Tudor in the Pines

Tudor in the Pines: Here’s Why It’s The Perfect Airbnb Staycation in Baguio

It’s official. Tudor in the Pines may have just inspired my next home!


This Airbnb in Baguio City makes a staycation in the city of Pines unforgettable, unbelievable, and downright AH-MAZING!

Writing this blog post is making me want to plan another staycation and a longer booking next time. And you better book at least 2 days if you want to make the most of your stay in this lovely home.

Now, if you’re already planning to book Tudor in the Pines, let me help you. Here’s everything you need to know about this Airbnb.

About Tudor in the Pines

Tudor in the Pines

Tudor in the Pines is an Airbnb in Baguio city which recently opened in December 2019. It is located in Balacbac, Baguio City surrounded by lots of pine trees. In fact, the views make it look like you’re near the forest.

This property is gated and well guarded. Security is 24/7. And it’s just beside the road so you won’t miss it!

Currently, Tudor in the Pines has five Airbnb units available for booking.

Airbnb Units

Let’s take a look at each of Tudor in the Pines’ units to help you decide on which unit you should book. To be honest, it was hella hard to choose from the five so I’ve made it a point to add the reasons why you should book a specific unit and my own review.

Twin Glass Treehouse

Tudor in the Pines
Tudor in the Pines
  • Price: ₱10,086/ night
  • In case, there’s only the two of you, you can book one of the treehouses. Choose from either:
  1. Pine Needle Treehouse at Tudor in the Pines at ₱5,086/ night
  2. Pine Cone Treehouse at Tudor in the Pines at ₱5,086/ night

Twin Glass Treehouse can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests. And you guessed it, this Airbnb unit has two separate glass treehouses with a wooden deck connecting the two and a pine tree in the middle. Each treehouse has its own bathroom, living area, and bed. We booked the twin glass treehouse during our stay and it was epic!

The living area can get quite hot on a sunny day but you can easily step outside on the deck for some fresh cold air. There’s also a fan provided.

Tudor in the Pines
Tudor in the Pines

What To Love: Belt out a song or two with the guitar that comes with your treehouse or better yet sing a few songs while in the shower. There’s bidet (Hi bidet lovers!). The king-sized bed is so comfy and there are three power outlets so you can charge all your gadgets in one go. The views are quite stunning. And despite being a glasshouse, you still have your own privacy.

Why You Should Book: The Twin Glass Treehouse is a must-book for those who love treehouses and adventures! Let’s not forget, this is a treehouse with lots of glass walls. That alone should be enough reason to book!

Garden Terrace

Tudor in the Pines
Tudor in the Pines

The Garden Terrace can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests with its two bedrooms. Here, you have your very own living area, kitchen, as well as wooden deck encased in glass!

Tudor in the Pines
Tudor in the Pines

What To Love: Aside from the terrace, another favorite of mine is the wash bin outside one of the rooms that’s made of glass. It’s even made better with a plant backdrop. The terrace, on the other hand, is to die for! It’s so huge, I bet you can hold parties here.

Forrest Terrace

Why You Should Book: If you love the sky, the Garden Terrace is your best choice with its full view of the blue sky and the gardens surrounding the house. I’d recommend this unit for those who adore the sunlight and nature.

Royal Cottage

Royal Cottage

You’ll definitely feel like a royal in this cottage! The Royal Cottage can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests with its two bedrooms and four beds (2 king beds and 2 single beds). It boasts of a wide living room overlooking the garden and the treehouse, a fully furnished kitchen, and a very unique BATHTUB! The whole unit is decorated with paintings, chandeliers, and lots and lots of elegant stuff definitely fit for royals.

Royal Cottage

What To Love: Uggggghhh. The Royal Cottage is the only Airbnb unit with an Insta-worthy bathtub. I’ll definitely try booking this one next time. Everything inside screams luxurious but at a very affordable price for six guests.

Why You Should Book: Bathtub. Need I say more? Okay. Fine. The Royal Cottage is great for families looking for a cozy staycation in the city of pines. It’s also senior-friendly since it’s the unit with the easiest access.

Tudor House

Tudor House
Tudor House

This is the largest unit in Tudor in the Pines. The Tudor House can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests with its four bedrooms and eight beds. It’s a three-story building. You’ll find the kitchen, dining room and living room on the first floor.

The second floor has two bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms, and a floating view deck. The third floor is the attic and has four single beds, a mini-library, and a glass dormer that gives you a view of the sky at night or during sunrise.

Tudor House
Tudor House

What To Love: My favorite parts of the house would be the floating view deck and the glass dormer. The view deck has an awesome view of the sunrise and nearly the entire property.

The glass dormer is great for stargazing and getting some sunlight. If you love to cook, their kitchen is fully furnished with an oven, a microwave, a refrigerator and more.

Why You Should Book: Tudor House is best for families and a whole barkada who want to spend time in the city of pines. The dining area is HUUUGE, too.

Forest Terrace

Forrest Terrace

The Forest Terrace can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests with its three bedrooms and three king-sized beds. It’s located below the Tudor House and boasts of a fully furnished kitchen and a wide living room. Each room in the unit has a panoramic view of the garden, treehouse, and the forest.

What To Love: Forest Terrace has the biggest and most number of paintings in the property. The wide windows and panoramic views from this unit are stunning. Everything in the forest terrace is just so cozy you’ll want to stay inside, sip coffee, and get comfy.

Why You Should Book: I’d recommend Forest Terrace for both art and nature lovers. Just staying here will keep you inspired.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Tudor in the Pines?

From Manila, ride a bus to Baguio.

Travel Tip: You can book your tickets to Baguio in advance here.

Then, in Baguio, ride a taxi to Tudor in the Pines. You can easily find it via Google Maps. Just key in “Tudor in the Pines”.

Is there WiFi?

Yes, Tudor in the Pines has a wifi connection.

Is there a hot and cold shower?

Yes. Each Airbnb unit has its own hot and cold shower.

Is there air-conditioning?

Unless you want to freeze, I’d suggest you don’t look for aircon in Baguio. So nope, Tudor in the Pines has no air-conditioning.

How much are prenup shoots?

I know. Tudor in the Pines is perfect for that dreamy prenup shoot! If you want to do prenup shoots, I asked the hosts for you. Apparently, you’ll have to book the entire unit to hold your prenup shoots there. So yea! Get those insta-worthy shots only at Tudor in the Pines!

Staycation Tips

Here are a few things I’d like to share with you if you’ve booked Tudor in the Pines!

  1. Get a 360 view of the property from the watchtower. Just be careful when you go up. It can be quite challenging if you’re scared of heights.
  2. To walk on the hanging bridge, walk with your feet following a straight line. This helps avoid the massive swaying of the bridge.
  3. If you’re staying in the treehouse, you can easily feel if someone is walking on the bridge. You might even mistake this for an earthquake (one of my friends did hahaha).
  4. Free instant coffee and water are provided during your stay.
  5. If you’re booking a unit with a kitchen, it’s best to cook for a more intimate staycation and more savings! The nearest restaurants are quite far on foot.
  6. If you don’t have your own car, you can wait for jeepneys just outside the gate.
  7. Read all the house rules.

More Instagrammable Spots

Tudor in the Pines

Don’t forget to wake up early to catch the sunrise!

Here are more photos.

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