La Virginia Resort and Hotel, Batangas (For the Kids at Heart)

Tucked in the province Batangas, the La Virginia Resort offers a stunning view of the Taal Lake and an amazing swimming experience. From castles to superheroes, the place will leave you breathless from wandering around the place.

So before you panic and say that your trip will be a disaster, here are 5 easy tips to remember for a successful trip!

La Virginia Resort

If you want to take great pictures and bond with your family and friends, this is the place.

la virginia resort

For our company summer outing, we went to this glorious place. My inner child was overjoyed at the water slides and and attractions. My friends and I went around the place taking non-stop pictures.

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La Virginia Resort
La Virginia Resort
La Virginia Resort

Let me tell you the place is huge. You’ll be tired and sweaty just walking around and finding all the different attractions. Even more is that the resort has a sloping terrain so if you’re coming from below then expect you’ll be tired as hell when you’re going back up.

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You can check their price list:

How to Get There

From Manila

  1. Ride a bus heading to Lipa City. Fare is around 125 pesos. Travel time is around two hours.
  2. Ask the driver to drop you off at Jollibee Tambo/Lipa Exit.
  3. Ride a jeep going to Mataas na Kahoy for 13 pesos.
  4. Tell the driver to drop you off at 7-eleven.
  5. From here, hail a tricycle to La Virginia Resort. Fare is around 60 pesos.


Contact Numbers: (043) 774-9445 | (043) 774-9483


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