10 Day Trips Near Manila For The Best Road Trips

day trips near manila

If you own a car and you like travelling, then most likely you’ve thought of going on a road trip. You’ve had it all planned out but you have your busy schedule ahead of you. The best option is to go for a day trip instead of finding a place where you can stay overnight.

Day trips are perfect if you’re looking for a quick break from the city. Just a brief time away from the hectic environment of the metro can do wonders for your mind, especially if you’ve been recently stressed out by many things. It’s like taking a small vacation, just to recharge and unwind.

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Lucky for you, there are many great places and spots that you can drive to for day trips near Manila. There’s no need to search for far destinations to drive to where you can relax or enjoy a little adventure.

Let this article show you 10 day trips near Manila for the best road trips.

Important reminder: Before you embark on your day trip, be sure that your vehicle is prepared. Check your battery, your engine, lights, and especially your tires. There’s nothing more inconvenient than being delayed because of a tire problem. Avoiding such delays is now made easy online when all you have to do is search tire centers near me to find the best tires for you. Be sure to check the car battery, if it is worn out it is better to replace it with a new one. Check out our guide from CarBibles on how to choose a good quality and affordable automotive battery.

Tip: If you’re from another country and planning to drive around the Philippines, then you need to get an IDP from the International Driver’s Association.


IMAGE | Escala Tagaytay

The second summer capital of the country has always been one of the go-to destinations of people from the metro for a road trip. Only approximately 2.5 hours away south of Manila, Tagaytay is a perfect itinerary for a day trip. One of its main attractions is a ridge that has a scenic view of nature that surrounds the city.

The cooler climate is also one of the things that makes Tagaytay a tourist hotspot. In addition to that, they also have delicious food and places where you can relax and enjoy different activities such as museums and an amusement park.

If you’re planning a trip to Tagaytay, here are several articles you might want to read to help you plan the perfect itinerary!


Another city that is near Manila that makes a good road trip destination is Antipolo. It only takes approximately an hour to go there which makes it hassle-free. There are great places to visit where you can eat your hearts out after admiring beautiful works of art.

Antipolo is home to the Pinto Museum located in San Roque. Within the museum is a cafe where you can enjoy food and drinks after exploring and looking around. There is also Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa situated inside an eight-hectare patch of land called the Loreland Farm Resort. Luljetta’s offers various packages for treatments and you can also walk around the resort property before your spa appointment or after it to snap a few photos with the lush greenery as your background.

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Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve

For people who love a good hike, Mt. Makiling in Laguna is only a couple of hours away. The trail begins in UP Los Baños’ College of Forestry and is currently open to day hikers. The reserve also makes for a suitable climb if you’re a novice in mountaineering or just a casual hiker.

While you’re at it, you can also take a little side trip to the Makiling Botanical Gardens where the entrance fee is only at Php 40.00.

Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls is a famous waterfall found in Laguna and one of the most known waterfalls in the country. You’ll have to ride a boat and cruise along the Magdapio River to get to the main waterfall. Don’t worry, life vests are provided.

Pagsanjan Falls is one of the best places for a rafting adventure that offers majestic sceneries. It’s sure to make your adrenaline levels rise!

If you loved your trip to Pagsanjan Falls, I’d also recommend visiting the nearby Hulugan Falls. Its majestic height is sure to make your jaw drop!

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Enjoying the Beach at One Laiya

Laiya is one of the most popular beaches in South Luzon. It’s one of the best day trips near Manila for beach lovers! A mere three-hour drive is the distance that you have to travel to get there to satisfy your longing for the sea. With so many available beach resorts in Laiya, you can pick where you prefer to stay for the day.

The resort that you’ll pick may depend on your budget and the available amenities offered for day visitors like you. I’d recommend choosing Acuaverde Beach Resort, Playa Laiya Beach Club, Virgin Beach Resort, or One Laiya Beach Resort (if you’re on a budget).

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Mt. Pinatubo

Another popular day hike spot is Mt. Pinatubo. Approximately two and a half hours from Manila, Pinatubo is the living proof that even the most destructive of forces like a volcano is also a melting pot of beauty and picturesque scenery.

The jump-off point is at the Sta. Juliana Tourism. From here, you’ll ride 4×4 vehicles to get to the start of the trail.

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Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm

If you desire to do something that’s a little different than the usual vacation or leisure activities, the GK Farm in Bulacan might be the place for you. Here, you can avail of a day tour and immersion to sustainable farming.

The Enchanted Farm was built to help the local farmers in the countryside. By availing of the guided farm tour and participating in enterprise demos, you can help the local farmers make the most of their crops! It’s an awesome business to support.

Masungi Georeserve

For those adventurous by heart and those who want to get a workout in, the place for you is the Masungi Georeserve in Rizal. What you will be doing after driving for about two hours from the city is engage in a challenging trail that is situated in an amazing landscape. It is a well-designed conservation hub that was put together with the help of National Geographic.

The trail will give you about a day’s worth of cardio and strength training so prepare your body and bring a lot of water to hydrate after you’re done.

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Twin Lakes


The twin lakes found in San Pablo, Laguna are called Lake Yambo and Lake Pandin. There, you will be surrounded by clear lake waters and lush vegetation. The stunning scenery is just perfect for a peaceful stay where you can have a picnic with your companions or just enjoy a little me-time. And while you’re at it, why not visit the 5 other lakes of San Pablo?

Since you’re on a road trip, you can also head over to nearby tourist spots like the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery and Bunga Falls.

MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary

A road trip to a pet sanctuary is something you might’ve never even considered doing before, but you probably should do. Relieve some stress with the cutest animals at the MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary in Morong, Rizal. With over 600 cats and dogs who were rescued and adopted to be taken care of, this is a paradise for all animal lovers.

You can also donate food for their pets, so don’t forget to bring them to see the animals’ happy faces when they see you arrive with it.

Any of these day trips near Manila is a wonderful way to spend your time of the day for a road trip. Set the date and have yourself an awesome time.

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