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Good Morning Baguio PottingShed Airbnb (An Insta Worthy Staycation)

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Going to Baguio with your family and barkada? Check out Good Morning Baguio PottingShed Airbnb!

What makes the perfect Airbnb? Excellent location, comfy beds, affordable rates, and accommodating hosts are some features everybody looks for in an Airbnb before booking.

Well, Good Morning Baguio PottingShed offers all these and more! They also have luxurious amenities (bidet is waving), instagrammable corners (you’ll be surprised), and free breakfast (free fooooood)!

We’re spilling all the deets in this blog post!

About Good Morning Baguio PottingShed

Currently, Good Morning Baguio PottingShed has four Airbnb units available for booking. Three of these have a shared living room and dining room while one has its own kitchen, living room and dining room. As of this writing, they are adding more rooms.

Airbnb Units

First Airbnb Unit: Good for 10 guests

good morning baguio pottingshed
good morning baguio pottingshed

This Airbnb unit is a bedroom with 2 bunk beds (all in all 4 queen beds) and 1 pullout bed. You also have access to your own private bathroom complete with a hot and cold shower, towels and toiletries. 

Second Airbnb Unit: Good for 14 guests

This unit is perfect for those who love their own privacy. You’ll have access to your very own kitchen, bathroom, dining and living room. All in all, there are 2 bedrooms inside. You’ll find 2 bunk beds with 4 queen beds and a pullout bed in the first room. On the other hand, the second room has 2 bunk beds with 4 single beds.

Third Airbnb Unit: Good for 6 guests

If the other bedrooms are too big for you, this is a perfect choice. The bedroom has 2 bunkbeds with 2 double beds and 2 single beds. And yes, you have your very own private bathroom!

Fourth Airbnb Unit: Good for 10 guests

Unlike the other rooms, this bedroom has a wider open space because of how the beds are arranged. Here, you get 2 bunkbeds with 4 queen beds and 2 pullout beds, and your very own bathroom.

More to come!

Here’s a sneak peak into a new room in Good Morning Baguio PottingShed. Ryk and I are quite excited to come back and book their new rooms.

Keep posted! I’ll be updating this post when the new bedrooms are open.

Shared Spaces

Living Room

Upon entering the house, the first thing you’ll see is the living room which screams of luxury and florals. In the middle of the room is a chandelier and a staircase on one side. Equipped with a HUGE or should I say massive smart TV and a coffee or tea bar. 

The room is literally straight out of home magazines and interior designs. Sigh ~

And the flowers and greeneries all around is a treat to see! But for us millennials, this room is perfect for the gram!

Patio & Terrace

Take in the stunning view of mountains, pine trees or just count the cars passing by the road at the patio and terrace. 

Here’s a tip. Wake up early and watch the starry sky turn to red, orange and blue. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even see a sea of clouds in the far distance.

Don’t forget to enjoy the scrumptious breakfast. Seriously. You’ll have a hard time leaving the table with the large servings and the view. Breakfast consists of salad, sinigang, tocino, longanisa and fresh fruits! It’s the best “free” breakfast we’ve ever had!

We couldn’t get enough of the sinigang and begged Aunt Pat and the chef for more soup. Everything was delicious. I’m drooling just from thinking about the food. Look forward to it!


Good Morning Baguio PottingShed is so lucky to have a garden with a view and with tall pine trees. At night, you can enjoy bonding with your family and friends with the tables and chairs set up outside.

Dining & Kitchen

Since Good Morning Baguio PottingShed is a bed and breakfast, the kitchen is only for staff use. But you can use the microwave and electric kettle. As for the dining area, it’s oh so pretty! There’s a chandelier in the middle of the dining table and cute floral wreaths adorning the chairs.

The main theme is white, and the whole room is bright and airy. It’s the perfect adorable home.

How To Get There

Good Morning Baguio PottingShed is located in Tuding, Baguio City just 8 minutes away from the city business district. 

Travel Tip: You can book your bus tickets to Baguio in advance with 12Go Asia.

Powered by 12Go Asia system

You can opt to ride a taxi or a jeepney passing by Tuding. Your landmark is the Tuding Elementary School. Just a few meters away from the elementary school is the Good Morning Baguio PottingShed. 

Don’t worry. The Airbnb owner and host, ma’am Joan will be sending you the directions before your check-in date.

Travel Tips and Reminders

  • Read the house rules.
  • No parties or events.
  • No noise after 9:00 PM (Baguio Quiet Ordinance – Silent Night).
  • Breakfast is served from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Let Auntie Pat know your preferred time in advance.
  • Respect the caretakers.
  • Smoking is only allowed outdoors.
  • Alcohol drinking and eating inside rooms is not allowed.
  • The best days to book are weekdays so you have more chances of having the whole house to yourselves. Mwahahaha.

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