Sawang Dive Camp in Isla Verde (Travel Guide)

sawang dive camp

Is your inner Moana craving for the sun, beach, and sea? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s something to help you plan your sea escapade at Isla Verde on Sawang Dive Camp.

I’ve already written a travel guide to Isla Verde so you might want to check that out if you haven’t read it yet. This post will focus more on the Sawang Dive Camp, the most beautiful beach camping spot I’ve been to so far.

So shall we dive in?

Sawang Dive Camp

Established 20 years ago, Sawang Dive Camp has serviced hundreds, if not, thousands of campers and adventurers. Recently, it has started gaining popularity on social media for its uncrowded space and beautiful designs. This was what got my attention. People were raving about how stunning the place was and how serene it was.

So without any hesitation, my husband (yes, I got married last March 2019!), sister-in-law, and I booked a reservation at Sawang Dive Camp with the help of kuya Arnold who became our contact person (here’s his number: 0917 626 9995).

  • Location:  San Agapito, Isla Verde
  • Contact Numbers: 0929 795 4768, 0917 6269 995 (Let them know you got their contact from Wanderera 😀 Thanks! )
  • Facebook: Sawang Dive Camp Resort



I love their cabana (I love anything that has bean bags!). Just look at these photos!

Sawang Dive Camp
IMAGE: Sawang Dive Camp Facebook
Isla Verde
IMAGE: Sawang Dive Camp Facebook


This is what we availed. At first, we thought of bringing our own tent but it was too heavy so we decided to just leave it and rent one of their tents.

Isla Verde

Their tents are of really high quality! It didn’t disappoint. It’s great for stargazing, even.

Sawang Dive Camp


  • Entrance Fee: P350/day
  • Tent Rental: P500/day (good for 4 persons)
  • Foam, pillows, and blankets: P200/ set
  • Cabana: P3,000 (good for 6 persons) and P2,000 (good for 2 to 4 persons)
  • Island Hopping/Snorkeling (Boat Rental): P1,500
  • Snorkeling Gear Rental: P100/gear

Note: If you book a cabana, you’ll only have to pay P100 for the entrance fee. Kitchen utensils are free.

Resort Review: Our Experience

It was a Saturday when we woke up early and prepared ourselves to experience Isla Verde. We were fortunate enough to have friends in Batangas who allowed us to sleep at their house (this was where I used to stay when I once worked as a PE in a manufacturing company).

Contacting Kuya Arnold

Anyways, we woke up at 4:00 AM and arrived at Tabangao Port by 7:30 AM. Kuya Arnold was already there which was pretty awesome since he helped us ride the right boat. As such, I’d recommend it that you contact him (0917 626 9995) before going to the resort to avoid any problem along the way. There are a lot of boats on the port and if you don’t know which boat to ride, you’re going to end up somewhere else on the island. We rode the Via Italy boat.

Going to the Island

Fast forward to 10:00 AM, we arrived at Isla Verde. Boats are scheduled to leave at 9:00 AM so don’t be rude to the boatmen and ask “may hinihintay pa ba?” (are we still waiting for someone?) when it’s not 9 yet. Whether the boat is full or not, the boat will still leave at 9:00 AM.

tabangao port

Oh, and you have to ride a small boat to get to the bigger one. Fare is just P10.


The Sawang Dive Camp is one beauty! I’ve read all about Surface Interval Resort being beautiful but seeing the two up close makes me say that Sawang Dive Camp is the choice for me.

If you want a relaxing vacation where you can feel at home, Sawang Dive Camp is the place to be. It’s quiet and less crowded compared to Surface Interval Resort, it’s neighbor.

Not only that but if you are going to camp, you can find lots of awesome spots in Sawang Dive Camp. There’s the viewpoint if you want the best view of the sea, resort, and beach (which is where we set up our tent). There are lots of shade, too.

isla verde

And if you are not into camping, they recently added cabanas which looked really cute.

During Our Stay

Ate Alma, kuya Edward, and kuya Arnold are going to be your best friends when you stay. They’re pretty friendly and accommodating. You’ll feel like you’re at a place that’s home away from home. If you need anything, just let them know. They’re really helpful especially kuya Arnold. This is what made me love Sawang Dive Camp all the more!


  • Camping – We’ve already covered this part. To me, this is probably the best place to camp. Especially with all the shades, views, and camping spots available.
  • Snorkeling – Okay. Let’s get one thing straight. You’d be crazy not to try snorkeling at Isla Verde! It’s a place surrounded by marine life. The snorkeling sites we went to were beyond amazing! It’s even better than Masasa. Geez. I’m getting emotional just thinking about not having an underwater camera to take photos of the beautiful underwater kingdom we found. Huhuhu. You’ll see corals in different colors and even ones that look like roses! There’s a lot of fish, too. (So without further ado, I swear I’m coming back here when I get my hands on a good camera. Until then, I can only treasure the memories.)
  • Beach Hopping – From Sawang Dive Camp, the other beaches around the island are a bit too far and the waves can be strong so communicate properly with your boatman about your destinations. We missed Mahabang Buhangin last time. Huhu. Maybe you can negotiate on a higher price to let the boatman bring you around the island. 🙂
  • Photo Ops – I’m in love with Sawang Dive Camp! I want to give the designer a pat on the back. Just look at these photos. Stunning!
  • Scuba Diving – You will find that a lot of foreigners come to Sawang Dive Camp during their scuba diving trip. If you want to try scuba diving, make sure you contact and coordinate with kuya Arnold beforehand. They don’t have any gears on site so they might refer you to one of their partners at Puerto Galera (which is just 20 to 30 minutes away!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Pwede paluto?

Yes, I asked ate Alma about this and she said sure. As long as you bring your own ingredients, they’ll be happy to help you out but for a fee, of course.

Are there any restaurants or stores nearby?

Yes, there’s one. It’s a restaurant and store all in one. They’ve got almost every basic necessity covered. And their meals? Out of this world! The cook is really good. We bought longanisa and eggs, sinigang na baboy, and fish from them. If you want to buy meals, better go talk to them earlier so they can prepare your food. They also have rice. Meals are pretty affordable.

Is the mobile data and signal connection for Smart and Globe strong?

You just have to look for spots to get a 4G connection but the signal overall is pretty good.

Is there electricity at the resort?

Yes, but it is run by a generator which is only from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM so bring a power bank.

How do I go to Isla Verde? How do I get out of Isla Verde? Any travel tips? Important things to know? Sample itinerary, please?

Refer to my blog Isla Verde Travel Guide. It’s all there. Thanks! 🙂

How do I do a reservation?

Contact kuya Arnold at 0917 626 9995. You’ll have to pay a 50% downpayment.


Overall, Sawang Dive Camp is for you if you’re adventurous and you love camping! And if you love stars? You’ll love their tents. You can gaze at the stars until you fall asleep. I don’t like crowded or noisy places so Sawang Dive Camp has been a haven for me. If you’re like me, you’ll love it here, too!

Where To Next?

Batangas Resorts

If you want to stay a bit longer in Batangas after Isla Verde, you can check out some of the best resorts and hotels in the province.

Puerto Galera Resorts

On the other hand, did you know that Isla Verde is just 20 to 30 minutes away from Puerto Galera? You can rent a boat for only P2,000 to get there. So if you want to extend your adventure, feel free to go check out Puerto Galera. Here are some resorts to book.

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