The Country Place Baguio

Should You Book The Country Place Baguio? Here’s Why You Should

I’ve lived in Baguio for so many years but I’ve only learned about The Country Place Baguio last May. I mean, with how beautiful it is, I would’ve heard of it at least once.

Well, I guess hanging out with less than 5 people at school and having a school – home – school life, it would make sense that I don’t know a lot of places in Baguio.

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To my luck, my workmates decided to go on a staycation slash teambuilding at The Country Place Baguio. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  I wondered if it would be like the typical Baguio hotel. Hmmm..

The Country Place Baguio

the country place baguio

By the time we arrived, I was blown away by the decors and the overall look of the house. From the road, you wouldn’t be able to tell that The Country Place Baguio was anything special. It looked like a simple one-story house painted in white. However, once you look down the road, you’ll see the whole four stories.

The Country Place Baguio
Here’s the view from the main road.

Upon entering the house, I immediately noticed the homey atmosphere and rustic design. It’s my kind of place – my dream home! There’s even a fireplace by the living room!

If you’re alone though, The Country Place Baguio looks like the perfect setting for a good old horror movie – especially when you learn that it used to be called an ancestral house before they changed it to ‘a heritage home/house’. The reason for this was because a lot of people kept asking if the house is haunted.

Good thing, I came with a lot of people.

The Country Place Baguio Living Room
Look at this cozy view.
The Country Place Baguio
I see a fireplace!

Residence 1

We booked Residence 1 – the one located on the lowest part of the house. It’s basically underground but the house’s architect designed the place so the window part overlooked the beautiful garden outside.


The rooms were clean. Residence 1 had 4 rooms. One room is the master’s bedroom. Another room had 2 beds with a private bathroom. The third and fourth rooms were connected with 3 beds each.

The Country Place Baguio
Guess where I slept? The middle, of course! The left and right side are the sacrifices, just in case a ghost comes in.
The Country Place Baguio


On the other hand, the bathroom looked beautiful. Hot and cold showers were available. The Country Place Baguio also provides clean and fluffy towels, which is a good thing because I forgot mine. Harhar.

The Country Place Baguio Bathroom
Hmm… I was contemplating sleeping on the floor…

I forgot to take a photo of the shower area, so go check out the photos taken by Manila Mommy.


The Country Place’s cook makes really delicious dishes. When I asked about each residence, apparently, each one has a kitchen. The one on our residence had a dining table, a sink, a refrigerator, and most of the basic things a kitchen should have. Located on the lowest floor, our kitchen leads to the outside garden.

The Country Place Baguio
The Country Place Baguio’s cook. She makes amazing food!

The Outside Garden

Once you’re out of the house, you’ll be amazed by the garden. The place has a lookout area, wooden stairs, two areas where a table and a set of chairs are placed making it a great location for some afternoon tea party, a mini garden that was patterned from the Banaue rice terraces, a greenhouse and a hidden cave (covered cave).

The Country Place Baguio
And the stairs? Instagram-worthy!
The Country Place Baguio
Look at the pretty garden…
The Country Place Baguio Cave
There’s a hidden cave here. Visitors are not allowed to enter, though. I’m not even sure how big it is.
The Country Place Baguio
There’s the lookout!
The Country Place Baguio
Doesn’t this photo make you want to go on tea parties?
The Country Place Baguio
Check out this little greenhouse…somebody’s got green thumbs!

However, despite the greeneries surrounding the house, you are subjected to a view of the Baguio houses. From the garden, you can see a bunch of colorful houses that have replaced what used to be a mountain full of pine trees. At night though, you’ll have a really pretty view of the city’s lights.

The country place baguio
Here comes the fooooog.
The country place baguio
Okay, I’m loving this!
The country place baguio
The city lights make it look like the city’s on fire!!!


In Baguio, the temperature drops at night so bring some jackets with you if you decide to hang out at the garden. To make the place warm, feel free to ask the caretaker if you could have a bonfire. I suggest you do, though, it makes your stay worth it. Have some fun with your family or friends and play a few games to make your stay more memorable.

The country place baguio
And of course, you can’t forget the bonfire.

Despite staying in Baguio for so many years, it was the first time I ever heard of The Country Place Baguio. I guess, unsociable as I was back in college, it’s no wonder there are still a lot of places in Baguio that I have yet to discover. If you’re a group of friends, or a family looking for a cozy and wonderful place to stay in Baguio, I definitely recommend booking The Country Place Baguio.

You can contact them via their website or Facebook Page to reserve a residence.

20 Dominican Hill Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, 0917 852 8228

P.S. I never saw any ghost soooo yeah.

Our team?

the country place baguio
From left to right: Pogi, Pogi Pogi, and Pogi Pogi Pogi.
the country place baguio
the country place baguio
OMG. Is that a ghost hand?
the country place baguio
The mandatory let’s-take-a-photo-before-we-dig-in group picture.

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