Binukbok View Point Resort, Batangas: Snorkeling Travel Guide

Binukbok View Point Resort

Do you want to go on a stress-free vacation away from the crowd and the hustle and bustle of the city?

Would you like to go to a pristine location where there is nothing but the sea and a lot of love for it? Then, set your sights and set your schedule because Wander Era has a great adventure for you!

Binukbok View Point Resort

Welcome to Binukbok View Point Resort, a mere three hours trip from Manila.

Binukbok View Point Resort

How To Get There

From Manila

  • Ride the DLTB bus in Buendia going to Lemery. The fare is around 167 pesos.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at Xentromall in Lemery. Once there, you can ride a tricycle going to the market if you still need to buy some ingredients. The place sells all sorts of fishes. I even saw a pretty big tuna fish.
  • Get a few groceries done before going any further (We will talk about that later.) After you have marketed your meals, hire a tricycle and ask them to take you to Binukbok parking lot in Balite, San Luis. The fare is P100.
  • Note: If you took the tricycle from Xentromall, the fare is around P150 (good for four persons).
  • This will take you directly to a parking space where a boat will come pick you up and drop you off at your final destination.

From SM Lipa

  • If you’re near Lipa, just ride a jeep heading to Lemery. There you can enjoy the department store and rest for a bit while you are waiting for the jeep going to Lemery. The jeep will start its trip once its full so my boyfriend and I had to wait for an hour.
  • When on route to Lemery, it is important you ask for the driver to drop you off in the market in Lemery so you can buy a few stuff before proceeding to Binukbok parking lot.
  • After buying all that you need, ride a tricycle going to Binukbok parking lot in Balite, San Luis for P100. Wait for the boat going to the resort here. Fare is already included in the accommodation fee.


Binukbok is popular for its pristine and well-preserved coral reefs, it is a wonderful destination for avid snorkelers like us since it is filled with life! Never have we experienced dazzling, lively and bright colored corals inhabited with playful fishes that are not scared of your presence.

Yeah. The snorkeling experience we had in Masasa couldn’t compare to Binubok. All the fishes were so close. (I guess this is partly due to the tourism activity of feeding fishes. Recently, this was stopped due to some reasons.)

Binukbok View Point Resort
Binukbok View Point Resort

Binukbok also offers scuba diving lessons and a wonderful staff that would pamper you to no extent. One unsung charm of this place is the homey aura that the staff exudes ever so willingly, talking to them as you cook dishes is a great stress reliever on its own!

If you are staying for the night, the staff will make sure you get the best good nights rest beside the waves by preparing a tent and all the amenities that they could put in it.

Binukbok View Point Resort
Binukbok View Point Resort
Binukbok View Point Resort
Binukbok View Point Resort
Binukbok View Point Resort
Binukbok View Point Resort
Binukbok View Point Resort


Semi Glamping Tent

Accommodation is fairly cheap since they offer the semi glamping tent for a P1000 per night on a per person basis. This comes with a waterproof tent, and your standard bedding set up which is a foam, pillows, and blanket. Plus, nothing beats waking up to the crashing waves so the price is really a bang for your buck.

Binukbok View Point Resort

Now, you have come this way already. That means you are more than interested and you want to go! But before you strap on your bag and make your plans it is best you read this part and remember it.

Tips and Reminders

Let’s start off with the reminders.

  • Always follow the guidelines – there are a lot of posters and tarpaulins about the dos and don’ts in this place. One of which is a rule which states that you should not disturb the ecosystem. Dragging gears forcefully touching fishes, and even stepping on the coral is a bino-nono. So, before you go and enjoy the lovely sea, it is best you equip yourself and read the reminders which are posted in bold and placed in hard to miss places.
  • Stepping in the nearby resorts – Binukbok is a resort that is fairly new and around it are a few others that are doing the same business as them. Hence, stepping on their side of the beach actually has fines, so be careful with that when plotting your return.
  • Ensuring your safety – Be more careful when you are snorkeling. You are responsible for your own safety and not the resort. Equip yourself with a lifevest if you know you can’t swim properly. You can also rent some floaters and snorkeling gears.
  • Best time to go– Yes, this should not be a reminder but I am just going to put this here as a bonus. Going there on a rainy season is a no go since the waves are a bit unstable and there is not that much window where you are safe to go to the sea. Add to that the murky and foggy waters that hinder you from the ultimate experience.
Binukbok View Point Resort

Now, moving on to the tips that will make the experience even better!

Buy your own snorkeling gear – If you love the sea and oftentimes hire snorkeling gears, then this is an amazing time for you to go ahead and indulge in a snorkelling gear you can call your own. Investing in your own snorkeling gear will give you the ability to get used to the equipment and make your experience even more relieving.

This cuts off the time where you have to adjust to the angles and frames of the newly hired equipment Getting used to your own snorkeling gear saves you from painful water – eye contacts and drinking a boatload of saltwater as well.

We bought ours from Decathlon for only P1,100 pesos. It’s a bit pricey but you can save a lot in the future since you don’t need to keep hiring gears.

Buy all the things you need – When you are dropped off at the market, you need to buy everything. From salt to cooking oil, you have to list these things since nothing will be provided once you get there.

There is a mini store from the neighboring Bunker Dive Resort which only sells a few limited cup noodles.

Water shoes – When you have traveled to a couple of beaches for a few times already, then you would agree that beaches, how different they are, still have the same unshakeable problem. That is slippery stones and slippery everything. Injuring yourself or even falling near the rocky coves could result in a serious cut.

I have experienced a few cuts and bruises trekking molded rocks and to be honest they are the most stressful injuries you have to deal with. From suffering a boat bump to having a few stitches, investing in shoes that you can use underwater will save you from these kinds of injuries.

Binukbok is no different, they have a pier that is submerged in water for a long time, this is slippery and dangerous. So buy water shoes before you go to Binukbok or any beach for that matter. (We bought ours also in Decathlon for only P500.)

Book ahead and let the resort owners know if you’re near the Binukbok parking lot so the boat can pick you up.

Binukbok is a mystical place where you can indulge in the simple things that a small beachside community can offer. Whether it would be with your friends, family, significant other or even your own, you can all find that this place is an underwater rollercoaster.


Semi Glamping Tent – P1,000 per person per night


  • Unlimited snorkeling at the resort and fish sanctuary
  • 20 minute round trip pump-boat ride
  • Environmental Fee
  • Tent complete with beddings

Overnight Introduction To Diving for 2 – P6,500 for 2 persons


  • 20-minute roundtrip pump boat (resort – parking)
  • Environmental fee to the marine sanctuary
  • Cottage w /table 2-3 Person
  • Tent
  • Introduction to the diving course for 2 with equipment

One Day Tour w/ Unlimited Snorkelling – P880 per person


  • Unlimited snorkeling at the resort and fish sanctuary
  • 20 minute round trip pump-boat ride
  • Environmental fee
  • Mask, snorkel, & life Vest

Weekend Stay (Friday-Sunday) – P1800 per person


  • Tent accommodation 3 days and 2 nights
  • 20-min boat ride (roundtrip)
  • Environmental fee

Weekday Off Season Stay (June-September) – P880 per person


Weekday 2 days and 1-night tent accommodation during the off-season (based on 10 or more persons)

  • Boat transfer
  • Environmental Fee
  • Gears for Rent:
  • Snorkel – P150
  • Life Vest – P50


When we went to Binukbok, it was raining so we only saw a few fishes but the place is pretty famous for its school of jacks. Just look at this video.

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