I was 21 years old Engineering student in May 2016, when a company came to our school looking for future employees. My friends and I went, took a few exams, had an interview and in just a few hours was told I had a job waiting for me in Batangas.

Yup, I was hired. We were hired. Needless to say, we were ecstatic. Since we still wanted to take the board exam in October 2016, the company allowed us to do our review and take the exam first. By October, I was an official ECE Engineer! Wohooo! I now have a valid ID.

Since we were already hired in May, we only had to sign the contract to start working fully. On November 7, 2016, my friends and I were now working in Batangas. But what made me say yes to the job? Was it the salary?

No, I was receiving less than 15k a month.

It was Batangas in itself that made me say yes. Before going to Batangas, I googled the place and found a lot of beaches and tourist spots. Growing up in the mountains, I’ve always wanted to live in an area where the beach was only a few minutes away.

But to my dismay, the beach was two hours away. Despite that, my stay in Batangas consisted of frequent trips to the beach and a few more adventures in Laguna.

Here are some of the places worth checking out in Batangas and its surrounding areas that I was able to visit. All of these are just 2 to 3 hours away from Manila, and they’re pretty cheap too.

Must Visit Places in Batangas That Are Only A Few Hours Away From Manila

Masasa beach accommodation

Masasa Beach

Why Visit: Its surrounding waters are full of marine life. You’ll see here pawikans, too.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/masasa-beach-camping-paradise/

Binukbok View Point Resort

Binukbok View Point

Why Visit: This place is a snorkeling paradise. It’s famous for its talakitok run (schools of jack fishes).
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/binukbok-view-point-resort/

Mini-Falls in Bato Springs Resort
Mini-Falls in Bato Springs Resort

Bato Springs Resort

Why Visit: During summer, you’ll want to cool down. This is the perfect place to do so. Its waters are refreshingly cool, and its man-made waterfalls is a real treat.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/bato-springs-resort-laguna/


Mt. Maculot

Why Visit: If you want to take a closer look at the Taal Lake, Mt. Maculot is the way to go.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/mt-maculot-rockies-summit-grotto/

Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Why Visit: There are no fancy amenities in Manuel Uy. You only have the beach and the sea making it every beach camper’s dream.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/manuel-uy-beach-resort/

Tall Heritage Town Post Cards
Tall Heritage Town Post Cards

Taal Heritage Town

Why Visit: Is Vigan too far? Taal Heritage Town is just an hour away from Manila, and it’s full of ancestral houses.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/taal-heritage-town-vigan-south/

Villavicencio Wedding Gift House Sala
Villavicencio Wedding Gift House Sala

Taal Villavicencio Wedding Gift House

Why Visit: As one of the most beautiful ancestral house in Taal, this place is a must visit. It boasts of Victorian-era designs, too.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/taal-villavicencio-wedding-gift-house/

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

Why Visit: If you love the outdoors, No Limits KFB Farm Resort offers wide open spaces for you to run, play and trek. They even provide fresh eggs and fruits for free!
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/no-limits-kfb-farm-resort/

Enjoying the Beach at One Laiya

One Laiya Beach Resort

Why Visit: For an affordable beach resort in Laiya, don’t forget One Laiya Beach Resort.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/one-laiya-beach-resort/

La Virginia Resort

La Virginia Resort

Why Visit: Just like a theme park but with tons of pools, La Virginia Resort will bring out the kid in you.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/la-virginia-resort-kids-heart/

Beach Camp Batangas

Batangas Beach Camping Spots

Why Visit: Love camping? You’ll love this list.
Travel Guide: https://wanderera.com/beach-camp-in-batangas/

With all of these places in Batangas, there are still tons of places that I still have to visit and travel to. I even created a list. The ones mentioned above are just 25 percent of what I’ve written down. I think any person who’d go to Batangas would also fall in love not only with their tourist spots but with the people, too.

After staying there for more than a year, people now ask me if I’m from Batangas because of my accent whenever I speak in Tagalog. Not to mention, the ‘eh’ at the end of every sentence. Haha.
And when I’m in Batangas, I revert to speaking like a Batangueno changing some words:

  • From dito to dine
  • From ito to are
  • From ba to ga
  • From market to palengke (haha!)

The last part was one of the hardest parts for me since we, people from the highlands, prefer to use some English words.

All in all, staying in Batangas is one of my greatest experiences.

amazing locals, I found myself falling in love with this place.

If you’ve read my About Me page, you probably already know that I used to work in Batangas. I hail from the Cordillera mountains – Benguet to be exact. When you think about the distance between the two provinces, you’d be asking me what most people ask ‘Why go there?’. Why, indeed.

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