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kota beach resort

Should You Book Kota Beach Resort? Here’s Our Review

Kota Beach Resort is one of Bantayan Island’s most visited spots. Don’t miss it and make the most of your stay in Bantayan Island on this resort.

Ever watched the Camp Sawi movie and wondered where the beautiful beach and the spectacular island in the movie are located? It’s in Bantayan Island. Boasting of many beautiful sceneries and beaches, this island is located just north of Cebu.

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Kota Beach Resort : Bantayan Island’s White Beach

If you plan on visiting Bantayan Island, I’d definitely recommend you to check into Kota Beach Resort.

Amenities and Features

The beach in front of Kota Beach Resort is well known for its sandbar. During the low tide, you will find yourself marveling at the sandbar and gazing into the turquoise blue waters.

By the beach area, you will find yourself sitting or lounging in one of the chairs placed there. With all the coconut trees around, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

kota beach resort
kota beach resort

If you get hungry, there’s a restaurant in the resort where you can chill and eat to your heart’s content. Be warned though. There’s no aircon inside. There are only the sea breeze and the fans to keep you cool.

kota beach resort
kota beach resort


Kota Beach Resort doesn’t accept any walk-ins, so you have to book online if you want to stay here.

They have four types of accommodation in the resort.

  • Beachfront Suite: Basically, this one is the closest to the beach and the most expensive. – P4,500
  • Beachfront Cottage: Unlike the suite, the cottage only has one queen-sized bed. It’s also near the beach. – P4,000
  • Deluxe Cottage: You will find this accommodation in the 2nd to 4th row from the beach. (2nd row – P3,500 and 3rd & 4th row – P2,500)
  • Standard Aircon Room: Lastly, the standard aircon room is the one found at the very back of the resort and the cheapest. – P1,800

Each one of Kota Beach resort’s accommodation boasts of an outdoor terrace, and an air conditioner. Only the Beachfront Suite has Wifi access which sucks.

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kota beach resort

Our Experience

During our stay, we booked the Standard Aircon Room. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite impressed with the room. It was a bit dull and boring. The bathroom locks wouldn’t even work properly, and we had to bath with the door half open. The room wasn’t what you’d call as homey, but I guess that’s what you get when you book their cheapest accommodation.

What made our stay worth it was the cute dogs running around the resort. They’re really friendly, and one even loved sleeping on my lap.

kota beach resort

The view of the sunset by the beach was spectacular. In the morning, the view of the sea breeze just calms you down. It makes me wish I booked the beachfront huts.

kota beach resort

Don’t be shocked if you see students and sellers walking around the beach. I think the resort isn’t as private as it is. You’ll be approached by jewelry sellers when you’re here. That’s okay. They aren’t that pushy so when you say no, they’ll leave you alone to enjoy paradise.

If you love seafood, keep your eyes open to the scallop sellers. Some pass here to sell cooked scallops for a pretty low price.

kota beach resort

If you want to go around the island, you can either rent a bicycle for P150 for 24 hours or rent a tricycle for a land tour. The rate is usually at 500 to 1,000 pesos depending on where you want to go.

The market is just a few minutes away, and there’s an ATM there. Plus, if you want to go on a food trip, there are restaurants nearby where you can eat some French food, seafood, cakes, and many more.

How To Get There

  • From Mactan Airport, ride a taxi going to the North Cebu Bus Terminal. Here, you can ride a bus heading to Hagnaya Port. Travel time is around 3 hours.
  • From the port, you have to buy your ticket to ride the ferry boats going to Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island. Travel time is around 1 hour.
  • Once in Sta. Fe, ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off at Kota Beach Resort.

Note: You can also coordinate with the resort, so they will fetch you from Sta Fe.

Tips and Reminders

  • It’s best to book the cottages or the suites so you can fully enjoy the place.
  • If you love scallops, wait for the sellers early in the morning.
  • You can rent a bike for P150 for a whole day just outside the resort.
  • Contact the resort before going to Bantayan Island so they can fetch you from the port. Often, they will be the one to text your number on your booking date.
  • Explore Bantayan Island and its neighboring islands via land tour and boat tour.
  • The sunset here is beautiful! Don’t miss it.


You can contact the resort via:

  • Facebook Page
  • Phone: (032) 438 9042
  • Email Address: reservation@kotabeachresort.com

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