirements, check Baguio Tourism Facebook Page for the latest posts.

How To Book Online: Genesis Online Booking

There’s no Genesis bus booking site but you can book a seat in the JoyBus Premiere Class via Pinoy Travel, and I Want Seats and view the price and schedule matrix on PH Bus. Here’s a detailed guide on the Genesis online booking.

Travel Tip:  You can also choose to book the Victory Liner bus to Baguio here if JoyBus is already full.

Read Also: Victory Liner Online Booking: Step By Step Guide

JoyBus Reminders

  • The bus doesn’t have any stopovers from Cubao to Baguio. So bring lots of food if you get hungry a lot since the free biscuit doesn’t really do an excellent job at satiating your hunger.
  • The entertainment system placed behind the seats only has a few games, movies, and music.
  • Currently, the bus route is from Pasay to Baguio City with a stopover in Cubao. They don’t have a NAIA3 to Baguio route. They only have a NAIA3 to Clark route.
  • When choosing a seat, you can either take the right side where you won’t have any seatmate or the left side which is perfect if you have a friend with you.

And that’s it! Try the JoyBus Premiere Class for your next Baguio trip and travel with luxury and try the Joy Bus booking for a hassle-free ride.

In case you’re looking for a Genesis online booking for the bus Manila to Baler bus, you can ride the Joybus Deluxe and do a Joy Bus booking from both I Want Seats and Pinoy Travel websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions about the JoyBus Premiere bus so I decided to put it all here. Hopefully, these will also answer your questions.

Do we have to reserve a ticket online or is a walk-in possible?

Walk-ins are allowed. But if you’re traveling on a holiday or a long weekend, it’s best to reserve your tickets online. I made the mistake of not booking a ticket ahead and I had to wait in line for hours!

Are there any NAIA to Baguio buses from JoyBus?

No there’s none. There’s only a Baguio to NAIA 3 route for JoyBus. The JoyBus parked at NAIA3 is only going to Clark and not Baguio. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot on taxi, you can take the shuttle bus at Terminal 3 going to MRT Pasay. Fare is at 20 pesos. The last bus stop is the terminal of JoyBus in Pasay. If you’re having a hard time locating the bus, just ask the guards. (Thanks Vince for sharing this info!)

When can we claim our tickets?

You can claim the tickets 1 to 2 hours before the departure time.

Is there any senior or student discount when booking online?

According to Genesis Transport, “To avail of the 20% discount, Senior Citizens, PWDs and Students must show their respective IDs. For students, please make sure that the school is within this current school year and you’re not taking Master’s or Doctorate degree. You will be needing to book first as a regular passenger then we’ll have the 20% discount refunded by the time you exchange the travel voucher for a boarding pass.”

How can I book online?

Here’s a step by step guide: JoyBus Premiere Class: How To Book The Genesis Bus Online

How long is the bus ride?

It’s usually 4 to 6 hours. But if your trip is from Cubao to Baguio scheduled at night, it’s 4 hours. If it’s from Pasay, you can expect a longer time since the bus still stops over at Cubao terminal.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Genesis Transport on Facebook messenger. They usually reply within a day.


Where to Stay in Baguio

Looking for a place to stay in Baguio? Have you already booked your accommodation in Baguio? If not, here are some that you can book:




Here are also some accommodations for a great place to stay in Baguio that I’d recommend booking:

If you’re planning on booking a place to stay in Baguio via Airbnb. Here’s a P2,200 discount on your first booking when you sign up on Airbnb.

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63 thoughts on “JoyBus Premiere Class (Updated 2023 Schedules, Terminals & How To Book)”

  1. Wow! This is quite an upgrade from the traditional buses for long travels we have today. My family is excited to try this. We love going to Baguio. 🙂

  2. Thanks Johanes for this blog, information you have given are super helpful since it’s the first time I’m taking my husband with our children to Baguio City of Pines for Christmas this year 🙂

    1. Hi! Me and my wife is going to Baguio this Thutsday, June 6. I want to experience this Joybus. I just want to ask if there are parking spaces available in the Pasay terminal since we will be taking our car to Pasay. Thank you for your very informative blog.

