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32 La Union Tourist Spots You Should Visit + Things to Do

La Union is one of the most visited provinces in the Ilocos Region because of the surfing and chill vibe. But apart from surfing, there are tons of La Union tourist spots you can visit.

If you’re planning a trip to La Union soon, here’s the perfect travel guide to help you decide on what to do in La Union and to find the best La Union destinations.

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How To Get To La Union

From Manila

From Manila, you can ride a bus going to San Fernando City, La Union. The Partas buses heading to Vigan and Laoag also passes by La Union, so you can ride those and ask to be dropped off near your La Union accommodation.  Travel time is around 6 hours from Cubao.

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From Baguio

If you’re coming from Baguio, you can ride any Partas bus bound to Vigan or Laoag and ask to be dropped off near your La Union accommodation. Travel time is around 2 hours!

From Vigan or Laoag

You can ride buses heading to Baguio or Manila and ask to be dropped off in La Union. Travel time from Vigan is around 2.5 hours and from Laoag is around 4.5 hours.

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Important Things To Know About La Union

ATMs: There are several banks in La Union especially in San Fernando and San Juan so you don’t have to worry about the lack of ATMs. However, it’s best to always carry enough cash with you.

Languages Spoken: Most locals can speak Ilocano and are fluent in Tagalog and English.


  • Dinengdeng Festival (Last week of April to first week of May) –  Dinengdeng is the most loved dish by Ilocanos in La Union. Every year, the locals of Agoo, La Union hold a festival for this dish. You can expect cooking contests and lots of food!
  • Tabacco Festival (March) – Tubao, La Union celebrates the Tobacco Festival annually for its bountiful tobacco harvest. The area is known to produce the biggest volume of tobacco in the country. Enjoy a colorful celebration!
  • Sillag Festival (April) – Sillag Festival is a 2 to 3 day event that featuring a lantern parade, musical show, and the ceremonial lighting of the Sillag Village in San Fernando, La Union.
  • Baggak Festival (April) – Baggak Festival is celebrated yearly in Bauang, La Union. In local terms, “baggak” means morning star and represents a new day in Bauang. You’ll find here a great show of costumes and portrayal of the Ilocano culture.
  • Pinadangan Festival (March) –  For the most colorful costumes and amazing street dancing, don’t miss the Pinadangan Festival in San Fernando, La Union.

Best time to visit: Best months to visit would be from December to February for cooler weather. The months with the least rainfall are November to April.

Getting Around: To get around La Union, you can choose from the tricycles, jeepneys, and buses.

La Union Tourist Spots

Going to La Union? Here are the must-see La Union famous tourist attractions.

Urbiztundo Beach

la union tourist spot

If you want to learn how to surf in La Union, Urbiztondo Beach is one of your best La Union destinations!  You can also find tons of restaurants, cafes, and accommodations around the area.


la union tourist spot

Don’t miss the sunset!

Grape Farm

Love eating grapes? Get the chance to buy the freshest grapes straight from the vine! And the best part is you get to pick them. La Union has several grape farms for you to choose from:

  • Gapuz Grapes Farm – (+63) 922 770 1520 / (+63) 999 714 7616
  • Lomboy Grapes Farm – (+63) 72 705 2105
  • Manguerra Grapes Farm – (+63) 907 905 0303 / (+63) 0905 550 5046
  • Calica Grape Farm – (+63) 907 858 6784

Immuki Island

immuki island

Immuki Island is La Union’s hidden gem. You’ll find here three turquoise blue lagoons perfect for swimming and cliff jumping! The waters here are so clear you can even see the fishes swimming under. Don’t miss the chance of exploring this beauty and hop on the next jeep passing by Brgy. Paraoir, Balaoan, La Union. Entrance fee is P10 per person.

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Tangadan Falls

Trek to Tangadan Falls and lay your eyes on one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Ilocos Region and among the best La Union tourist spots Philippines. You can rent a raft, swim and cliff jump to the cool waters as you enjoy the best things this falls has to offer. To get there, you can choose to ride a jeepney (P1500 to P1700 best for groups), a tricycle (P1,000 good for 4 to 5 persons) or a motorbike (P300). Then, trek past rice fields.

The falls is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You’ll also have to pay P500 for the tour guide and P30 per person for the entrance fee.

Ma-cho Temple

la union tourist spot

Ma-cho Temple is a favorite La Union tourist spot for its beautiful Toaist architecture overlooking San Fernando city’s coastline. A lot of tourists come here to take photos and enjoy the relaxing environment. Make sure you follow the dress code if you’re planning to go there.

  • No mini-skirts.
  • No exposed midriffs.
  • No short shorts.
  • No exposed shoulders.
  • No tank tops.
  • No dresses or skirts with high slits.
  • No tops with plunging necklines.
  • No tops with spaghetti straps.
  • No tops that expose bare shoulders or bare backs.
  • No see-through tops.

