16 Eco-Friendly Travel Products for the Earth-Loving You


Want to try something for a change? Why not change your stuff into eco-friendly travel products and make a huge impact?

Traveling is fun. You get to see great places, experience different cultures, and interact with people of all races. But, we’re so focused on the bright side of traveling that we are ignoring the negative impact it brings to the environment.

Think of all the things you packed and used during your travels – plastic bottles, plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, plastic straws, and that one-use toothbrush they offer at hotels. Now, multiply that with the millions of tourists and travelers trotting around the world. Think of how much garbage they collectively produce. Not so fun now is it?

Luckily, companies are making innovative products from natural and sustainable materials.  It’s great to know that most of the things you pack can be easily replaced with eco-friendly alternatives. We have listed below some eco-friendly products that you can use and at the same time for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Solar Power Bank

Instead of plugging in your device, why not use a solar-powered battery. This will be perfect for your hiking and trekking adventures. You won’t worry anymore when your phone runs out of battery when you are on the road.

Solar-Powered Lantern

This is another solar-powered device that is surely useful for your camping travels. Charging this solar-powered lantern throughout the day will give you at least 7 hours of illumination during the night.


Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes last longer than their plastic counterpart. Compared to the plastic ones which you need to change every 3 months as recommended, bamboo toothbrushes can last up to six months. You not only help reduce plastic wastes; you will also save hundreds of pesos in the long run.

Organic Sunscreen

Did you know that commercial sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to the ocean and sea animals? So why not protect yourself from the harmful UV rays and at the same time the sea animals with an all-natural sunscreen.

Menstrual Cup

Just think of how much trash is produced with the use of tampons and sanitary napkins, not to mention the bleach and other harmful substances they contain. With a menstrual cup, you reduce trash and you will never worry about running out of tampons while you are on the road. They’re also cheaper in the long run.


Traveling is no clean task. You will constantly encounter dust on the road and some occasional hay fever. Hankies come handy during these situations, bringing relief to your nose and also saving you from disposable napkins and tissues.

Laundry Bag

This organic and eco-friendly laundry bag is a great packing accessory. It is durable so it’s perfect for long term use. You won’t need to use disposable zip locks or plastic bags anymore to keep your dirty laundry during your travels.

Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bar does not contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair, and it will last you up to 60 washes. Some shampoo bars come with their reusable tin can containers making them easier to transport and perfect for travel.

Travel Tools

Recycled Umbrella

It’s not easy to keep track of the weather during travel. So why not be a boy scout and be always ready with this recycled umbrella. You will save yourself from the rain and heat of the sun and at the same time support the recycling industry.

Cloth Bags

If you’re one that visits the local shops frequently during your travels, then this is a must-have for you. Not all shops around the world have adopted the no plastic policy and some even charge for the use of one. A reusable cloth bag is certainly a better option during your shopping spree.

Collapsible Food Storage

You won’t need to use plastic bags or styrofoam containers anymore for takeaways with this food storage. This is a collapsible food storage so it will be convenient for you to pack on your travels.

Reusable Snack Bag

This is very useful for those who prepare their own snacks during travels. A reusable snack bag would be perfect for your camp trail in lieu of a zip bag. Wegreeco offers such with their set of three quality sandwich and snack bags. You get to enjoy your snacks and also lessen the use of plastic wrappers that will go to the landfill.

Reusable Water Bottle

Say goodbye to plastic bottles with this reusable water bottle. This really is a must-have for every traveler. The cost of drinkable water is really pricey especially in touristy areas so this will be a penny saver. Some areas also have drinkable tap water so a reusable water bottle will always come in handy.

Reusable Cutlery

Ditch plastic utensils and plastic straws forever and use a reusable bamboo cutlery set. Bringing your own cutlery set will save you from using plastic straws and ensure that you are using a clean spoon and fork. The bamboo cutlery sets are of good quality and durable so they can last you a while.

Reusable Coffee Cup

If you are an avid coffee drinker like, then a reusable coffee cup is a must for you. Think of all the plastic cups or Styrofoam cups you have used during your commute to the coffee shop. You can reduce that, drastically, with a reusable coffee cup. Worry not of getting rejected as most coffee shops like Starbucks have started allowing its customers to use their own refillable cups.

Eco-friendly Swimwear


Heading for the beach? An eco-friendly swimwear is just for you. Swimwear made from recycled materials will be just as comfortable as it’s a commercial counterpart. The Tropics is a clothing company that transforms recycled bottles into an amazing fiber. The company collects the bottles during their beach cleanups and process them into stylish trunks and bikini.

These are just some of the innovative sustainable travel products you can choose from. Going green is no simple task but if you stick to it, the benefits you will reap will not only be for the environment but for you, financially, in the long run.

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