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La Bella Tagaytay Little Santorini: Complete Travel Guide

La Bella Tagaytay
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Don’t you just want to book a flight and spend a day or two in Santorini, Greece? I won’t lie and say it’s not on my bucket list but trips outside of the Philippines, especially one in Europe, are quite expensive. Thankfully, there’s La Bella Tagaytay to offer us a taste of Santorini with its architecture and white and blue paint.

While La Bella Tagaytay doesn’t offer stunning ocean views, it does, however, provide a marvelous location surrounded by nature. More than just a little Santorini in Tagaytay, this beautiful hotel is a must-see!

If you’re planning to book a room at La Bella Tagaytay, here’s everything you need to know.

About La Bella Tagaytay

La Bella Tagaytay is a boutique hotel located at Brgy. Neogan. Its location is a bit secluded and private so you’ll need to ride a tricycle to get to the restaurants and malls in Tagaytay. Nevertheless, if you love a peaceful retreat, you’ll want to book again!

La Bella Tagaytay

Within La Bella Tagaytay, you’ll find the following:

La Bella Boutique Hotel

This is La Bella Tagaytay’s official hotel. You can book your stay here and use the pool for free. You can choose from the following rooms to book:

La Bella Residences

Don’t confuse La Bella Boutique Hotel and La Bella Residences like we did. La Bella Residences houses condominium units so if you want to buy a unit, this is where to get it. And just like most condominiums, you’ll find Airbnbs inside.

We booked our La Bella Tagaytay staycation on Airbnb so we stayed at La Bella Residences. The main difference between the two is that guests at La Bella Residences have to pay a P100 fee per person to try the pool.

Swimming Pool

One of the unique things about La Bella Tagaytay is their aquarium-like swimming pool. What do I mean? One part of the pool is completely see-through. You didn’t go to La Bella if you didn’t have your photo taken here. Haha. Here’s mine.

La Bella Tagaytay

Getting your photo taken while trying not to drown and hitting your head on the concrete is hard. LMAO.

Village Market

Construction is currently ongoing. This is just a few meters away from Bodhi Cafe and Library.


The jacuzzi is a bit expensive but if you have the money, go for it! It’s located on the rooftop, so the view you get is just plain awesome. Soak and enjoy what La Bella has to offer. You’ll need to pay P2,000 pesos to have access to it.


You’ll find that La Bella Tagaytay is adorned with several paintings, arts, and crafts. If you’re into arts, you’ll love this place.

Restaurants & Cafe

  • Bodhi Cafe & Library – Love waffles? You’ll want to stay here. Here’s an article that summarizes our experience of Bodhi Cafe & Library.
  • El Cocinero – Their seafood paella is to die for! (Honestly, this is the only meal we ordered. One, because it was expensive. Two, it was their best seller!)
  • Organico Gourmet – We didn’t get to try their food but we heard it’s amazing.
  • Hirasei Japanese Restaurant – Quite expensive. We’d recommend Aozora Japanese Restaurant if you’re into Japanese food.
El Cocinero
El Cocinero Paella yummm!

What We Loved

We stayed at Happy Soul Santorini Villa and the place is fantastically amazing! I recommend this Airbnb 110/100 if you want a Tagaytay staycation. This article talks more about our stay at this lovely Airbnb.

La Bella Tagaytay

Ryk and I loved how La Bella Tagaytay had everything in it. Well, except for a supermarket, but that’s beside the point. We loved how restaurants are just a few steps away from the entrance of the hotel.

Plus, the trees all over the place gives it a private feel. We stayed during a weekend so we felt as if we had the place all to ourselves.

La Bella Tagaytay
Bodhi Cafe & Library

Where to Book & Rates

How To Get There

Via Car

  • Head to SLEX towards Calamba
  • Take exit 38 toward Sta. Rosa
  • Turn right onto Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Rd
  • Turn right onto Tagaytay – Calamba Rd
  • At Tagaytay Rotonda, continue straight onto Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy
  • When you reach, Mendez Crossing, you’re just a couple of kilometers away. Landmarks are SM Savemore, Ministop and Jollibee
  • Turn right at the street with the signage of Antonio’s and the Cabana, La Bella Residences
  • Turn left at the street with the signage of La Bella Residences.

Via Commute

  • Ride a bus heading to Tagaytay, Nasugbu, Lian, Calatagan or Alfonso in Buendia or Pasay. You can choose from the CelyRosa, DLTB Co., Alfonso Liner, BSC, or Cavite-Batangas bus liners. Travel time is around 2 hours while the fare is P100+.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at Radar. From here, ride a tricycle to La Bella for around P30+ (good for up to four persons).

Tips & Reminders

  • Valid ID is required upon check-in.
  • Unfortunately, furbabies (pets) are not allowed. Huhu.
  • Bring your towels when you go to the swimming pool. The pool is open from 8AM to 8PM.
  • Getting out of La Bella to explore the rest of Tagaytay can be a pain especially if you don’t have a car. Ask the guard to contact a tricycle for you.

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