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Bacalla Woods Campsite Cebu (2021 Travel Guide)

I’ve tried camping in Benguet, Batangas, and a whole lot of other places. So for our Cebu-Siquijor-Dumaguete trip, we decided to include Bacalla Woods Campsite to get a feel of what camping in Cebu is like.

If you’re planning a trip to Bacalla Woods Campsite, here’s everything you need to know about this Cebu campsite.

How To Get There

Via Commute

From Cebu, ride the Ceres bus going to San Fernando at South Bus Terminal. When you reach Pitalo Church, a few meters away, you’ll be approaching a bridge near Pulchra Resort. Ask the driver to drop you off here.

From here, go to eSkina ILAYA. This is the first street on your right. You’ll see several motorbikes lined up. Ride one to go to Bacalla. The ride is around 15 minutes long and will cost you P90 per ride (which is a bit expensive).

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Via Private Car

Just use Google Maps or Waze. There’s a parking area on the campsite.

Available Accommodation

Camping Tents

bacalla woods campsite

You can either rent or bring your own camping tent. The campsite has a lot of flat surfaces and covered areas where you can set up your tents. Here are the prices for tent rentals:

  • Tent for two pax – P300
  • Tent for four pax – P600
  • Tent for ten pax – P1,000


bacalla woods campsite

If a tent is not to your liking, you can opt for a hammock. This is the cheapest option if you’re on a budget. You can rent a hammock for P150.

Payag Igloo

bacalla woods campsite

The payag igloo can accommodate up to 4 persons for P800. If you’re planning to book this, reserve early. The campsite only has 2 payag igloos for rent. Each one has its own electrical outlet and light bulb.


bacalla woods campsite

For utmost comfort, choose to book the room for only P1,300. It even has its own balcony, toilet, and bathroom.

Other Fees

Here are some other fees you have to keep in mind:For basic overnight camping, the fee is P200 per person with breakfast on the next day, maintenance of the campsite and for the usage of cr, electricity, drinking water, and kitchen.

  • Day Use: P100 per person
  • 1-7 yrs old free
  • 8-12 yrs old 50%

You can bring/cook your own food for the rest of the meals w/ no extra charge.

Please bring your own tents/hammocks/sleeping bags so you will only pay the basic overnight camping fee.

Amenities and Features


bacalla woods campsite

All in all, I counted 4 swings around the campsite. If you love swings, you’ll surely love this place!

Free Breakfast

For breakfast, Bacalla Woods Campsite provides breakfast for free. We had ham, an egg, and rice.


bacalla woods campsite

There’s a designated dining and cooking area where you can use the kitchen utensils for free. There is no corkage so bring all the food you want to eat.


There are several electrical outlets around the campsite where you can charge your gadgets.


The toilet and bathroom have lots of water. As for drinking water, you can directly drink from the faucet by the kitchen since the water comes from the spring. There’s also drinking water that you can buy for P5 per cup.


There are several dogs, chickens and a cat at the campsite. Don’t be afraid of them they’re quite friendly.

One of the campers brought his dog so I guess you can also bring yours.

Our Experience

What I Loved

I loved how Bacalla Woods Campsite offers all sorts of accommodations from hammock camping, tent camping, payag igloo to renting out rooms. Plus, the woods around the campsite are just perfect for hammock campers!

There are also several activities offered like trekking to the waterfalls/river.

bacalla woods campsite

Free breakfast was also provided. So that was a plus!

And lots of swings in the area! Wooohoooo. The biggest swing had the best view and a must-try! Loved it so much I swung so many times.

The idea and community around Bacalla Woods Campsite are pretty awesome. It’s what made me book in the first place.

Points for Improvement

Unfortunately, we went here on a weekend and it was horrible. The group beside us were very much inconsiderate. They were singing, shouting and laughing until 1 in the morning despite the 10 PM chill down. We couldn’t get any decent sleep.

With the no-walk in policy in place, I expected the campsite to be less crowded but nope. There are probably lesser people during the weekdays.

Since Ryk and I already had our fair share of sleeping in tents, we booked the payag igloo to give it a try.

Upon arrival, we checked-in, showed our deposit slip and was told the payag igloo was now available.

Going inside the payag igloo, it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind accommodation. However, the door has a screen on the upper part and the single window was purely made from screen so when it rained that night, we were getting wet inside the payag igloo.

Tips and Reminders

  • Go on a weekday. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, avoid going on a weekend.
  • Bring mosquito repellent. Our payag igloo had a bamboo floor with spacings in between and the door had a small opening underneath so mosquitos easily entered.
  • Be considerate of others. No matter where you’re in, minimize your noise especially at night. Know that there are other campers who want to sleep.
  • There is no mobile signal for both Smart and Globe. So be sure to let your loved ones know where you’re going so they won’t get worried if they can’t contact you.

Is Bacalla Woods Campsite for you?

All in all, if you love to sleep in tents, trek and go back to the basics, Bacalla Woods Campsite is for you. However, not going to Bacalla Woods Campsite doesn’t make your trip to Cebu incomplete. 

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