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Northern Blossom Flower Farm Travel Guide (Atok, Benguet)

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Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok is a must-visit. Let me tell you why.

IMPORTANT:  Following the Executive Order No. 09-2020 by Mayor Raymundo Sarac on lifting the temporary suspension on tourism activities, it is asked that all tourists, visitors, and guests visiting the municipality of Atok, to pre-register first at the designated registration area at PAOAY Barangay Hall in Sayangan, Paoay, Atok, Benguet for monitoring purposes. (NO PRE-REGISTRATION, NO ENTRY).

Do you love to eat cabbages? I do. With a pinch of salt and a few chunks of meat, it’s breakfast or lunch or dinner. Honestly, it’s one of the staple ingredients in most Igorot dishes as the province of Benguet produces thousands of kilos of cabbages per month.

You see cabbage everywhere in the market. I’ve seen green ones, violet ones, big ones, small ones, and dried ones but never have I imagined that there exist cabbage roses. What more is that the one producing it is the Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok which is only an hour away from our place.

I mean. Come on. Roses + Cabbages? Huh? Do they also have thorns? What color are they in?

All of these questions were answered when my sister and I visited the Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok, Benguet. Recently, it has gained popularity because of its cabbage roses. Since the place was near our hometown, we went to check it out.

If you’re planning to visit Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, use this travel guide to help you plan your itinerary.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok

Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok, Benguet is a two-hectare wide plantation. It is owned by Mellany Ganayan and her husband. Together, they both manage the farm and a flower shop business in Dimasalang, Metro Manila.

Since most of their flowers are of a rare variety, their shop has catered to a lot of flower arrangement stylists who want to include the flowers in their styles and designs.

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Their flowers have been used to decorate the Malacanang Palace, the nuptial of Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista, to Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s wedding.

Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok
See the difference between a regular cabbage and the cabbage rose?


You can find the flower farm in Sayangan, Atok, Benguet approximately 1.5 hours away from Baguio City. It’s easy to spot the entrance to the flower farm. If you’re coming from Baguio, keep your eyes open to the right side of the road for the Northern Blossom Flower Farm tarpaulin.


To get in, you have to pay the Northern Blossom Flower Farm entrance fee:

  • 250 pesos for adults
  • 50 pesos for kids (5-10years old)

Plus, a 20 pesos environmental fee.

There were flowers outside freshly picked ready for anyone to buy.

We were assigned a guide to tour us around the farm. I was pretty impressed, as we went from flower to flower, our guide filled us in with a lot of information.

Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok

The farm looked like any vegetable farm. The only difference is that they plant flowers instead of vegetables. There were snapdragons, rice flowers, dusty miller, alstroemeria, cabbage roses, delphiniums, and many others. If you want to learn more about flowers, in general, consider checking out the Green Pinky

Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok
Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok
Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok

By the time we reached the section of the cabbage roses, most were already harvested. From the farm, you’ll be able to see the neighboring mountains including Mt. Pulag.

I asked our guide if it’s possible to eat these beautiful cabbage roses. She said yes, but it’s not recommended as these are sprayed with lots of pesticides so yeah too bad, huh?

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Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok
Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok

Opening Hours

Northern Blossom Flower Farm is closed on Sundays so plan accordingly and opens at 6:00 AM.

How to go to Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Private Car

If you plan on bringing your own car, you can use the Waze app to reach the farm. Just type “Saint Paul’s Academy in Sayangan, Atok, Benguet” as it is one of the nearest landmarks to the farm.

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Powered by 12Go Asia system
  • Upon arriving in Baguio, head to the Dangwa terminal station behind Center Mall in Magsaysay Avenue. You can do so by riding a taxi. (Taxi Fare: 50 to 70 pesos)
  • Here, ride a bus or a van going to Mankayan, Abatan, Lepanto, Sagada, Bontoc, or Besao. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of the Marosan’s Restaurant in Atok or directly in front of Northern Blossom.
    • Fare: 85 to 120 pesos
    • Travel time: 1 hour and 30 mins.
    • Do note that these prices may change without prior notice.
  • If you want to check out other tourist spots in Atok, register first at the Paoay Barangay Hall just behind the Marosan’s restaurant. There’s no registration fee, but you can donate if you want.

