No Limits KFB Farm Resort

Should You Book No Limits KFB Farm Resort? Here’s Our Review

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on a farm and relax with all the greeneries surrounding you?

Now you can at No Limits KFB Farm Resort in Batangas.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

As a camper and traveler, I’ve been dying to go visit this farm resort the moment I saw some photos on Facebook. When I had the chance, I immediately booked a camping trip. However, the day before the said trip, it was raining non-stop.

I didn’t think the tent I have would withstand that much rain. Plus, it would suck. I can imagine getting all the stuff wet. So when ate Liezeil, the farm resort’s owner, suggested we transfer to the kubo, I said yes and was beyond happy with what I saw.

Too bad, the treehouse was already booked. But the kubo was divine! It’s probably the most beautiful kubo I’ve ever seen! Hahahaha. A picture paints a thousand words so I’ll just let you see the photos I took. (Spoiler: There’s a bidet in the bathroom! How cool is that?)

How To Get There

From Manila

  1. From Buendia,  ride a bus going to Lemery, Batangas. You can choose the DLTB bus. Ask the driver to drop you off at Alitagtag Town Plaza.
  2. Once there, look for the No Limits Store beside the market, in front of the tricycle parking area. Tell the storekeeper that you are guests of the No Limits KFB Farm Resort. You’ll be given forms to fill out while they contact a tricycle driver to bring you to the farm resort.

From Lipa

  1. Ride a jeep going to Lemery, Batangas and drop off at the Alitagtag Town Plaza. Then, follow the 2nd step above.

Note: To get to the resort, you’ll have to walk for around 5 to 10 minutes to reach the main farm resort area. You’ll be passing the poultry and a small bamboo bridge.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort


With all the activities offered in the farm resort, you’ll need more than just a ‘two days, one night’ stay. Here is a list of No Limits KFB Farm Resort activities that you and your friends can enjoy.


If you’re like me who loves living in a tent, then No Limits KFB Farm Resort is the best place in Alitagtag, Batangas to camp. You can choose any place to set up your tent in the area. Make sure that you have a waterproof tent, though. So you can stay safe and warm when it rains hard.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the unlimited camping space! Want to stay under the tree? Go ahead. Want the wide open spaces? Go ahead!

No Limits KFB Farm Resort


Who doesn’t love a bonfire at night? Bring some marshmallows and start making smores. Feel like a girl scout or a boy scout within this serene paradise and tell horror stories around the bonfire.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

Trekking & Rafting

From the farm resort, you can hire a guide to trek to the Taal Lake. You have to be careful though, the trail is very steep and slippery when it rains. It will take you around 30 to 45 minutes to reach the lake. The rate is P200 per person for the trek.

Upon reaching Taal Lake, hire a raft for only P100 and experience rafting on the famous Taal Lake. I’m told you can see Tagaytay from there and even the Mt. Maculot Rockies.


Buy all the meat you can eat and grill to your hearts content! There are grilling stations around the property so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

NoLimits KFB Farm Resort


Love to sing? No Limits KFB Farm Resort has a pretty good karaoke in the area. It’s free to use so make the most of your stay and sing all you want.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

Other Activities

No Limits KFB Farm Resort lives up to its name of providing unlimited fun and activities including:

  • Play Volleyball
  • Swim
  • Collect Eggs
  • Pick Fruits
  • Play with the dogs
  • Try to catch some native pigs and chicken
  • Watch the goats

For breakfast, we went to collect some eggs (it’s FREE!) from the poultry.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort
No Limits KFB Farm Resort

Yummmmm! Too bad, we forgot to bring some salt and oil! Hahahaha.

I also got to practice my tree climbing skills and pick some rambutan.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

If you love dogs, the farm has some pretty cute and friendly dogs.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

With its wide open spaces the place is mostly booked for team building and group activities.

When you’re here, you’ll want to sing…

“Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.

And on his farm he had a cow, E-I-E-I-O.

With a moo-moo here and a moo-moo there…”

But what they have here are native pigs, goats, dogs, and chickens – farm life at its best!

No Limits KFB Farm Resort
No Limits KFB Farm Resort



I initially reserved a tent accommodation. By bringing our tent, we only had to pay P350 per head per night. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent from the farm resort for only P400 and try their semi-glamping package. Included here are blankets, foam, and pillows. Apart from the common area and under the trees, there aren’t a lot of covered areas in the place. So when it was raining, we opted to change our booking to the nipa hut (kubo).

Tipi Hut

This one’s pretty cool. It’s a triangularly shaped hut which is pretty cute. Beddings, towel, soap, and tissue are included in the P1200  payment. There’s also a table and a bench just outside the tipi hut. A bathroom is just 5 meters away. And if you want to cook, sing karaoke or just chill in a hammock, the common area is just 10 meters away.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

Nipa Hut (Kubo)

For the best view of the farm, you can’t go wrong with the nipa hut (kubo). Equipped with a bathroom, a bed, a living room, kitchen and a terrace, the nipa hut is elevated so you can have fun playing kings and queens in this spectacular place.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort

Here’s the view from the kubo.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort
No Limits KFB Farm Resort
No Limits KFB Farm Resort
No Limits KFB Farm Resort


With a slightly larger area than the nipa hut, the treehouse is tucked in a more private section of the farm resort. Just like the nipa hut, it has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, terrace and living room.

No Limits KFB Farm Resort


Facebook Page:
Contact Number: 09178589438 or ‭09956094861‬

How To Book

Simply contact them on Facebook. You can also book the treehouse via Airbnb.


Tips and Reminders

  • Book early, No Limits KFB Farm Resort only has one treehouse, one nipa hut, and two tipi huts.
  • Buy all that you need at the Altitagtag market including salt and oil. We made the mistake of forgetting these essentials so we had to deal with bland food.
  • No Limits KFB Farm Resort can accommodate team buildings and large groups.
  • There’s a parking area within the farm resort.
  • Do note that the prices indicated here may change without prior notice. It’s best to contact the farm resort for the exact price.

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