Villa Jovita Resort Travel Guide: The Bali of Batangas

Villa Jovita

Flocked by tourists for its relaxing ambiance and riverside pools, now Villa Jovita will give you more reasons to visit.

Villa Jovita has taken the social media by storm with their non-chlorinated swimming pools. A dip in one of their pools will make you feel refreshed especially with all the bamboos and the view of the river nearby. It’s nature at its best. The resort is the best place to go to make your worries go away and feel better.

Now, Villa Jovita is going viral because of their Bali inspired set. With all the beauty surrounding the resort, you’ll feel like you’re in Bali. Yup. You read that right. Bali right in Batangas. It’s just 2 to 3 hours away from Manila.

Villa Jovita: Bali of the South

This September the resort opens its Bali inspired corner to everyone.

There’s no need to fly to Bali to get an instagrammable photo. In fact, Villa Jovita did a pretty great job at creating this Bali corner. Anyone who sees your photo would think you really did go to Bali. When I went there, we were joking about ‘checking in’ at Bali when we post our photos on Facebook. Haha.

Just look at these photos.

Villa Jovita
Villa Jovita
Villa Jovita

The resorts Bali inspired corner more than exceeded my expectations. It’s like getting transported to a magical place that you never want to leave from.

At first, the swing might look a bit daunting, but the moment you’re up in the air, you’d wish it went on and on and on. The view is beautiful and combined with the fresh air hitting your face, it all feels amazing!

If it were up to me, I’d rent the nest for the night and sleep there. Hahaha. It’s just so cute and well made, you’ll want to take a gazillion photos.

I’d love to come back here. It’s like my small happy place. *insert smiley

When I went to the resort, there was only another group and me. Needless to say, I had tons of fun walking around the resort and swimming.

The staffs were very accommodating, and I even had the chance to meet Miss Mariza, the resort owner. She was very friendly and kind in assisting me with the Bali inspired corner of the resort. And since I was all alone, she was the one who took these awesome photos of myself.

I’m forever thankful Miss Mariza.


Aside from the Bali inspired corner, the resort has five natural pools. The deepest is at 5ft. There’s also a recently built pool which has a slide. If you’re a group, there are tables and cottages for rent for the day. There are also shower areas and toilets in the resort so be sure to bring your shampoos, towels, and soaps.

Villa Jovita
Villa Jovita
Villa Jovita
Villa Jovita

That stuff floating on the pools are leaves and petals from the nearby plants.

Villa Jovita Rooms And Cottages

The resort has a bahay kubo equipped with a fan. It can accommodate up to ten persons.

There’s also a couples room with an air conditioner and a barkada or family room with three double beds.

If you want to be more adventurous, they offer camping tent accommodations ideally for two persons but can fit four persons.

Villa Jovita
Villa Jovita
Villa Jovita

Villa Jovita Resort Rates

Interested? Here are the Villa Jovita room rates.

Villa Jovita Room Rates

  • (exclusive of entrance fee and discounted Bali Inspired corner ticket for checked in guests)
  • Entrance fee: 150 ALL pools
  • Bali inspired corner: 150 instead of 250

Couple Room (2 persons) 3,000 

  • FREE breakfast for 2
  • FREE access to ALL pools
  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)

Big Room A with Own Bathroom 3,800 (6-8 persons) 

  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Separate Entrance Fee (150- access to ALL Pools)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Big Room B Shared Bathroom 3,500 (6-8 persons) 

  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Separate Entrance Fee (150- access to ALL Pools)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Nipa Hut Accom A (Fan) 2,000

  • Common Bathroom (2 persons)
  • FREE access to Riverside Pools
  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Nipa Hut Accom B (Fan) 2,500

  • Common Bathroom (3-5 persons)
  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Separate Entrance Fee (150- access to ALL Pools)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Tent Accommodation (2-3 persons) 1200

  • with pillows and beddings
  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Separate Entrance Fee (150- access to ALL Pools)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Breakfast (upon request): 90 pesos per meal


Batangas Swing and Nests: 250 pesos

  • Inclusions: free swimming in riverside pools only from Monday to Friday. (This is a promo only until further notice. )

There’s a separate entrance fee for the pools during weekends:100 pesos for the riverside pools and 150 pesos for access to all pools

Batangas Swing and Nests without swimming: still at 250 pesos

For swimming only

  • Daytour: spring water pools only is at 100 pesos while access to all pools is at 150 pesos
  • Night tour: spring water pools 130 pesos and all pools at 180 pesos

Note: tables and cottages are rented separately.

  • Tables: 500-600 pesos (good for 10-12 persons)
  • Open Huts: 1000-1200 pesos (good for 10-12)

How To Get There

Via Commute

From Manila

  • Ride a bus heading to Lemery and ask the driver to drop you off at Xentro Mall. Travel time is around 2-3 hours.
  • From here, you can either ride a jeep heading to Agoncillo or ride a tricycle to Villa Jovita Resort. The jeepney fare is 10 pesos while the tricycle is around 60 pesos (good for 3-4 persons).

Via Private Car

If you’re driving, simply use waze to find the resort. The resort is located at Brgy Santa Cruz, Agoncillo, Batangas.

Tips and Reminders

  • Bring your own food before going to the resort. There’s no restaurant there.
  • After going to Villa Jovita, you can opt to visit Taal Heritage Town which is just a few minutes away. You can either ride a tricycle or a jeepney heading to Lipa and drop off here. Taal Heritage Town is the so-called ‘Vigan of the South’ with its abundance of ancestral houses lining the streets. You will also see here the biggest cathedral church in Asia. And if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, check out Cafe G. It’s a pretty cute cafe – definitely instagrammable!
  • Reserve your room before going.
  • It’s best to visit during the weekdays to avoid the crowd.


To reserve, down payment is required: 500 pesos per room

You can contact Villa Jovita for more details:

Note: Villa Jovita only answers calls and inquiries from 8 am to 5 pm only.

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  1. Been there last October. Bali inspired setting is perfect! Instagram worthy and the whole place is just amazing. Gonna blog about Villa Jovita soon. I like your blog cheers ?

  2. Do they follow strict COVID-19 safety protocols? I asked for Holy Week measures (since it might get crowded) but the FB page doesn’t seem to elaborate about their rules. How’s your experience on safety measures? Thanks!

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