      1. Florentino V. Lee

        Hi Johanes! May this note reach you in the best line of health.Our plane arrives at NAIA
        terminal 3, at 10:30 PM, March 25, 2019. JoyBus Premier De Luxe pick passenger at NAIA Terminal 1.What shall I book 1:30 AM or 3:30 AM? I don’t know what time we can checkout and how will I book? Am Senior 79 yrs. old. What shall I book on what time? Your response will surely be appreciated. Salamat po,
        Tito Tino (Florentino V. Lee)

  3. Thanks Johanes! This is so informative. Just made a reservation online via PinoyTravel. It is so convenient. I will be travelling this August 24, 2018. 🙂

  4. A good choice but stewardess not so helpful unlike victory liner de luxe.
    Should go around the bus more often and check comfort room if clean. Victory Liner have really clean comfort rooms on board

  5. Hi! I was wondering if you knew the difference between the location of the Joybus Pasay and “new” Pasay terminals? I’m planning to book via iWantSeats but there are the Pasay and the “new” Pasay options and I’m not sure which is which or if they are the same one. Also, can you confirm the length of the trip say, if the trip starts from Pasay at 03:30? Thanks a lot! Love your blog!

    1. Hi Faye, I don’t know what or where the ‘new’ Pasay terminal is. Sorry about that. If your trip starts from Pasay, it’ll be around 5 hours since the bus still stops at the Cubao terminal for a few minutes.

    1. Hi Diane, mukha wala silang discount for students/Senior Citizens if mag online ka.. Better, doon ka na mismo sa office ng JoyBus or call them first on their office before going there just to make sure lang.

    2. Hi Diane,

      As per Pinoy Travel
      “DISCOUNTS (20%) for Senior Citizen and PWD are reimbursed in cash at the bus terminal upon check in. Present relevant and valid ID. The bus company reserves the right to refuse issuance of the discount if in their judgement you are not a senior citizen or PWD, or not the person indicated in the valid ID

  6. Hi! Please advise how early we are supposed to arrive at the terminal. I know we have to claim our ticket. Do you know if we can claim it the day before the trip? Thanks

  7. Hi,
    Can we choose the seat number po thru online? Or pagdating namin dun lng kami makakapili ng upuan first come first serve? Lima kasi kami 3 senior. Salamat po sa sagot. December 26 po ang departure nmin.

  8. Seems like there is no working contact number for Joy bus or genesis for inquiry, tried calling all the numbers posted, one number is ringing but no one is answering while the rest of the numbers could not be contacted. If you book online Pasay to Baguio, can you board the Joy bus parked at NAIA terminal 3 using the ticket booked online.

    1. From what I know, I don’t think you can. You have to go to their Pasay terminal (it’s the nearest to the airport). But I’ll have to check this with Genesis. Thanks for asking.

      1. Thanks for the info Johan. This is very helpful. For those travelling with tight budget from outside manila through NAIA T3 and who are heading to Baguio. You can take the shuttle bus at T3 going to Baclaran, MRT Pasay which will cost you 20 pesos only (Taxi is around 100-150). The bus last stop is at the parking area of Joy Bus terminal in Pasay. Ask the guards if you are having difficulty locating the bus at T3.

  9. Hello Johanes,

    Do you have info if this same JoyBus (Genesis) will be operating the new P2P Bus route NAIA/PITX to Baguio? Otherwise alin kayang bus company ang mag ooffer ng NAIA to Baguio?

  10. Florentino V. Lee

    Dear Johanes,
    Does JoyBus Premier De Luxe pick up passenger at NAIA1 going to Baguio at 12:00 Midnight Or we have to go to Pasay Joybus Terminal for booking? Salamt, Tito Tino

      1. Hi! Mam.. tanong ko lang po ano oras byahe bus pasay to baguio kasi po dating ko sa airport terminal 3 1:30pm pa tanong kulang po ano oras sa hapon mka abot ako byahe punta baguio po, salamat

    1. Jacqueline keil

      Hiwhat time po alis ng joyride bus premier sa cubao is there tel no. Need po pa ba mg pareserve 2 po kc kmi ty po

  11. Hi, parang maganda po ito pero, I would prefer a bus with a little stop over just to stretch my legs haha. May bus po bang may stop over from manila to baguio?

  12. Pingback: Baguio City DIY 2020 (Budget + Travel Guide) - Joan's Footprints

  13. Rezelle Kate Golocan

    Hello Ms. Johanes ,ask ko lang po about sa pets if pwede ba? or may separate schedule para sa kanila? Thank You :).

  14. Hello! Would you know po if TPLEX ang daan ni Joybus Premiere? Nagcocompare kasi kami ng fare with victory and the difference of the fare is quite large (700+ vs 900)? Baka kasi Si victory nadaan sa tplex tapos si joy is sctex lang. Thank you!

  15. Stephen Villacastin

    Hi. Is Joybus still in operation?
    Their scheduled trips to Baguio disappeared in after the 10pm-5am window of operation was implemented.
    I also checked Pinoy Travel and all scheduled trips to Baguio are closed.
    I am planning of going to Baguio this May 2022, but I am unable to book to Joybus.

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