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Valentino Resort and Spa: Review And Travel Guide

Are you craving for some place that’s relaxing and surrounded by nature? Look no further than Valentino Resort and Spa! It’s the resort you’ve always been looking for.

In today’s time and age, it’s quite rare to find a resort that’s surrounded by greeneries. Growing up in Benguet, I’ve been accustomed to seeing green plants but I wasn’t prepared to see swimming pools right beside trees and ferns. It’s a sight to see in Valentino Resort and Spa.

If you are looking for a resort in Batangas for a day trip or an overnight stay, try Valentino Resort and Spa.

valentino resort and spa

About Valentino Resort and Spa

Valentino Resort and Spa is located at Brgy. San Jose, a few minutes before Mt. Maculot if you’re coming from Manila. It was created from the simple thought of combining a health spa and a luxurious resort of international standards so you might as well prepare yourself to be wowed!

valentino resort and spa

Entrance Fee

  • Monday to Thursday – P175 (Kids) and P275 (Adults)
  • Friday to Sunday (And Holidays) – P200 (Kids) and P300 (Adults)



  • P26,000 per 5 hours (100 to 250 guests),
  • P1,500 per succeeding hour
  • Corkage fee is P5,000

Patron Sports Center

  • Non-airconditioned P45,000 per 4 hours (300 to 600 guests)
  • Airconditioned P55,000 per 4 hours (300 to 600 guests)
  • Corkage fee is P5,000

Function Hall

  •  80 pax – P10,000 per 6 hours
  • 50 pax – P5,000 per 6 hours

Conference Hall

  •  Half – P5,000 per 6 hours (40 guests)
  • Whole – P10,000 per 6 hours (80 guests)

KTV Package

  • P3,000 per 3 hours
  • P1,000 for consumable food and drinks
  • P1,000 per succeeding hour

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We arrived at Valentino Resort and Spa around noontime on a weekday. We were expecting to have the resort all to ourselves and true enough, we did!

Our cabana was just right in front of the pool and it was pretty awesome! We quickly changed and started swimming. The plants and trees around the swimming pool made the experience all the more relaxing.

However, because of this, do expect the pool to have leaves scattered all throughout. There are staffs who clean the pools, though.

valentino resort and spa

My two companions didn’t like the pools much because of the debris and even called it dirty. But these things didn’t bother me. So you might as well expect some leaves all over the pools when you get there.


Yup. There is a spa at the resort. We wanted to try a few of their services. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because we enjoyed swimming and frolicking too much.

Here are the rates and available spa services.

  • Facial Cleaning – P250
  • Facial Cleaning with Diamond Peel – P1,000
  • Facial Cleaning with Collagen Mask – P350
  • Facial Cleaning with Seaweed Mask – P350
  • Whole Body Scrub – P2,000
  • Underarm Scrub – P200
  • Arms Scrub – P400
  • Legs Scrub – P650
  • Whole Body Massage – P550
  • Foot Spa – P250
  • Manicure – P100
  • Pedicure – P100
  • Sauna – P100
  • Jacuzzi – P100
  • Ear Candling – P250


I wasn’t much impressed with the food here. It was a bit expensive and the serving size was smaller than I thought. Or maybe I’m just used to eating a lot. No wonder I’m gaining weight haha.

valentino resort and spa

Play Area

There’s also a play area near the pools that are perfect for your kids! You can find here slides, swings, seesaws, and many more!

Sports Center

If you want to do some sports, lucky you because Valentino Resort and Spa has a Sports Center.

Here’s what you can do here (plus rates).

  • Basketball – P400 (AM), P600(PM)
  • Outdoor Volleyball – P200 (AM), P300 (PM)
  • Badminton – P180 (AM), P200 (PM)
  • Tennis – P200 (AM), P300 (PM)
  • Gym – P100 (per session), P1,000 (per month)

Go-kart Facilities

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or in a group, you ought to try this.

