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Where To Go In Tagaytay

Where To Go In Tagaytay: 10 Top Instagrammable Tagaytay Tourist Spots

Guest Post by Angelo Casteda

We’re answering your question on “where to go in Tagaytay” featuring Instagrammable places to visit!

Picture-perfect places have now become more common especially as time passes by and tourist interest changes with the world. Business at tourist destinations design their spots to cater to traveling Millenials from different places and backgrounds who loves capturing photos and filming videos of their adventures. They will then upload their digital files online to share with the world.

As one of the major tourist cities in the Philippines, Tagaytay is filled with social media-post worthy places to see. From its natural wonders to man-made structures that are designed to highlight picturesque sceneries, the city is certainly a go-to spot for taking the coolest photos. Just an amazing city for photophiles to be in.

If you’re planning a little trip to the second-summer capital of the Philippines and click away with your camera, here are the top instagrammable places and Tagaytay tourist spots to visit.

Where To Go In Tagaytay: Top InstagrammableTagaytay Tourist Spots

The Purple Owl


Located at Gardenia Loop, Villa Pura is this perfect dating spot. Definitely one of the best spots for couples who want to escape the crowded establishments during weekends, The Purple Owl provides a simple and creative service of personalization.

This dating venue offers to set up your own personalized dating space. You can choose to have a simple set up and even watch a movie all in the comfort of the outdoors. It’s definitely a fun experience that you’ll enjoy with your special someone and share on social media.

Escala Tagaytay


Escala Tagaytay prides itself to be the best hotel in Tagaytay. This contemporary hotel overlooks the Taal Lake and has balconies and infinity pools that provide the most beautiful vantage point to enjoy said views and take photos from.

Whether it’s during the day or at night, you can revel in such divine natural beauty that surrounds you. Capture every moment and have your friends be fascinated at one of the most beautiful Tagaytay lots around.


The Gingerbread House


If you’re with your parents and your younger siblings then this place just 10 minutes from Tagaytay is for you. The Gingerbread House is a fairy-tale themed place best for kids and kids-at-heart alike.

Take photos at the sweetest spots, literally, because of the candies and sweets surrounding you, as you walk around and feel like you’ve been transported inside your favorite fairy tale book as a kid.

Mount Sungay


Located in Eastern Tagaytay is the Cavite’s highest point, Mount Sungay is a popular hiker’s spot where you can get a glimpse of another famous tourist spot, People’s Park in the Sky.

Fun fact: During the early days, this mountain’s distinguishable shape and sharp peak also made it a reliable landmark for seafarers sailing in from the Manila Bay.



From its branch at Baguio, Tsokolateria brought all its chocolate goodness to Tagaytay. Every single dish served in this restaurant has that twist that will transform everybody into chocolate lovers.

Apart from the delicious food, the entire place itself instagrammable. The decorative design of select furniture and the peaceful ambiance is all IG-ready. All you have to do is take the shot.

La Bella Tagaytay


Don’t have the budget for Santorini? La Bella Tagaytay‘s Santorini-inspired exteriors will transport you to Santorini and back! Everything here is Insta-worthy!

Don’t forget to check out the onsite cafe – Bodhi Library and Cafe for more Instagrammable spots.


Bag of Beans


Love coffee? You’re going to love Tagaytay’s Bag of Beans. Not only are all their branches Instagrammable but their food is also superb! Go grab some brunch and take your camera with you for that Insta-worthy shot!

Dreamland Arts & Crafts


Ahh. Dreamland Arts and Crafts is every Bohemian lover’s dream destination. This cafe is a must-visit if you want to take photos with dream catchers!

Moon Garden


Moon Garden can double as your staycation and Instagrammable Tagaytay destination. This Airbnb will take you to Bali and back with their gardens and relaxing vibe.

Book your first stay and get your P2,200 ($44) Airbnb discount for your first booking!

La VeryOl’s

La VeryOl's Kawa Hot Bath

La VeryOl’s is your one of a kind destination in Tagaytay. With its stunning mountain views, kawa hot baths and glamping huts, this place is a must-visit! You can’t go wrong with a photo on the kawa with all the flowers surrounding you.

Now you have your itinerary for your future Tagaytay visits so you can plan on where to go in Tagaytay and where to take those cool photos to post.

Where to stay in Tagaytay

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Airbnb Tagaytay

Aside from hotels and resorts, you can also opt to stay at an Airbnb.

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Angelo Castelda is a known feature writer and contributor for a news magazine in Asia. One of his most featured articles talks about the beauty of the Philippines. On his free days, he loves to travel around the country and wishes to explore all 7,641 islands in all 81 provinces.

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