Villa Severiano

Villa Severiano Resort: Why It’s Perfect for All Types of Events

Villa Severiano Resort
IMAGE | Villa Severiano Resort Facebook

For our Christmas party,  our clerk booked Villa Severiano Resort for an overnight stay.  Our group was composed of more than 60 people, and the resort was able to accommodate all of us. I admit I wasn’t in the mood for an overnight stay.  All I wanted was to eat the desserts,  open my Christmas present,  go home and snore.

Villa Severiano Resort

But when I entered the resort premises, all of that changed. I was beyond speechless. All I wanted then was to go relax and enjoy the resort in front of me. The first thing I did was take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. The place had fairy lights and Christmas lights set up all around, and it looked wonderful and stunning.

There were swings on one side and some vines on the other end which added to the fairy tale like look of the place.


The resort has two pools; one is rectangular with a depth that ranges from 4 to 7 ft. On the other hand,  the circular pool is good for kids as it is shallow. There are cottages around the poll,  a billiard hall,  a pavilion and a gazebo.

The four rooms are located on the second floor.  Each room has two double decks. A shower area,  comfort room, and a kitchen are located on the side.

During the party,  my friends and I decided to go for a swim.  Bad idea.  The water was freezing cold! Haha.  It’s December,  after all. We took a dip for only a few minutes then left to shower and get ready for bed.

Villa Severiano is an ideal resort to hold events and parties. Its wide area is an excellent location to create memories to remember.

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Villa Severiano is a resort hidden in San Pablo, Santo Tomas, Batangas.  To get there,  ride a bus which is headed to Lucena on the Cubao and Buendia bus terminals. Ask the driver to drop you off at the San Pablo Santo Tomas Elementary School which is at the next barangay after the Padre Pio Jollibee. From there, follow the path going inside and walk for 3 minutes going to the resort.

If you’re bringing a car,  follow the road by the elementary school.  There is a wide parking area at the resort.

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For day events with catering,  the booking price is around 10,000 pesos while overnight events range around 13,000 pesos.  Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Be sure to contact the resort first for the rates and prices.

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IMAGE | Villa Severiano Facebook

Mobile Number: 09182593008 / 09222073398.
Villa Severiano Resort Facebook

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