Also, pets are not allowed.

Namacpacan Church

IMAGE | Flickr

If you love visiting churches during your trips, Namacpacan Church, also known as the St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish should be on your list! Built in the 1960s, this Spanish colonial church is considered by the government as a National Cultural Treasure.

Balay na Bato

what to do in la union

Balay na Bato used to be open to the public for viewing. However, now, only the Kamay na Bato Open Art Gallery section is available for the public. To enter, you’ll have to pay P30 per person for the environmental fee. Inside, you’ll find several stone arts of all shapes and sizes.

However, did you know that you can book a room in the Balay na Bato via Airbnb? Bet you didn’t!

Here’s a P2,200 ($44) Airbnb discount when you book via Airbnb!

Tapuakan River

IMAGE | Wikimedia

With crystal clear waters, you can’t go wrong with visiting one of the cleanest inland rivers in the country’s northern region. Bring lots of food and eat your heart away as you enjoy what nature offers. Wear aqua shoes as the river is quite rocky.

Pebble Beach

what to do in la union

Pebble beach is very near Balay na Bato so after a tour around the Art Gallery, you can proceed to the Pebble beach where you’ll see tons of pebbles instead of sand! It’s quite a view.

Darigayos Beach

La Union has several beaches aside from Urbiztondo beach. This includes Darigayos beach. Unlike the nearby pebble beaches, Darigayos has fine, white sand perfect for beach bumming and watching the sunset. You’ll find lots of cottages here for rent if you want to stay longer.

Christ the Redeemer Statue

You can find the 25 ft Christ the Redeemer Statue at the Reservoir Hill in San Fernando City, La Union. The view is nice. However, if you’re driving your car, you should know that the road going there is narrow. Plus, only two cars can fit the parking space.

Baluarte Watchtower

what to do in la union

Take cool photos and learn a little bit of history at Luna’s Baluarte Watchtower. This was once used by the Spaniards as a watchtower to warn the locals of any pirate attacks. In 2015, the structure was destroyed by a typhoon. But now, it’s restored to its former glory.

Noble Tower Resort

Passing by Luna, La Union, you’re sure to turn your head when you see the Noble Tower Resort. Located near the white sandy Darigayos Beach, Noble Tower Resort offers the perfect place for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What makes it unique is that it’s a tower made from pebbles and coral shingles surrounded by greeneries.

St. John the Baptist Parish

Red bricks are what makes St. John the Baptist Parish unique from the other La Union churches. The parish was established in 1707 but later on destroyed in the 1898 revolution. The current church was built after the Spanish-American war.

Occalong Falls & Usuken Falls

Among the many beautiful La Union waterfalls is Occalong Falls located in Luna, La Union. If you want to go for a refreshing dip in the cold waters, this is the place to go! Entrance fee is just 20 pesos per person. Compared to the Tangadan falls, this one’s smaller but also breathtaking.

And a few minutes’ walk away is a smaller fall called Usuken Falls. Locals frequent this falls to beat the heat and spend time dipping in the cold waters in the jungle.

Shrine of Our Lady of Charity

Also known as Agoo Basilica, the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity is a great place to go pray and reflect. The interior design is what makes it one of the best churches to visit. The parish was founded in 1578 but the current church was constructed n 1978.

Pindangan Ruins

The Pindangan Ruins can be found in San Fernando City, La Union. The ruins are the remains of an old Catholic church built in 1764. The structures are greatly influenced by Spanish designs. If you want to learn a little bit of history and love exploring ancient structures, this should be on your must-visit La Union tourist spots!

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

If you love history, don’t forget to drop by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This was built in honor of the soldiers and guerillas who fought during World War II.

Tuddingan Falls

Found in Naguilian, Tuddingan Falls is not to be missed when going on a trip to La Union. Compared to other waterfalls in the province, this one has easy access from the road. The falls has a towering height of 70 feet and supplies the ricefields of Naguilian.

Balay Anito Falls

Balay Anito Falls is believed to be the home of spirits, thus its name. Balay in the local language means house/home while anito means spirits/ghosts. Before exploring the falls, visitors are asked to say a prayer first.

Lotus Valley Farm

IMAGE | @monicamanifests

Apart from the beaches and the waterfalls, there’s another hidden gem in La Union, the Lotus Valley Farm. With lush and verdant surroundings, the farm is filled with all sorts of plants and greeneries. You’ll also find here all kinds of bamboos and if you want to stay the night, you can book one of their huts via Airbnb. (Here’s a P2,200 or $44 discount on us!)


Bulalakaw Falls

With a height of 30 to 50 meters, Bulalakaw Falls is for those who love discovering the roads less traveled and exploring nature’s best sites. You will find Bulalakaw Falls in Bagulin, La Union with a serene basin at the bottom to swim around in.

