7 Can’t-miss Cebu Waterfalls to Visit

cebu waterfalls

Having a hard time choosing the best Cebu waterfalls to go to? We’ve got you covered!

Cebu has no doubt the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen in my life. I wasn’t really interested in seeing a few waterfalls especially since Cebu offers some of best snorkeling sites in the Philippines.

But ever since I saw photos of blue-tinted waterfalls, I just had to go and see for myself how blue these falls really were. Most of the falls I’ve seen were either brown or green in color so I was pretty excited to see these babies.

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Getting to the Waterfalls

Ryk and I went to all of these waterfalls in one day thanks to our Airbnb host in Sambag Hideaway (Get your P2,200 ($44) Airbnb discount here!) for arranging the tour. Here’s kuya Xyto, our driver’s info if you want to visit all these falls in a day, too.

  • Contact Number: Globe – 09352510032 | Sun – 09333131859

Just let him know Wanderera sent you.

We paid P4,000 for the whole activity (excluding meals, entrance fees, parking fees, and guide fees). Kuya Xyto knows a lot of good and affordable places to eat so tell him in advance if you want to stop for a meal.

We started our trip at 4 AM from Moalboal to Osmena Peak for the sunrise (I suggest starting at 3 AM so you’ll be there before the sun rises.) then proceed to all seven waterfalls.

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Note: The whole activity will take the entire day. You’ll have to walk 10 to 20 minutes to go to each falls so be sure you’re physically fit to do a lot of walking before doing this. Our feet ached a lot the next day and nearly gave up after our 5th falls. We’re glad we didn’t!

To get to all the waterfalls, you’ll need to spend around 5 to 15 mins in each falls so this might not be for you if you love to travel slowly.

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So now going back to our waterfalls itinerary. The following waterfalls were chosen after a lot of reading and research by yours truly with the help of the locals on the best waterfalls to visit.

The following list is ordered according to our trip’s itinerary.

Cambais Falls


  • Entrance Fee: P50 (1 USD) per head
  • Guide Fee: No fixed rate, it’s up to you how much you’ll pay.

Walking Time To Reach the Falls: 15 to 20 mins

Travel Guide: Cambais Falls Travel Guide: Alegria, Cebu

cebu waterfalls

Our first stop after visiting Osmena Peak is Cambais Falls. And it was such a treat!

It was my first blue waterfall and definitely among the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. Here, you’ll walk beside a creek with the waters coming from the waterfall itself.

There are a few houses around and you’ll pass by locals doing laundry by the creek. Just looking at them makes you want to try and do it, too.

And just a few minutes from the falls, you’ll be passing through a trail with tall tall taaaaall trees on both sides! It was magical.

By the time we reached the falls, I was amazed at how blue the falls were. Besides us, there were other tourists who were jumping from the rocks to the waterfall basin. There’s even rock on where water is cascading down to the basin. You can also jump from there, too.

With its cool blue waters, Cambais Falls is definitely a must-visit especially if you’re coming from Osmena Peak.

Montpellier Falls


  • Entrance Fee: None
  • Guide Fee: There’s no guide. You just have to follow the trail.

Walking Time To Reach the Falls: around 15 mins

After Cambais, we went to visit Montpellier Falls. From the main road, you’ll need to walk for around 15 minutes to reach the waterfalls. The trail is pretty much okay but it can be quite slippery especially after rain. You’ll be passing by a few houses and then get a stunning view of the mountains.

By the time we reached the waterfalls, nobody else was there. We had it all to ourselves!

Montpellier Falls is quite a beauty to behold. From the top, the water flows down to a single big rock then to its basin. The view reminds me of those cartoons and animes I watched where the protagonist had to go train under a big waterfall and they’d just sit there while meditating.

Inambakan & Bugnawan Falls


  • Entrance Fee: P50 (1 USD) per head
  • Parking Fee: P50 (1 USD)
  • Guide Fee: No fixed rate, it’s up to you how much you’ll pay.

Walking Time To Reach the Falls: 3 to 5 mins

Travel Guide: Inambakan Falls Travel Guide: Ginatilan Cebu

Inambakan Falls
Inambakan Falls

I put these two together since they’re just a few minutes walk away from each other.

Inambakan Falls is the 2nd highest waterfall on the island with a height of 100 meters.

