Cagbalete Island, Quezon: Where To Beach Camp For Less Than 800 Pesos


Cagbalete Island has recently become a popular summer destination. With its beautiful beachfront campsites to dreamy sights, it’s no wonder a lot of people has this island in their must-visit list.

Just a few hours away from Manila, Cagbalete Island is a hidden paradise with unspoiled beaches. If you are looking for a budget weekend getaway, look no further than Cagbalete Island.

To help you have a budget trip without missing out on all that Cagbalete Island has to offer, we have created the ultimate camping guide to this stunning island.

Cagbalete Island Campsites

To start, here we have a list of the Cagbalete island campsites

Villa Noe Beach Resort

Entrance Fee: P100 per person

Tent Rentals:

  • Small Tent – P400 per night
  • Medium Tent – P600 per night
  • Large Tent – P800 per night
  • Bring Your Own Tent – P300 per night


Pansacola Beach Resort

Entrance Fee: P50 per person

Tent Rentals: P300 per tent per night (good for 2-3 persons)

Camping Fee: P200 per guest per night, P250 per guest per night ( holidays and weekends)


Dona Choleng Camping Resort

Entrance Fee: P50 per person

Tent Rentals: P400 per tent per night (good for 2 persons), P500 (for 3 persons)


Villa Cleofas

Entrance Fee: P50 per person

Tent Rentals: P500 per tent per night (good for 1-3 persons)

Tent Pitching:

  • Small – P300 per night
  • Medium – P550 per night


  • Contact Numbers: 0917-839-5852, 0917-814-3475, 0919-220-5000
  • Email:,
  • Website:

The Tent Place

Entrance Fee: None

Tent Rental: P500 (Good for 2 persons)

Tent Pitching: P300


  • Contact Number: 0921-764-2293, 0939-925-2616, 0998-884-5543, and 0916-243-8015

Villa PilaRosa Resort

Camping: P200 per head, P300 per head (during peak season)


How To Get There

Option 1

  1. From Manila, ride a JAC Liner bus heading to Mauban Port. Fare is at P270 and the travel time is 4-5 hours.
  2. From Mauban Port, pay the environmental fee (P50 per head) and ride a passenger boat going to the island. Fare is at P50.  You can also rent a private boat for P3,500 (Good for 8-10 people).

Option 2

  1. Ride a bus going to Lucena in Cubao or Buendia. Travel time is around 3-4 hours and fare is P200.
  2. From Lucena, ride a mini-bus heading to Mauban Port. Fare is around P60 to P70. Travel time takes 1-2 hours.
  3. Follow the second instruction above.

Tips and Reminders

Here are some tips and reminders when camping. Oh, and for camping guides visit Hikematic if you want to delve more into camping 😉

Bring Your Own Tent

From the list of campsites above, you can see that tent pitching is way cheaper than renting a tent. If you don’t have a tent yet, you can buy one from Decathlon. And don’t forget to bring the outdoor wok burner to cook at the campsite, which makes your experience more perfect.

Beware of Bugs

You cannot avoid finding insects and critters at Cagbalete Island. Protect yourself by bringing insect repellants and try to avoid public beddings.

Bathrooms are Basic

The bathrooms on the island are pretty much communal and for sharing. You will only find a dipper, a bucket and a toilet inside the cubicle so be prepared. On the plus side, there is a lot of water and the bathrooms are always cleaned daily.

Electricity is Luxury

Resorts in Cagbalete Island can only provide electricity in just a couple hours with the generators that they have. As such, try to wash up while it’s still bright to avoid showering when it’s dark.

Bring Your Own Bag

By bag, I mean a reusable one. Be a responsible traveler and carry a reusable bag. This way, you can avoid using plastic bags and do your part in reducing the use of plastics.

Pick Up Your Trash

Make sure you put all of your trash in the garbage bins. Cagbalete Island is too beautiful to become a garbage island. Help preserve the beauty of the place and don’t litter.

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