How to Go About a Spontaneous Travel

We all have that moment when we wake up one morning and have that sudden urge to go on a trip. You have that certain place in mind but you haven’t prepared anything. I’ve been there too many times and I can say, an unplanned trip and spontaneous travel is the best.

So before you panic and say that your trip will be a disaster, here are 5 easy tips to remember for a successful trip!

1. Don’t Rush

Packing in a hurry is always a problem for rushed moments like a hurried trip. You pick whichever and sometimes get the ones you don’t need for the trip just because it’s an arm away, kind of like a young lady who gets her allowance and sees a 90% off at a clothes store then goes on a shopping spree.

It’s not wrong, and people would not judge you if you sit down, make a list and go about it thoroughly.

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2. Be Organized

Don’t pack stuff like dirty laundry! Every now and then, my boyfriend and I go on trips like these and needless to say being the klutz that he is, packs things in a hurry. Having your duck – printed briefs fall off your bag when you are reaching for your wallet for a fare on a jam-packed jeep is not a good experience that I tell you.

Investing time in organizing the things you need saves more time in the long run. Knowing where the things you need are is better than going on a treasure hunt tossing your things around whenever you need something.

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3. Get Directions

A simple browse on google maps, reading up on a few blogs and making a sound plan on what kind of transportation you’re going to use and when to drop off is a serious matter you should not overlook.

I may be a proud supporter of not planning at all but having a sound plan on where you’re going and how to get there ensures that you get the actual getaway rather than a ride on buses going nowhere.

4. Keep Calm

Having expectations and setting the bar high might affect your decision making when problems arise. So when things don’t go your way, the place you wanted to go is closed, you forgot something and it turned into a stress-inducing moment, sit down and clear your mind. Think of a plan B and execute it with a smile.

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5. Make it about you

Pleasing people that aren’t even there, making sure you put something worthy of envy on Facebook or Instagram, isn’t the right way to go on a trip. You don’t wake up early in the morning and gasp I need to show off! It’s supposed to be I need a vacation. So make it about you.

Disregard the itineraries, forget that time exists and let the sky tell you when to rest. Eat that delicious burger. Do what you want when you can. Don’t restrain yourself, and just make it a vacation for you, by you.

Remember, the best moments are the unplanned ones that just happen but make your day perfect.

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