By the time we went there, the waterfalls had a lot of water flowing down that you can easily get carried down the stream. Because of this, locals have placed a rope for people to hold onto when swimming.

The water was refreshingly cool just like all the other waterfalls but this one was the best one to swim in. If you like getting a massage, you’re going to love the “water massage” by the big rock where the water from its basin flows down and creates a mini falls.

Inambakan Falls

Be careful, though, it’s a bit slippery.

Bugnawan Falls

After we swam and fooled around the Inambakan Falls, our guide told us about Bugnawan Falls which is just a few hundred steps above Inambakan. The water from Bugnawan Falls is the same water that flows down Inambakan Falls. Compared to Inambakan, Bugnawan is a bit smaller.

You can go waterfall jumping on both falls. Ask your guide the best spot to jump from.

Dao Falls


  • Environmental Fee: P20 (0.4 USD) per head
  • Parking Fee: P40 (0.8 USD)
  • Guide Fee: No fixed rate, it’s up to you how much you’ll pay.

Walking Time To Reach the Falls: 25 to 30 mins

Travel Guide: Dao Travel Guide: Samboan, Cebu

dao falls

This is definitely my favorite waterfall. To get there, you’ll be going down 100+ steps and proceed to either walk on the bamboo bridge or use another trail. I was a bit skeptical about walking on the bamboo bridge but our guide assured us that it was strong enough.

After the bridge, we walked by the river. There were tons of slippery rocks that Ryk slipped on one and nearly destroyed our GoPro. This trail is probably the longest and the most beautiful if you ask me.

As we got nearer to the waterfall, the river went deeper and the trail got steeper. The locals, in their own creative way, carved steps from the limestone walls surrounding the river. If you’re tall, I’m warning you now. You’re gonna do a lot of crouching. Plus, the steps can be slippery so be sure to hold onto the railings.

dao falls
dao falls

On top of the steps was Dao waterfalls and it was breathtaking! The blue waters around the basin are so inviting you’ll want to go take a dip as soon as you get there.

Binalayan Falls


  • Entrance Fee: P40 (0.8 USD) per head
  • Parking Fee: P50 (1 USD)
  • Guide Fee: No fixed rate, it’s up to you how much you’ll pay.

Walking Time To Reach the Falls: 12 to 15 mins

Travel Guide: Binalayan Falls Travel Guide: Samboan, Cebu

binalayan falls

By this time, Ryk was exhausted and one of his knees hurt since he slipped on that rock during the trek to Dao Falls so I went alone.

The trail was fairly easy compared to all the other falls we’ve trekked so far. It was just plain walking. No steep steps or anything. You’ll be passing by tons of trees and some creeks here and there.

Among all the other waterfalls, Binalayan waterfall was the only one to have a tire swing on it. Beside the falls were a few tables and chairs perfect if you’re bringing lunch with you.

binalayan falls

If you love to jump, you’ll love this waterfall. There are two levels. On the first level, you can get yourself a “water massage” or just swim at the basin. At the top, you can jump since it’s not that high.

On the other hand, the second level had a lot more jumping spots. Some were even marked.

Kawasan Falls


  • Entrance Fee: P45 (0.9 USD) per head
  • Guide Fee: You don’t need a guide. But if you need one to help you carry your stuff, you’ll have to pay P250 (5 USD).

Walking Time To Reach the Falls: 20 to 30 mins

kawasan falls

This is the only waterfall that has a cemented pathway and developed all around. On the way there, you’ll pass by a lot of local vendors and by the time you reach the waterfall, you’ll find that several establishments were built around the waterfall. It was a bit disappointing but the waterfall in itself was glorious.

Kawasan Falls had the biggest basin you can swim in. We visited all waterfalls in one day on a Saturday and only Kawasan Falls was full of people. The other waterfalls weren’t as crowded as Kawasan was.

So if you’re looking for a less-crowded waterfall, avoid Kawasan Falls.

And that ends our “Chasing Waterfalls” adventure! I definitely wouldn’t recommend going to all the waterfalls in one day. It’s best to choose one or two and take the time to enjoy your trip.

We didn’t include Aguinid and Tumalog Falls since most of the locals we talked to said it wasn’t worth going to both falls because of the low water levels. Plus, Aguinid Falls is now at P300+ entrance fee.

So which among the Cebu waterfalls is your favorite?

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What to Pack for Cebu

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