Then, they’ll provide you the details on how to get to the farm. It will take you around 5 minutes to walk to the Northern Blossom flower farm. If you think you’re lost, simply ask the locals where Lany’s is as it is the common term they use to refer to the farm.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm Accommodation

Transient House/Rooms

If you want to spend the night, Northern Blossom has several transient houses and rooms that you can book.

  • Good for 2 persons – P1,500
  • Good for 3 persons – P1,800
  • Good for 8 persons (2 rooms, and 1 toilet & bath) – P3,000
  • Good for 8 to 10 persons ( 3 rooms, 1 toilet & bath, living room, and kitchen) – P3,500
  • Good for 8 to 10 persons (4 rooms, 2 toilets & bath, kitchen, and living room) – P4,000

Other Places to Check-in Atok

If you’re up for some adventure, you can inquire at the Paoay Barangay Hall. They offer tours to Mt. Timbak, Grotto, Sakura Park, and Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok.

It’s better to rent a car going to all the tourist spots since they are far from each other and will require you to have mad driving skills if you plan on using your vehicle. Plus, some of the spots are in a really high place, so a car that can climb is suitable for the job.

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Tour Package: 1500 pesos ( includes the tour guide fee and car rental)


For more information, you can contact the Tourist Center at 0946 514 7799 and 0930 189 2757 or the Northern Blossom’s owner at 0908 151 3368.

Where to next?

Make the most of your trip and avail of the circuit 2 or circuit 3 tours at Paoay Brgy Hall so you can also see the Mt. Timbak, Sakura Park, Former Highest Point, and Spanish Trail.

If you’re into mummies, you can ask the locals how to get to the Kabayan mummy caves.

Finally, if you want to stop by Baguio before going back to Manila or wherever you came from, here’s a Baguio travel guide (according to a local).

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  1. Great help! I am glad to have come across your blog before I travel to Baguio. But one question, do they have accommodations available at the farm? It would be so nice to take photos during sunrise or sunset with these flowers. Hope you can answer my query!

  2. Latest info since I just visited the place… the entrance fee is already 250p (from 100p)for adults and 50p for a child until 10 y/o. It’s cheaper to ride a bus because it’s only 85p but a van would cost 150p per head.

  3. Hello, do you have any idea what time po yung pnakalate na afternoon trip of vans or buses na dumadaan sa Atok from Baguio?

      1. NAG START NA BANG MAG BLOOM ANG CHERRY BLOSSOMS? 2016 nabasa kong after 3 yrs ay mag bu bloom na ang mga Sakura trees, and so, 2019 expected kong nag start na silang mag bloom.. 2 weeks lang ang life ng mga cherry blossoms, ganoon din ba sa AtoK? please help, gustong gusto kong makita ang mga flowers niya in full bloom

  4. Thanks for this article!! ? We’ll be going there by end of Dec. but only for one night, so one sunrise lang din kami hehe. Saan po kaya mas maganda ang sunrise? Sa Mt. Timbak or sa Flower Farm?

  5. hi, love the article, planning to visit northern blossom next year how to book po sa mga transient house dun, any contacts?thank you so much

    1. For the transient house, you can contact Northern Blossom – 0908 151 3368 🙂 As for car rentals, you can try contacting Atok’s Tourist Center since they provide car rentals when touring around Atok- 0946 514 7799 and 0930 189 2757

  6. mary beverly majomot

    Hi, Very informative article po. Any idea po kung meron nagoffer ng northern blossom tour package po good for 8 to 10? Thank you in advance 🙂

  7. Planning to go on march 1st week. May cabbage and bloom of flowers pa rin po kaya that time? And ano po kaya yun requirements nila ,from nueva ecija po kmi. Thanks in advance.

    1. Marami po. Maraming dumadaan na van sa Atok papuntang Baguio. Pwede din po kayong pumunta sa may Marosan’s, malapit lang sa Northern Blossom. Dun nag stop over ang mga van. Pwede po kayo sumakay dun

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