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Tips for Cruising Around the World

Cruising around the world is the ultimate bucket-list experience. You can cover multiple continents, experience several countries and their cultures, treat your tastebuds to new cuisines, and maybe even learn new languages. But, what should you expect from your first world cruise? What can you do to prepare for it? Keep reading to learn what cruising a top cruise line like Royal Caribbean entails and how to make the most of it.

Choose the Right Cabin

Since you’re going to be at sea for several months, it’s worth splurging on the biggest stateroom that you can afford. You’ll need space for all your clothes, gadgets, cosmetics, and other items which are essential to a comfortable trip.

See if there’s a way to book a balcony cabin with a view, and if you don’t like being near the water line, go with a cabin that’s high but central. Cabins nearer to the lift can be noisy due to the foot traffic of people going to and from the common areas. A suite would be lovely, but it’s not necessary.

Get Your Money Right

Go to your bank account and link all your bills to autopay so you can stay up to date with your bills while cruising around the world. Utilities, credit cards, mortgages, and phones can all be paid automatically. Notify all your banks about where you’ll be traveling abroad so you don’t trigger a fraud alert while trying to use your credit card. Also, make sure you have more than one way to access your money while away.

While the US dollar is accepted in most places, there are areas that only accept local money. Luckily, most top-of-the-line cruise ships have local currency on board and a way for customers to exchange US money prior to arrival in ports. Alternatively, you can use the local ATMs to get local currency. Be prepared with small bills for tipping and minor shopping trips. 

Check the Itinerary

Excursions are some of the coolest things you get to do when you’re on a cruise. There are day trips where ships stopover in all these little islands, so cruisers can see a lot of places quickly. 

However,  it’s important to look at the mix of port days and sea days in your itinerary. You could find that you have a lot of sea days as you move around, especially on a world cruise. Make sure you understand the details of the itinerary, such as the distance you’ll be docking from the cities you’ll be visiting.

Cruise lines don’t always list sea days and you might have a week at sea without knowing it. Check the ports of call carefully to ensure they’re not places you’ve been to, unless you don’t mind a repeat visit.

Make the most of those longer stays, as having a few extended port calls can help break out of the ship routine.

Pack Smart

How you pack for your world cruise depends on your chosen itinerary and the time you sail. As a rule, you want to pack a few formal wear outfits as there will be a few formal nights during a world cruise.

Layering is also important and can help to mix up your day-to-day wear. Of course, there’s plenty of retail therapy to be had on the trip to fill up your wardrobe and switch things up throughout the trip. And don’t forget to pack your sunblock, passport, and your camera and try to keep them with you at all times. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the final port visit on the cruise. 

Medical Considerations

Make a list of all the medications you’ll need. Take photographs and photocopies of all your prescriptions and talk to your doctor about ordering enough medication to cover the entire trip before you leave. Take the prescriptions with you just in case you experience any health challenges while you’re away.

Now, many countries have different medical requirements and health advisories. Some require vaccinations while others offer vague recommendations depending on the region. Make sure to do your research ahead of time and ask your doctor.

Keep in mind there will always be a doctor aboard the ship to provide care but in case the ship’s doctor cannot provide the specific care you need, know that there are plenty of capable medical facilities around the world.


Before you go on the cruise, spend some time researching each of the ports, figuring out what you want to see, and all the options. Start with the cruise line’s brochure as it makes things so much easier. There are also independent providers that cater to world cruise line clients and can offer customizable options. Consider the hop-on, hop-off buses which are almost always available in every country to take you to the key exciting places in the area. Also, try and keep your excursions on the active side by doing things like walking or hiking so you can stay in shape for the duration of your trip.


When looking at how much a world cruise is going to cost, consider other large costs which should be bundled into the cost of your ticket. And if these costs are not included due to the nature of your cruise, leave room in your budget for gratuities, excursions, specialty drinks, WiFi, and roaming charges, which can mount up the longer you’re on the cruise. The most important thing is to ensure that you’re aware of the potential extra costs so you can prepare for them.


You’re going to be away from home for a long time so you’ll want to bring a battery charger for your camera and a charger pack for your phone. You should also bring several high-storage memory cards to back up the photos and videos from your trip which you will upload onto your computer.

Ship WiFi can be relatively expensive depending on the cruise line, but many of the port terminals or cafes nearby often have free WiFi available. Just ask the crew where they get their WiFi from or buy data prior to boarding the ship.

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