Pagoda Hill

IMAGE | dodongflores of

For a great view of the sunset, don’t miss the Pagoda Hill. This is one of the local’s favorite places to meet, hang out or simply relax and unwind.

Poro Point Lighthouse

IMAGE | Flickr

Poro Point Lighthouse is a century-old preserved structure in San Fernando, La Union. It’s a great place to stop by and take in the view.

St William The Hermit Cathedral

Also known as the San Fernando Cathedral, St William The Hermit Cathedral was first constructed in the 1700’s. For history buffs, this should be on your list. It’s one of the oldest structures in the province.

Bauang Beach

My sisters, nephews and niece love going to Bauang beach. It’s a great place to go if you’re with kids. Compared to the beach in San Juan, Bauang has calmer waves. It’s not crowded, too.

Sts Peter and Paul Parish

Founded in 1580, Sts Peter and Paul Parish in Bauang, La Union are among the oldest churches in the area. You can easily see this parish with its red bricks.

Centennial Tree

Are you a tree hugger? Then, the Centennial Tree in Carcarmay, Bacnotan, La Union should be on your list. The acacia tree was planted in 1896 and is now a part of the area’s wonderful La Union tourist spots for all tree lovers.

Acapulco Beach

If you want a less crowded beach, Acapulco beach is the way to go. You can camp or rent a cottage and enjoy your time swimming.

Paraoir Man-made Forest

paraoir man made forest

Recreate a photo of the man-made forest in Bohol in Paraoir. You can also find several trees lined up where the temperature is much cooler. Be careful of cars when taking your photos.

La Union Botanical Garden

Love plants? Don’t miss the La Union Botanical Garden! Inaugurated in 1996, you can find here all kinds of local fauna. Be ready to walk as you go up the rolling hills and revel in the beauty of nature.

Kultura Splash Wave

Among the resorts loved by kids in La Union is the Kultura Splash Wave in Pugo, La Union because of its wave pool. There are also several slides you’ll surely enjoy!

Where to Eat in La Union

Here are the best places to eat in La Union for that drool-worthy food trip:

Coco Mama

Flotsam and Jetsam


Mad Monkeys

Olas Banditos

Great Gamble Seafood Shack

Makai Bowls

Where to Stay in La Union

Looking for hotels, Airbnbs, or resorts in La Union? We’ve got you covered!

San Juan La Union Resorts and Hotels

The Escape San Juan

The Escape San Juan

If you’re traveling in a group and looking for a place to stay the night, this hostel in San Juan offers a bar, shared lounge, garden, and free WiFi. You can even rent a bike or a car to make it easier for you to tour around La Union.

Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel

Flotsam and Jetsam
Flotsam and Jetsam

If you want to just relax during your trip, Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel’s laid-back ambience is sure to make you want to extend your stay. Complete with colorful decors, you’ll definitely fill your phone’s storage with IG-worthy memories!

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa
Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa

For that much-awaited luxurious getaway, you can’t go wrong with Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa. Every cent spent is worth it with the stunning infinity pool, delicious food, and lots of activities to choose from!


Awesome Hotel

Awesome Hotel San Juan
Awesome Hotel San Juan

There’s a reason why this hotel’s name is Awesome. Boasting of a beachfront location, Awesome Hotel is a luxurious resort offering a Kubo Garden where you can enjoy the best of what the sea has to offer. Don’t forget to experience the hotel’s jacuzzi, fountain and the swimming pool!

San Fernando La Union Resorts and Hotels

Aureo La Union

Aureo La Union
Aureo La Union

If you want to stay in San Fernando, Aureo La Union is one of your best options! It’s a beachfront accommodation offering a bar, restaurant, and a garden. The outdoor pool is sure to give you a refreshing dip after a hot day at the beach.

Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point

Thunderbird Resort La Union San Fernand

Well known for its Santorini-like designs, Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point will give you the highest standards of luxury and comfort in La Union. Once you check-in, you’ll never want to check out.

Airbnb La Union Philippines

Aside from hotels and resorts, you can also opt to stay at an Airbnb.

Get your P2,200 ($44) Airbnb discount here!

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Responsible Travel Tips

When traveling to any of the La Union tourist spots above, make sure you practice responsible tourism. Here are some tips to do so.

1. Respect the environment

Don’t litter. Please hold onto your trash until you find a garbage can.

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2. Avoid single-use plastic

Bring your eco bag and refuse single-use plastic.

3. Shop local

Keep the traditional crafts alive and support local artisans. Buy from them. And try not to haggle, P20 may seem small to you but it can mean a lot to them.

4. Always ask permission

Be sure to ask for permission first when taking photos or videos especially when it comes to children.

5. Don’t bring home sand and seashells

Take nothing but photos. Removal of seashells can harm the ecosystem and endanger creatures such as hermit crabs. You’ll often also find seashells sold as decorations, ornaments, or keychains. Please avoid supporting these and don’t buy.

What to Pack for La Union

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