WIN Farm

WIN Farm: Experience Farming In A Fun Way

Want to experience what’s it’s like to plant and harvest vegetables and herbs? Or feed animals? Visit WIN Farm in Cavite!

It’s funny. I remember back in high school, I was very much addicted to Facebook’s Farmville, Harvest Moon, and pretty much any farming game. One day, I told my friends that maybe I might as well become a farmer with how much I loved playing my games. Then, I can grow my own food and never have to work for paper money. For the 14-year-old me, that was a really great plan.

Fast forward to 10 years later, I had the chance to visit WIN Farm and relive all those farming days on my computer. But now, in real life. It was pretty awesome.

If you’re a parent looking for a great place to bring your kids, WIN Farm is the best place to go. If you’re stressed at work, why not escape the city and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind farming experience? I promise you won’t regret it.

Disclosure: I have partnered with WIN Farm for this post. All opinions are my own.

About WIN Farm

We Lead Integrated Farm, also known as WIN Farm, offers a unique outdoor experience. It covers a 9.1-hectare land area in Brgy. Taywanak Ilaya, Alfonso, Cavite within Camp Benjamin. Currently, they are still developing other areas. You can find here several farm animals, plant and harvest vegetables, have a picnic, or just relax under the shaded trees.

The farm often holds events, seminars, and activities on farm life. It’s also an advocate of the organic and integrated approach in farming. This is the best place to learn how to farm in a fun way.

WIN Farm is accredited by:

  • Agricultural Training Institute (ATI)
  • Department of Agriculture (DA)
  • Department of Tourism (DOT)
  • Philippine Far Tourism Dev. Assn. (PFTDA)

Probably, the best part about WIN Farm is they make their own fertilizers, create their own pesticides from organic materials, and recycle plastics for the benefit of plants. Check out the following photos.

If you don’t have any land, you can use the methods above to plant your veggies inside or outside the house.


  • Contact Numbers: +63997 370 2063 | (+46) 683.6971
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
Just casually harvesting eggplants…

Opening Hours & Rates

The farm is open from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM only.

For day tours, you only have to pay P400 per head for the entrance fee. And the best part? You’ll be receiving a complimentary product (herb).

If you’re checked in at Shalom Hotel, WIN Farm is free. Just request for the farm tour and activities.

Things To Do

Nom nom nom rabbit…

Feed the Animals

WIN Farm has all sorts of animals. You’ll find here chickens, rabbits, ducks, tilapia, pigs, parrots, bees and so much more. When you visit, you can get the chance to feed all these and get up close and personal. I loved touching the soft fur of the rabbits and feeding the chickens with my bare hands (their beaks ticked!).

Herbs everywhere!

Check Out The Herbs

One of my favorite part of WIN Farm is the herbs. Check out their collection of different herbs. Each one is labeled with the herb’s name and benefits. You can also buy an herb to bring home starting at P50 up to P600 per pot which is quite cheap. These are best placed in your kitchen to be used for your next cooking ventures.

I’m planting lettuce seeds.

Plant and Harvest

From sowing, replanting, to harvesting, you can experience all of these at WIN Farm. I tried my hands on planting lettuce and transplanting them to the garden. The feeling of planting a seed is pretty incredible.

Yes. I just picked that papaya which the farm turns into atchara.

Pick Fruits

Depending on the season, you can pick star apples, lanzones, rambotan, papaya and a lot more! After which, you can buy these per kilo. Freshly picked fruits are the best!

There’s no buko fresher than this!


There are a lot of trees, and benches around WIN Farm for you to relax in and take in the farm. You can also opt for a fresh buko juice drank directly from the coconut! Nothing can beat that.

What We Loved

Ryk and I had the opportunity to do a tour around WIN Farm and get a hands-on experience of the farm life. And well, apart from remembering my farming games back in high school, WIN Farm made me relive my childhood.

You see, I grew up on my parent’s farm. We had kamote, banana, taro, pineapples, chickens, pigs, and a whole lot more! My playground were the gardens and the small creek beside our house.

WIN Farm is an agritourism destination that you’ll want to keep going back to. The farmers are really friendly and helpful. They’re very much knowledgeable so feel free to ask them anything.

I loved that all their products displayed in the small store at WIN Farm are made by the staffs themselves. All the ingredients all came from the farm itself.

Plus, the farm provides most of the ingredients used to prepare the food at Mon’s Restaurant, within the same Camp Benjamin area. Absolutely amazing! It’s a farm to plate kind of relationship between the two.

Here fishy fishy…

How To Get There

  • From Pasay, ride a bus heading to Alfonso, Cavite. Fare is 100+ pesos per head and travel time is around 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic around Dasmarinas and Silang.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at Alfonso Bayan. From here, ride a tricycle to Camp Benjamin. Viola! You’re at the WIN Farm.

WIN Farm is also just a few minutes drive away from Tagaytay. So if you are looking for a new destination near Tagaytay, this is the place to be!

These guys are going home with me.

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