The Different Types Of Accommodation You Can Book


Traveling to vacation destinations has become an annual staple activity for people from all over the world. Taking vacations is a way to destress from life’s hassles while receiving health benefits. Furthermore, destressing helps improve intrapersonal relationships at home, work, or school.

Vacation travels usually take days. So, it’s imperative to find a place to stay for you and your family. Fortunately, most travel destinations offer different accommodation options that suit your preferences. Some accommodation options have spaces designed for single travelers, families, couples, and members of companies or institutions. Finding an ideal accommodation type depends on your budget, destination, length of stay, and available amenities at the destination.

The world is full of destination gems. The different types of accommodation available in these destinations include campsites, hotels, motels, apartments, hostels, guesthouses, villas, and resorts. This article will describe different types of accommodation you can book online when making travel plans.


Camping is one of the cheapest types of accommodation, especially when camping in your local area. Some camping sites are free, while others require a fee for the duration you will be camping. However, you will need to carry your supplies, such as tents, sleeping bags, food, and toiletries.

Campsites with camping fees tend to offer various amenities such as wardrobes and lamps. This form of camping is referred to as glamping. Modern campsites also have sleeping options such as a high-end tent and multi level yurt. Yurts are Mongolian tents that have become famous in luxurious campsites. If you prefer a more comfortable accommodation but still want to retain that camping vibe, choose this one.


Hotels are the most readily available type of accommodation for any traveler. Almost every country has a series of hotels that offer various services and amenities. Famous tourist spots attract many visitors at varying times of the year hence prompting the construction of multiple hotels with different ratings:  

  • One-star hotels contain basic amenities. The rating is based on the hotel only having a place to sleep at best but does not account for tidiness or location. One-star hotels are relatively cheap, depending on a country’s economic state.
  • Two-star hotels are as affordable as one-star hotels but offer a sleeping area with an ensuite bathroom. Some hotels also provide limited amenities such as televisions and closets.
  • Three-star hotels are more comfortable with slightly higher prices than two-star hotels. They offer better service and unique amenities such as pools, room service, and onsite restaurants.
  • Four-star hotels have upscale comfort, higher prices, special amenities, and services. The amenities include but are not limited to numerous swimming pools, hot tubs, upscale fitness facilities, bellhops, room service, valet parking, day spas, limousine services, and a variety of luxurious suites all available.
  • Five-star hotels are the peak of the hotel industry and are the most expensive options. These hotels offer state-of-the-art services and unique amenities to guests. The services they offer are specialized for each guest’s specifications. Furthermore, they have high-end luxury toiletries and premium dining options.

Five-star hotels are easily the most luxurious of them all. Three-star hotels offer adequate services and amenities for all travelers at relatively affordable rates. With these options, hotels are the most preferred accommodation options for travelers.


A guest house is a detached building with at least two rooms, a bathroom, and maybe a kitchen used mostly by family members who live in the main house and their unpaid guests. Guesthouses are usually used by non-paying guests who are close to the owner. However, the owner can convert the guest house into lodging for paying visitors.

Guesthouses provide travelers with a homey feel and are relatively cheaper than hotel options. But some guest houses offer five-star services such as dinner options, hot tubs, and laundry services. That said, a traveler will need a higher budget to book accommodation in five-star guesthouses.


Apartments are ideal for travelers who plan to spend prolonged periods in a given destination. People who travel for work spend at least three to six months in each destination. The daily rates of apartments are usually cheaper than hotels. You can book apartments on online sites in advance before traveling.

Families or friends can book apartments if they are willing to stay in the same location for long periods. Apartments are located near amenities and have a kitchen for personal meal preparations. Finally, apartments tend to be fully furnished with the same appliances as a home.



A villa is a more isolated home, frequently one-story, built for a single family. It is typically situated on a large piece of land that keeps it away from other homes or at least has a private courtyard or other spaces. A villa can accommodate a large family or friends and offer memorable trips with swimming pools, spas, or both.


A resort is the best option if you’re looking for luxurious accommodation with five-star treatment away from the city. It offers dining, entertainment, spa services, sports, and retail options for guests. Additionally, it has a wellness center, tennis court, massage parlor, and fitness facility. Newlyweds tend to spend their honeymoon vacations in resorts.


Hostels are the most affordable accommodation options for travelers who do not mind sharing living spaces. They have a common bathroom and toilet for visitors. The sleeping quarters tend to have multiple beds per room, separating men and women. Students going on field trips can be set up in hostels by their school.

Bed And Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a small hotel that offers guests a separate room for the night and breakfast in the morning. B&B is owned and operated by a private family who also resides there. There are alternatives ranging in price from cheap to luxurious. Some B&B accommodations have individually furnished rooms, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary parking.


Homestay is a lodging where guests stay in locals’ homes in a city or village. Food, internet, and furniture are among the amenities that the owner provides to visitors. Meeting locals is a benefit of renting a vacation property. This lodging is the best for you if you are a lone traveler.


Finding an ideal accommodation to suit your travel needs is the most stressful part. Multiple options with various amenities help minimize traveling expenses and stresses and improve the experience.

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