Famous for being an ideal place for beach camping, Manuel Uy Beach Resort offers an excellent place for those who want to rough it out.

Located in the humble town of Calatagan, Batangas, Manuel Uy is a small paradise for the weekend.

Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Upon reaching the Manuel Uy Beach Resort, we passed by a bamboo bridge to go to the beach.
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manuel uy beach

Bridge by the Beach

The beach resort doesn’t have any cottages or kubos; the only accommodation is camping. You can bring your own tents or rent one for 500 pesos suitable for 4 to 5 persons.
manuel uy beach

Tent Pitching

The beach’s sand is not white, but it is somewhat mocha in color. Too bad we went there during Habagat Season. There were a lot of seaweeds, but caretakers clean these up. As I was told, the beach is clean during the Amihan Season.
manuel uy beach

Seaweeds by the Beach

Manuel Uy Beach

Manuel Uy Beach

The water isn’t crystal clear.  The beach’s water is only up until chest level during high tide and can be as dry as a desert during low tide.
High Tide in Manuel Uy Beach Resort

High Tide in Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Low Tide in Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Low Tide in Manuel Uy Beach Resort

How To Get There

From Manila Ride a van or a Celyrosa bus in Pasay going to Calatagan. Van costs 180 while the bus costs 160 pesos. Travel time is 2 to 3 hours. Last stop will be in Calatagan Market.
From here, hail a tricycle going to the Manuel Uy Beach Resort for 200 pesos. This is good for 4 to 5 persons. Travel time is around 15 minutes.
The ride to the beach offers a breathtaking view of ranches, mango trees and lots of cows. Last trip back to Manila from Calatagan is at 4 PM.
manuel uy beach

Road to Manuel Uy

manuel uy beach

Entrance to Manuel Uy


There are only limited water activities here but here is a list of what you can do.


As what I have mentioned a while ago, tent pitching is the only way to go about Manuel Uy beach resort. Camp on the beach and wake up to the most glorious sunrise.
Beach Camping

Beach Camping


It’s a beach. Go and swim. The water is a bit cold, and the sea air is fresh. I stayed out too long by the water, and it was so cold.


Rent a boat for 200 per hour and a snorkeling gear if you don’t have one for 50 pesos per person. There are two snorkeling locations. First is near the Manuel Uy Beach Resort but we couldn’t go because the water was murky. The other location is near the Calatagan lighthouse. If you were to choose this site, back and forth is more than an hour, so you would have to pay for two hours.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping includes Starfish Island & Sandbar, but because of the strong waves, we were only able to go to the Sandbar. Going to the sandbar requires renting a boat for 200 pesos per hour. Despite not being able to go to the starfish island, there was a lot of starfish in the sandbar. Also, there were crabs, urchins, and seashells.
manuel uy beach

Off to the Sandbar

manuel uy beach

Sandbar Starfishes

manuel uy beach


Beach Volleyball

Play beach volleyball. I’m not sure if there is a ball for rent, but we brought our own ball when we went to the beach.
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manuel uy beach

Beach Volleyball

Build Sand Cakes

Be it sand cakes, sand dragons or sand castles, build them. It was tons of fun creating our friends’ birthday sand cake. Since there were three birthday celebrants in the group, we made a massive cake for them. Those surrounding the cake are supposed to be cupcakes.
manuel uy beach

Sand Cake

Bury a Friend

Bury your friend/friends at the beach. Be creative. Turn them into sand monsters.
manuel uy beach

Turning Friends into Sand Monsters

Collect Seashells

There are beautiful seashells scattered around the beach. Collect them as souvenirs.
manuel uy beach

Seashell Collection

Beach Bumming

Laze around the beach. Get that tan. Enjoy and relax.
manuel uy beach

Beach Bums

Photo Ops
Take the pic. Change your profile pic.
manuel uy beach

The Lifeguard’s Spot as Taken during Low Tide

Check out the nearby resort, Stilts Calatagan and take a selfie by the floating cottages. READWhy You Should Date A Camper
stilts calatagan

Stilts Calatagan Floating Cottages

Fees and Rates

-Environmental Fee P30 -Overnight P100 -Day Tour P50 -Tent Pitching P50/ Tent -Phone Charging P20 -Island Hopping P200/hour -Snorkeling P200/hr -Snorkeling Gear Rent P50/person -Grill for Rent P30 -Tarpaulin for Rent P100 -Table for Rent P300 They have comfort rooms where a fee is collected. -Bathing P20 -Urinating P5 -Taking a Dump P10

Sample Itinerary

Day One
4:00 ETD Manila
7:00 ETA Calatagan Market
7:30 ETA Manuel Uy Beach Resort / Set up Camp
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Swimming
11:00 Prepare Lunch
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Snorkeling/ Island Hopping
15:00 Back to Camp
*If you’re only on a day tour, prepare, pack up and ride the tricycle back to the bus terminal. Afterwards, travel back to Manila. For overnight, keep reading.
15:30 Wandering Around / Photo Ops
17:00 Prepare Dinner
18:00 Dinner
18:30 Socials
Day Two
5:30 Wake Up /Watch the Sunrise
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Swimming
10:00 Prepare and Pack Up
11:00 Ride the Tricycle Back to Calatagan Market
11:30 Ride a bus back to Manila

Budget Breakdown

-Manila to Calatagan P180 -Calatagan to Manuel Uy Beach Resort Tricycle P200/4 = P50 -Environmental Fee P30 -Overnight Fee P100 -Tent Pitching P150/ 8 = P18.75 -Island Hopping P200 -Ihawan P30 -Phone Charging P20 -Bath P10 -Food P200 -Manuel Uy Beach Resort to Calatagan Market P200/4 = P50 -Calatagan to Manila P180 Total: P969

Tips and Reminders

  1. Bring your trash with you. Help keep the beach clean. Don’t litter.
  2. You can bring a rice cooker for easier cooking. Bring the equipment to the charging station. Pay the 50 pesos fee.
  3. There are only specific areas with lights. Pitch your tent near these areas, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of light during night-time.
  4. Swimming is only from 6 am to 6 pm.
  5. I highly recommend you to visit the place during Amihan season to avoid the seaweeds scattered around the beach.
  6. Bonfire is not allowed.
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