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Why You Should Date A Camper

My boyfriend is a very honest man. Haha. I’m lucky to have him. He is the kind of person who doesn’t go out often, hisses at crowds and prefers cuddling in front of the TV screen lit room than under the stars. Honestly, I was supposed to make a “Why you should date a camper?” blog today but he somehow has a different perspective.

I asked him. “What qualities of a camper make you love me more?” He looked at me puzzled and proceeded to write.

Why You Should Date A Camper

Why, indeed? Here are a few reasons why you should….

date a camper

Campers are Adventurous

It’s a given, we love the outdoors. It’s our lifeline. Without a whiff of fresh air, we’d be zombies. Although my boyfriend gets sleepless nights thinking about my well being when I’m out camping with friends, he appreciates how he couldn’t stop experiencing new things every time he travels with me.

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date a camper

They are Resourceful

Campers come with the ability to think way out of the box! Come to think of it, looking for places to do number 2 is hard especially when you’re in a place with no toilets available.

Being resourceful and the skill to make do with what you have is streetwise talent campers pick up the longer they camp which can be used any place, anywhere, anytime.


They’re Good at Talking

On our trips together, my boyfriend rarely talks to other people. I do most of the talking. Being a camper means getting to know the locals and finding the right way to rub them right to get what you need.

I often talk to them to get information and directions, but mostly I enjoy talking to people, getting to know a little bit about themselves, like how is life living beside the ocean, how’s Janice’s school grades and who is Janice?


Campers Have a Bright Demeanor

Campers are happy people, they get to experience so much and get amazed at all the beautiful things they see. As campers, we tend to be more optimistic. It doesn’t help if you are too pessimistic when traveling.

If it rains, it’s time to do the rain dance and look out for the rainbow. Did you know that all it takes for camper to cheer up is a glimpse of the sunrise, sunset, and the stars?

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They’re Good at Bargaining

As a tourist, bargaining is another talent that campers must learn by hook or by crook.

True some would say that asking for bargains might hurt the locals, but if you’re paying 500 pesos for a 3-minute tricycle ride whilst the locals pay 30 pesos, you’ve got to think smart. I save a lot of money in the market and thrift shops because of this skill.


Campers Don’t Ask For Much

Be it that we have an insatiable thirst for adventure, we are humble with our spending, careful with our tents and happy with the canned food or salt and rice for breakfast.

Finer things are good but we prefer something easy and simple.

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They are Budget Friendly

From bargaining to only getting tomatoes, anchovies, and onions for a weekend trip, we’re geniuses when it comes to being thrifty with money. We plan our itineraries, make sure the prices are right and get cash for everything on the get-go.

We prefer a climb and a tent followed by a bonfire with roughly cooked pork over fancy dining. When you’re dating a camper, you don’t have to spend much to impress the other party.

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In Conclusion..

So there you have it! A list of qualities that an average camper has. In a nutshell, when you’re dating a camper, you’re lucky. Again, these do not mean that you should abandon the lady or man of your dreams because she/he does not have the qualities nor is this blog meant to throw some shade over other noncamping folks.

Because when it comes to love, it isn’t about what she does, how he moves and how he or she or her or him or whichever way you swing. The thing about love is all about how YOU feel.

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