  • Go-lart Chopper – P100 per 30 minutes
  • Go-kart Buddy – P70 per 30 minutes
  • Go-kart AF Sport – P90 per 30 minutes



  • Contemporary – P4,650 with free breakfast (good for 4)
  • Italian – P4,650 with free breakfast (good for 4)
  • Modern – P4,650 with free breakfast (good for 4)
  • Mediterranean – P6,650 with free breakfast (good for 6)
  • Filipiniana – P6,650 with free breakfast (good for 6)

*Additional P600 excess per person


  • Standard – P2,500 with free breakfast (good for 2)
  • Deluxe – P3,000 with free breakfast (good for 2)
  • Junior – P3,250 with free breakfast (good for 2)


  • Small (2 to 3 persons) – P350 + entrance fee (day tour)
  • Medium (10 persons) – P550 + entrance fee (day tour)
  • Big (15 to 20 persons) – P850 + entrance fee (day tour)
valentino resort and spa

Valentino Place

West Wing

  • P19,800 (36 persons)
  • Room 1: P6,600 (12 persons)
  • Room 2: P5,500 (10 persons)
  • Room 3: P3,850 (7 persons)
  • Room 4: P3,850 (7 persons)


  • Ground: P6,600 (12 persons)
  • Level 2: P11,550 (21 persons)
  • Room 1: P8,800 (16 persons)
  • Room 2: P1,800 (3 persons)
  • Room 3: P1,500 (2 persons)

East Wing

  • P8,800 (16 persons)
  • Room 1: P3,850 (7 persons)
  • Room 2: P4,950 (9 persons)

North Wing

  • P10,450 (19 persons)

South Wing

  • P11,000 (20 persons)
  • Room 1: P1,500 (2 persons)
  • Room 2: P4,400 (8 persons)
  • Room 3: P5,500 (10 persons)

Note: All rates and prices here are subject to change without prior notice.

 Overall: Our Experience

So how’d we end up in Valentino Resort and Spa? My husband, his sister and I planned to go to Isla Verde and visit my friends in Batangas. However, we were two days early so we took the chance to eat lomi at Corcolon Lomi House. By then, I stumbled upon Valentino Resort and Spa on Facebook and decided that we go after eating a bowl of Lomi Big.

Upon entering the resort, I was in awe at how much greens there were. The place had a really good landscape design you’ll want to walk around and explore the whole place!

valentino resort and spa

We had a lot of fun swimming and taking photos. It’s hard not to. You can find here a hanging bridge, cute cabanas, and lots of instagrammable spots!

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How To Get There

Option 1 (From Batangas or Laguna)

  • Ride a jeep going to Lemery or Cuenca at Lipa Grand Terminal beside SM. (expect to wait 30 minutes to one hour until the jeep is full) and tell the driver to drop you off at Pinagtung-ulan where Corcolon Lomi House or Valentino Resort and Spa is.
  • Ride a tricycle to the resort or just walk. It’s only 3 to 5 minutes away from the highway.

Option 2 (From Manila)

  • Ride a bus at Buendia going to Lemery. You can try DLTB or JAM Liner. Then, get off at Cuenca. Ask the driver to drop you off at Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose at Valentino Spa Resort. Then, follow instruction number 3 above.

Option 3 (From Alabang)

  • Take the bus bound to Batangas in Alabang. Get off at Tambo Exit and ride a jeep going to Cuenca. Ask the driver to drop you off near the Valentino Resort and Spa. Then walk or ride a tricycle going to the resort.
valentino resort and spa

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Travel Tips

  1. Don’t miss the lomi at Corcolon Lomi House. It’s a must try dish. It’s near the resort. You can walk or ride a tricycle going there.
  2. There’s no corkage in the resort so bring as much food as you want. There’s a restaurant inside, but the food is expensive.
  3. Go on a weekday. There are often a lot of people during the weekends.
  4. There are no electric sockets on the cabanas so bring your power bank if you’re only doing a day trip.

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