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7 Exciting Things to do in Dubai in 2021

Dubai, the land of world records is known for its glamor and glitz. Be its tall skyscrapers, pristine white sand beaches or huge desert you have it all in Dubai.

And if you are a nomad who loves to explore things, then you will never fall short of things to do in Dubai. Here are 7 exciting things to do in Dubai which will stay with you forever.

burj khalifa

Head to the Burj Khalifa

A visit to Dubai is never complete if you have not seen the Burj Khalifa. This wonder is the world’s tallest building at 830 meters.

The world’s tallest observation deck in this building is at 555 meters and you can see almost entire Dubai at this height. Soak in the grandeur of this city while at the observation deck.

Head to Burj Khalifa before dawn at 5:30 am on Fridays and Saturdays to view the sunrise from the observatory. You can capture Dubai in both before and after sunrise with some amazing pics.

You also get a complimentary pastry and a signature drink with this ticket.

dubai aquarium

Visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium that holds over 10 million liters of water. A tank of this size is supposed to hold the largest collection of aquatic animals in it. With over 33000 aquatic creatures of over 145 species, you will definitely get to see something new when you visit it.

The aquarium holds the largest collection of sand tiger sharks and rays. Be it piranhas or archer fish you have it all here. The 48-meter long underwater tunnel with a 270-degree view will make you feel as if you are there between these beautiful creatures and will leave you to spellbound. Do not miss to visit King Croc when here.

aquaventure water park

Bring out the child in you at the Aquaventure Park

One of the largest water parks in Dubai, the Aquaventure water park will bring out the child in you. With plenty of activities to do for all ages, you will never run out of fun items to do in this water park.

Whether it be a ride like the Leap of Faith where you plunge 27.5 meters and go through a clear tube surrounded by rays and sharks or be it adrenaline pumping activity such as ziplining across the park you will find it all here. This huge park also features kids splash area, private beaches, and other marine activities.

Access is free for in-house guests while visitors pass is available for visitors.

desert safari

Bash the Sand Dunes

Though  Dubai is synonymous with many things, the desert is one thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Dubai. Things can’t get more exciting when you get to bash the sand dunes in style.

Dune bashing is an iconic and fun-filled activity that you can do in Dubai. Adrenaline pumps through your blood when you go for this activity.

Usually, you sit in a big 4X4 vehicle and drive through various sand dunes with varying speed and maneuver. It is safe as the vehicle is fitted all the safety gear required to perform this action.

legoland dubai

Unleash the inner architect in Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai is an ultimate theme park which offers hands-on experience and some amazing adventures. You can be a part of Lego city and enjoy the breath-taking view of the Lego kingdom, Lego Twisters, and Lego Miniland.

Be on an adventure of a captivating underwater submarine, or recovering a pharaohs stolen treasure or ride the adrenaline pumping Dragon coaster through the king’s castle. With over 60 interactive rides, shows, water slides, and Lego building experience there is something for everyone here.

Especially if you are with kids, then Legoland experience is a must-do in your list.

hot air balloon dubai

Go Hot Air Ballooning

Experience Dubai in a unique way with the hot air balloon experience. Experience the mesmerizing view of the vast desert while floating above in hot air balloons.

With world-class safety measures and highly trained pilots, you are in safe to float over the desert in these balloons. This one of a kind experience will leave you and your loved ones in awe. After all the glamor and glitz of Dubai city, this ride helps you relax and rejuvenate while you wonder at the various attractions of the desert.

After an hour of floating around these hot air balloons, you will safely land and celebrate the flight. It must be a definite item to strike off your bucket list.

dubai miracle garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai miracle garden is a flower garden spread over 72000 square meters. This garden boasts of over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. Plenty of attractions to visit, this garden has a variety of sculptures, heart-shaped arches, pyramids, and full-sized houses.

A team of highly trained horticulturists and greenskeepers meticulously take care of all the flowers and plants. The giant Airbus 380 made of flowers is among one of the main attractions here.

One of the stupendous Dubai Miracle Garden facts is the flower wall with a 1 km circumference that holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the longest flower wall in the world. Another beautiful exhibit here is the butterfly garden that houses over 15,000 butterflies in custom-built domes.

Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is one of those few cities across the world that is flooded with tourists almost although the year. No matter the weather, tourists simply love coming to the crown prince of UAE all year round.

But if you’d ask anyone which is the best time to visit Dubai, weather-wise, the unanimous answer would be between the months of November and March. The weather is at its best in this desert city and the celebrations are in full swing. Dubai’s style of New Year’s Eve celebration is famous across the world.

In the months of January and February, Dubai celebrates the iconic Dubai Shopping Festival that brings shoppers from all over the world to the city. It is also during this time of the year that the cultural festivities are at their peak.

So when you want to see the best of Dubai, go during the months of November and March.

With such exciting Dubai tourist attractions to experience, you will never fall short of activities. What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip and experience the wonders of Dubai.

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  1. I Visited these all in my previous visit. This tour activities are very amazing and your blog is very good. Please write a blog about not famous activities in Dubai. Because someone like me are waiting for some thing to explore unusually. If writing something like that in this way should be effective.

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