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TokyoTreat Review

TokyoTreat Review (2021 Unboxing)

Planning to subscribe to TokyoTreat? Is it really worth it? What should you expect? Here’s our TokyoTreat review!

But what is TokyoTreat?

Disclaimer: We’ve partnered with TokyoTreat for this review. All opinions are our own.

What is TokyoTreat?

TokyoTreat is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive Japanese candy and snacks such as Japanese Sake flavored KitKat, Sakura Coca Cola, and more! It comes from Japan straight to your door!

The contents are different every month depending on the theme so you are sure to enjoy trying out new things you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

How does TokyoTreat work?

TokyoTreat is like an unboxing experience for your favorite Japanese snacks. Customers subscribe to the monthly box and then they’ll receive it as long as their subscription lasts!

The box is always ordered in the preceding month, for example: to get May box,“Happy 6th Birthday, TokyoTreat!”, you need to subscribe before April ends (in Japan Standard Time). If you subscribe in May, you will get TokyoTreat’s June box with a different theme and so on.

TokyoTreat Review

Upon opening the TokyoTreat box, we found tons of snacks! There are sweet ones, as well as savory ones.

Since all the snacks were written in Japanese, I was glad to have the Snack Menu added to the box.

To level up the experience, Ryk and I watched Demon Slayer while pigging out on the snacks. And true to its name, it was a box of TREATS!

While watching, we’d dig around the box for the next treat. Ryk would open the snack while I read the menu to see what to expect from the snack.

Of course, there were times when we didn’t expect to find a snack or two that would remind us of some of our favorite childhood snacks.

Everything inside the box was a surprise. It’s not Christmas yet, but it sure felt like it with how many gifts were inside.

Bonus Review: Sebi, our cat, loved the box!

How much does a TokyoTreat cost?

TokyoTreat’s Premium box has a Monthly Plan and several Prepaid Plans:

  • Monthly: $35 per box, charged every month
  • 3 Month Prepaid Plan: $33.5 per box, charged every 3 months 
  • 6 Month Prepaid Plan: $32 per box, charged every 6 months 
  • 12 Month Prepaid Plan: $31.5 per box, charged per every 12 months 

Save money with prepaid plans. Plus, it’s more convenient! You don’t have to keep renewing your subscription every month.


Don’t forget to check the “Today’s promo pop-up” on the website to see the current month’s promo!

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