Travel Hack: Leave Your Bags Here and Wander Around Manila While Waiting For Your Trip in the Pasay Victory Bus Terminal

Victory Pasay

Going to Baguio with tons of baggage?

It’s 8 am and you go to the Victor Liner in Pasay to buy a ticket.

Pasay Victory Bus Terminal

But to your luck, the only available trips are from 1 pm onwards.

So you ask yourself, ‘What am I going to do while waiting?’

You want to go around Manila but you have a lot of baggage. This can be a real problem when your next trip is still 3 to 6 hours away and you get bored easily.

Victory Pasay

Grand Prix Hotels and Resorts

The good news is that the hotel near the Victory Terminal allows people to leave their bags inside the hotel property for a fee. But is it safe? Definitely, yes!

My sister has been leaving her bags there every time she travels back to Baguio and needs some time to eat breakfast or buy some stuff from the mall. Just don’t leave your valuables. Have a small bag where you can put your gadgets and wallets. And bring this bag with you.

Victory Pasay

Any questions?

Here are some answers.

How much will I pay?

You’ll only have to pay P200. The price is fixed which means no matter how many bags you have, you’ll only pay P200.

Victory Pasay

Until when can I leave the bag?

You can leave the bags until 12 midnight of the same day.

Grand Prix Hotels and Resorts, where’s that?

It’s just in front of the Victory Bus in Pasay Terminal.

Victory Pasay

How do I claim my bags?

Just present the luggage tag slip that was given to you when you paid.

The hotel has made it easier for you to go around Manila to pass the time. You don’t have to be bored sitting for hours in the bus terminal while waiting for your departure time.

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