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Cambais Falls 2021 Travel Guide: Alegria, Cebu

Cebu is filled with epic waterfalls tinted with the blue color. I don’t know how or why but all the best waterfalls we saw during our chasing waterfalls adventure have that gatorade-like color.

Kinda seems unbelievable, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought, too so when Ryk and I had the chance to go back to Cebu, we quickly included several waterfalls on our itinerary including Cambais falls.

How to Get to Cambais Falls

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Cambais falls is located in Alegria, Cebu. The best way to get there is by renting a motorcycle or a car. From Moalboal, it will take you an hour to reach Cambais falls.

You can simply follow Google Maps if you think you’re going to get lost.

Keep an eye out for the sign that says you’re at the start of the trail to the waterfall.

From here, you’ll then get a guide to bring you to the waterfalls. And just like all the other waterfalls in Cebu, there’s no exact rate for the guides. It’s up to you how much you’ll pay them.

Here’s a map to Cambais falls to help you plan your trip.


  • Entrance Fee: P50 (1 USD) per head
  • Guide Fee: No fixed rate, it’s up to you how much you’ll pay.

Cambais Waterfalls

After our sunrise hike in Osmena Peak, our tour guide and driver, Xyto, suggested that we start our waterfall adventure at Cambais falls since it’s the nearest one from Osmena Peak.

The waterfalls is just around 30 minutes away from Osmena Peak. The drive is quite scenic with its mountain views and paved roads.

From the road, you’ll walk for around 15 to 20 minutes passing by trees, creeks, houses and locals doing laundry by the creek. It’s quite a sight.

Just a few meters from the waterfall, you’ll pass by a stall renting out life vests, then the registration area.

cambais waterfalls

Cambais waterfalls has two levels. The first one has a huge pool of blue-tinted waters. Here, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle with all the trees surrounding the falls.

cambais falls

Unlike the other waterfalls we’ve seen in Cebu, the waterfalls here is pouring over a big limestone. You can swim around the pool or cliff jump from the big rocks around.

To get to the second level, you’ll need to go up a rope then a bamboo ladder. Not many people go here and only stop until the first level so if you want to have your own private waterfall in the middle of the jungle, check out the second level.

Where to Stay in Cebu

When planning your trip to Cebu, it’s best that you book months before your travel date. This is to ensure that you have a place to sleep the night in. Here are some that I’d recommend for you to book.


Cebu City


Bogo City






Cebu City

Bantayan Island






Cebu City


Bantayan Island

Airbnb Cebu

Aside from hotels and resorts, you can also opt to stay at an Airbnb.

Get your P2,200 ($44) Airbnb discount here!

Responsible Travel Tips

When traveling to one place, make sure you practice responsible tourism. Here are some tips to do so.

1. Respect the environment

Don’t litter. Please hold onto your trash until you find a garbage can.

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2. Avoid single-use plastic

Bring your eco bag and refuse single-use plastic.

3. Shop local

Keep the traditional crafts alive and support local artisans. Buy from them. And try not to haggle, P20 may seem small to you but it can mean a lot to them.

4. Always ask permission

Be sure to ask for permission first when taking photos or videos especially when it comes to children

What to Pack for Cebu

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Our Camera Gear

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