Mt Ulap

Mt Ulap in Itogon, Benguet: The Ultimate DIY Travel Guide

One of the most famous hikes in Benguet is Mt Ulap in Itogon. Just 30 minutes from Baguio City, you can reach the jump-off point for Mt Ulap.

With stunning mountain views, fresh air, a sea of clouds and IG-worthy spots, Mt Ulap is frequented by both locals and tourists. If you’re going to Mt Ulap, use this guide to help you plan the perfect hiking trip!

Mt Ulap

What To Expect

First things first, let’s set your expectations about the hike to Mt Ulap.

Getting There

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From Baguio, you’ll have to ride a jeep going to the Ampucao Brgy Hall in Itogon, Benguet. You can find the jeepney terminal in Baguio near Centermall just a few meters away from Jollibee.

You will then be registering at the Brgy Hall where you will get a guide. Once the registration is done, it’s time to start your hike.

For a few minutes, you’ll have to walk until you reach the starting point where the real hiking begins.

Going Up

Mt Ulap

The first part of the trail consists of a continuous trail going up. You’ll pass by rows and rows of pine trees for about an hour. Be careful. The trail is quite narrow and the pine needles can be slippery.

Mountain Views

Mt Ulap

But this won’t last forever. You’ll soon find yourself looking at a view of Baguio City, Philex Mines, and Mt Santo Tomas. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see a clear view of Mt Ugo, and Mt Arayat.

Gungal Rock

From here, the trail becomes easier as you pass by grassland slopes from Ambunao Paoay to the most photographed Gungal Rock. This is marked by the famous “star of David” symbol to let hikers know that they shouldn’t cross it. Seriously. It’s a nice place to take photos but it can be dangerous.

Now, You’re Halfway There

Now, it’s time to hike to the highest point of Mt Ulap. I don’t remember the most part of this trail since we were planning to camp for the night and made the mistake of hiking after lunch. So yes, the sun was setting as we hiked. And as it got darker, we walked faster until viola! We reached the campsite! Wohooooo.


The campsite was where you’ll find a lot of cows grazing the grasses. So it kinda sucked that the whole area had cow poop all over it. But hey, be positive!

After looking for a decent area to set up our tent, we proceeded to cook dinner with our camping stove, did a bonfire and slept. And boy was the campsite freezing! But not as cold as Mt Pulag, though.

If you love stargazing, you’ll love camping here. You can get a clear view of the stars so bring out those cameras. It’s time for astrophotography.


mt ulap sunrise

We all woke up early to watch the sunrise at the peak. The hike from the day before was all worth it!

Depending on when you hiked Mt Ulap, there are times when you get a view of the sea of clouds from the campsite. My sister and her friends saw one.

After packing up our things, it was time to go down and go home.

mt ulap

Going Down

When going down, you have to options: to walk back to where you started your trek or to go down the steep and slippery trail.

The steep trail is the fastest route going down but it can be dangerous. There were ropes fixed all around the trail so you have to hang on tight and hope you don’t slip.

Note: You can also take the reverse route starting from the steep trail to get the hard part over with.


Registration Fee: P100 (2 USD) per head

Guide Fee (1 guide: 7 persons):

  • Dayhike: P600 (12 USD)
  • Overnight Camping: P1,000 (20 USD)

Camping Fee (Overnight Camping for group of 10 persons and below): P800 (16 USD)

Porter Fee (optional):

  • Dayhike: P500 (10 USD)
  • Overnight Camping: P800 (16 USD)
mt ulap

Important Info: Reserve your slot!

Before you go to Mt Ulap, be sure to reserve your slot by filling up this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the trek?

Depending on how fast you walk, you can finish the hike in six to eight hours.

Is day hike possible?

Absolutely! Just make sure you start early so you don’t end up walking in the dark.

Is the trail beginner-friendly?

This depends. If you’re used to walking, the trek is quite easy and doable. If you’ve been spending the past few months sitting in front of your computer five days a week, you might have a hard time going up. Bring lots of water and some snacks to help you power on!

Is there a campsite?

Yes, there is. So if you have a tent, bring it along and camp in Mt Ulap.

Are there any stores in the mountain?

The last time my friends and I hiked Mt Ulap, there weren’t any stores. However, I heard there’s a sari sari store where you can buy some souvenirs, food (chips and cup noodles) and water.

What to Pack for Mt Ulap

For Day Hike

If you’re just going on a day hike, here are some items I’d recommend you to bring and wear:

  • insect repellent
  • drinking water
  • snacks
  • camera (gotta take those shots!)
  • power bank (or just fully charge your phone!)
  • spare cash
  • hiking shoes
  • cap (it can get hot during midday)
  • umbrella or raincoat (in case it rains)
  • lightweight clothing
  • first aid kit (better be safe than sorry)
  • packed lunch

For Camping

Aside from the list above, include the following items in your backpack:

  • tent (unless you’re planning to rent)
  • fleece blanket or sleeping bag (it’s cold at night!)
  • camping stove (if you want to cook) or just buy cooked food
  • plates and spoons

And that’s it. If you have any questions about Mt Ulap, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

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8 thoughts on “Mt Ulap in Itogon, Benguet: The Ultimate DIY Travel Guide”

  1. Hey! Is it possible to start the hike at 3AM to catch th sunrise? We wanted it to be just a day hike too. No camping and overnight. Thank you!

  2. Hello,
    I was just wondering why it takes one who day (starting early morning) and not even done hiking for the whole day and needed to stay at the camp site and continue next day? Is taht really hard to finish the trail? Or this is normal that you have to stay at the camp site for a night?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Evangeline, we started the hike at around 1pm. We planned a camping trip so we brought all our camping stuff. It’s up to you if you want to camp. Others hike in the morning and go down the mountain in the afternoon.

  3. Hello Johanes, may I know for this DIY trip, did u have to make any reservations or online bookings before registering at the Ampucap Barangay hall?

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