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4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Itinerary for Your Travels

Every traveler wants the perfect itinerary. However, does such a thing exist? Of course, it does, but not without preparation.

In today’s modern world, our generation is often told that we are lucky -lucky enough to have a lot of resources. When you want to learn about a craft, simply read a ‘How To’ ebook or watch YouTube tutorials. When you want to learn about the cheapest flights, you turn to mobile applications and websites.

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Itinerary for Your Travels

In today’s modern world, the perfect itinerary for your travels is just within your fingertips. Here are 4 tips for creating the perfect itinerary for your travels.

On Knowing What You Want and Being Realistic

A lot of people, including me, are guilty of squeezing in a lot of activities in a single day. I admit we all want to experience EVERYTHING that the place has to offer. However, scheduling a lot of activities on day one will drain your energy and by the time you’re on your way home, you’ll wonder to yourself if you really did go traveling or go to a boot camp.

Sometimes, we all have to face the truth. The truth that one day is just not enough to experience it all. The truth that you may need to remove an activity or extend your stay. Creating the perfect itinerary for your travels requires sacrifice. When you’re visiting a lot of countries or cities, it can be a challenge to squeeze everything in.

One thing that you can do is to list down all the things you want to see and do. Then, sorting it out and prioritizing some activities over the others. Read online and know how long an activity will take. It will help you see what activities are possible with your limited time. Research the city or country you’re going to, see which place is crowded, know if there are local events, local holidays and plan accordingly.


On Checking Your Transportation

Before you go on that plane, plan how you’re going to get there. Which bus should you ride to the airport to make it to your flight? Should you opt for a taxi? Bus? Drive? Does the airport have enough parking space? Consider these little things. You wouldn’t want to miss your flight.

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After planning how to not miss your flight, give some thought to your arrival. See if you can save some money by booking flights to a lesser known airport. But, at the same time, consider how far it is from your destination. Weigh travel time against thrift.

On Booking a Connection

When booking for a travel abroad, you may need to decide whether you should book a nonstop flight or add a connection to your itinerary. Nonstop flights are great, they’ll bring you to your destination without any hassle. On the other hand, connections mean that you are giving yourself the opportunity to experience delayed flights or lost bags.

If however, you really can’t avoid including a connection, allow a couple of hours for you to change planes. Don’t cut it too close.

mobile apps & websites

On Mobile Apps and Websites

If you are having a hard time typing your itinerary on your computer or writing it down on a piece of paper, you can create itineraries using some websites and applications. Just Google it and you will find the best itinerary apps to match your personality and tastes.


When you’re planning a trip, you can get too excited and obsessed with making it perfect. However, there are times when you can’t follow your itinerary. Some things will go wrong. Your bus may be late, it might rain, you could get sick and so much more.

When creating the perfect itinerary for your travels, consider including a free day. Give yourself the time to discover places and go wherever your feet take you. It will also give you the chance in cases where you haven’t seen everything that you had originally planned.

The perfect itinerary that you could create is a flexible one. Expect the unexpected and leave some room for error.

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